Siddhi Vinayak 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin gets doubtful about Riddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi coming to meet her parents. She says I will tell them the truth, I was helpless. She asks them to open the door. The lady says they went to Kolhapur, as Savita was unwell. Siddhi cries. She calls them and fails to reach. Vin gets angry thinking of Riddhi. They both cry. Gauri says is the really Siddhi, did Vin really marry her, she will make us maids, its good Riddhi went, she shouldn’t come out. Vin hits the punching bag. Channi karde seena mera…..plays…. He recalls Siddhi. He sees her questioning him. She asks do you really think I m not your Siddhi. Vin gets angry. He says I can’t believe that Riddhi can lie to me, is Riddhi my Siddhi. Manjiri comes to chawl and sees Siddhi. She thinks I knew I will get her here, I won’t let her come home. Siddhi

asks you.

Manjiri says I came to tell Savita your truth, Savita told you about Siddhi, you have taken advantage and tried to prove yourself as Siddhi. Siddhi says I have come my home, why did you do this, you knew how Vin and I got married. Manjiri says you cheated me, you were already married to Shivam, but you didn’t take time to marry my son. Siddhi says why will I lie to you. Manjiri says your intentions were wrong, you cheated Vin, Shankar and me by taking Siddhi’s name, think about your daughter, I m not like you, I love Vin more than life, you have hurt his heart, even if Bappa asks me to choose between him and Vin, I will choose Vin. Siddhi says this is my parents’ house. Manjiri says your drama isn’t ending. Siddhi says believe me. Manjiri says make me meet someone who says you are Siddhi.

Siddhi says my parents will believe me, they aren’t in Mumbai. Manjiri says you are clever, enough, listen to your Dadi and return to your husband and daughter. Pratima is with Juhi. She cries and thinks of Riddhi. She says I did this because of Shivam’s condition, I gave a life and Riddhi’s face to Siddhi, I got her insulted in front of everyone. She prays. She gets a card and thinks Guru ji…. She says I won’t call Vin by my number. Siddhi reminds Manjiri the past. Manjiri says everyone knows it, let me go, I have no time. Siddhi stops her and reminds more incidents. Siddhi asks how would I know small things. Manjiri says I don’t know my heart says you are my Siddhi. Siddhi nods. Manjiri says no, Shivam’s words make me think you are Riddhi, how much will Bappa test me, I don’t understand anything, give me some time. She goes. She calls Kabir and says come and kill Siddhi. Kabir agrees.

Juhi’s nanny calls Vin and asks him to meet Guru ji to know the truth. Kabir comes to attack Siddhi. She is sleeping near the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Summer

    Finally….now we are getting somewhere! Now that Vin knows that he indeed married Riddhi/Siddhi, hopefully he will unravel the ugly truth about his step-mother and learn that Riddhi is his truly childhood love – Siddhi.

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