Siddhi Vinayak 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari gets the video deleted from Siddhi’s phone

Siddhi Vinayak 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prachi notices Siddhi going out and offer to accompany her. I even made halwa for Vin Bhaiya. Siddhi tells her to stop acting. Prachi rues that she is only trying to make amends but Siddhi refuses to fall for any of it. I have seen you since childhood. You cannot fool me. You even fooled Rajvir to stay in this house and pretended to love him. It wont work before me. I respect our relation so I am quiet. The day I forget it, you wont be able to show your face in this house! She walks out in a huff. Prachi thinks I feel like beating her. She says whatever comes to her mind. I am bearing her tantrums because the day of our pocket money is near. She only will give us money after all or I would have beaten her.

Gauri is with Kabir. She tells him that since her husband went to jail, she can lie and get out of the house any time on the pretext of going to temple. He asks her what if someone finds out. She shakes her head. They are about to kiss when his phone rings. She refuses to let anything come between them but the phone keeps ringing. The name flashes as Boss (Manjari).

Kabir notices the name on the screen and picks the call. Manjari scolds him for not picking her phone. She tells Kabir to go to police station and stop Siddhi from showing the recording to police. You and I will be dead if she shows it to police. Kabir assures her that her work will be done. He takes leave from Gauri. I will have to go or my Boss will kill me. She asks him about his boss. He thinks how to tell her that her MIL is his boss. You cannot give me money but I have to get it somehow or I wont be able to survive in Mumbai! He leaves.

Badge Number 103 keeps looking at the doll and smiles. He is disturbed by some sound and demands to know who it is. He holds the constable by his collar. Don’t you understand? I was busy. How dare you disturb me? Constable apologizes to him. I came to give you sweets. I was blessed with a baby boy. He shows the sweets to him. There is a knife in it too. Badge Number 103 picks the knife and smiles. Congratulations to you. Constable goes away. Badge Number 103 smiles looking at the knife. I saw you after so long. I will quench your thirst with the blood of a Superstar today!

Siddhi is outside police station. No one can stop me from provoking Vinu’s innocent.

Badge number 103 walks up to a constable and asks for Vin’s cell number. Constable tells him feeling scared. He also hands over the key of Vin’s cell to him. Badge number 103 thinks Vin Kundra wont be able to escape today.

Kabir follows Siddhi. Before she can go inside, he lunges at her purse. She shouts for help and tries chasing him but falls down in the process. Constables go outside to check but don’t find anyone.

Badge number 103 opens Vin’s cell and steps inside. A guy is sleeping and he had his back to him. Badge number 103 stabs him from behind but is shocked to realise it is someone else. He survived today but he wont be able to save himself for too long. The injured guy winces in pain. Badge number 103 walks out of the cell.

Kabir is hiding. Manjari calls him and is relieved to know he has the purse. She asks him to find Siddhi’s phone and check the recording. Kabir checks the bag but there is no phone. Maybe it is still with Siddhi! Manjari drops the phone in shock. Siddhi will show that video to police! It cannot be! What should I do? I am dead. My game will be up.

Constables don’t find anyone outside. Siddhi takes out her phone from her kurta pocket and is relieved. She thanks Bappa for his help. This is the only evidence which can prove Vinu innocent. I am sure Ma sent him. I will now prove Vinu innocent using this and get him justice too!

Constables speak of Badge number 103 and how he wont spare Vin now. He will find reasons to fight with Vin now. Vin overhears everything.

Siddhi shows the video to Inspector. He says on the basis of this video, we will now prove Vin innocent and your MIL innocent. Have you shown it to someone else too? Or do you have a copy? She declines. He deletes the video and hands the phone back to her. Can you show it to me once again? She is unable to find it in her phone anymore realising that Inspector deleted it. Did you delete it? He shrugs. I dint see any video. She says I got this evidence with such difficulty and you deleted it! Who will we approach if saviours will turn against us? She holds him by his collar and threatens to show him down. Constables pull her away. She speaks of how people have stopped believe in police because of people like him. He warns to put her in jail. You and your husband can then shout as much as you want. She vows to go to any extent to prove her husband’s innocence. She leaves.

Inspector calls Manjari. Siddhi came with the video but I deleted it! Manjari promises to give him lot of money in return. This is the first good news of the day. It is good that Mane died and I got you in his place. Inspector tells her to be careful. Siddhi knows a lot about you. Manjari tells him she will tackle Siddhi and ends the call. Manjari thinks now she has removed all obstacles from her way. I just have to get Vin out of my way. It will also happen soon.

Siddhi prays to Bappa to show her some way. She is near Kabir’s car.

Kabir is on call with Gauri. She warns him not to speak to her like that. You were asking for stuff from me when my husband was in jail. You don’t love me. You only love money. Siddhi notices her bag on the passenger seat of his car. She tries to hold him but he drives away. she reads the car number. Maybe he was sent by Ma only. I must chase him. He would know a lot more than what I know!

Precap: Manjari claps as Siddhi comes home. Only 2 days are left in Vin’s court hearing. You should get used to wearing white now. Siddhi throws it away. Vin will come home as well and will fill my hairline too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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