Siddhi Vinayak 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari traps Prachi in her deadly game

Siddhi Vinayak 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi has kept her hand over a lit diya. She thinks of how Rudra has been dropping hints at her and of all the past incidents. It means I wasn’t mistaken about Rudra. I was just ignoring it and he got the strength to misbehave! Vin pulls her hand away. You would have hurt yourself. Siddhi replies that she was just trying to burn away the impression of Rudra’s hand over hers. Whatever happened in the puja wasn’t right! It was to be done by me and you and husband and wife. Why did Rudra stop me there forcefully? Vin tells her everything. What’s the harm in he doing the puja? Siddhi says he could have done it alone. Why did he hold my hand? Vin tries to explain that he does not know the rules of the house. What if he did puja with you? They find Rudra standing at the door. Rudra

says I took the diya from Vin and you were still holding it. I thought you were helping me. I came here to thank you but I think I should apologize now. I dint think you will feel bad. If you feel bad then! Vin stops him. Siddhi is just upset. She only wanted you to do the puja alone. Siddhi nods but thinks women have the power to determine the meaning behind every touch. I am sure I wasn’t wrong. He touched me incorrectly.

Rudra is thinking of Siddhi. She looks so different all the time. She is amazing! Siddhi walks inside his room. I am not an emotional person like Vin. I can see the hidden motives quite clearly. He tells her he was thinking about her only. She tells him he must not do that. Vin cannot see or understand what you are doing but I do! You are wrong here. Rudra is glad that she knows everything now. Let’s sit and talk. He holds her hand but she slaps him. How dare you touch me? He asks her if she is done. Your palm is too soft. She scolds him for being shameless and tries to slap him again but he holds her hand and caresses his cheek with her hand. Your love would be so thrilling if your slap has an effect like this. Siddhi asks him if he realises how Vin will feel after knowing you have bad intentions towards his wife. He loves you so much. Rudra asks her if she has ever realised how he feels seeing Vin close to her. What do I lack? What does Vin have that I don’t? She pushes him away. Become a better human being or I will tell your truth to everyone. You will then be thrown back to the same place from where you have come! I wont do it though as it would hurt you the most. I am warning you. Behave or you wont be fit to go anywhere! She walks away. He thinks there is no limit in love. I came here to get you. I will make you mine at any cost!

Next morning, Gauri is going puja. Manjari looks at her from upstairs. She meets Gauri in the corridor. Did you pray to bappa to save you? Gauri is scared. Manjari enjoys seeing her thus. Weren’t you scared when you were scaring me? Gauri fumbles. Manjari warns her she will scare her worst than the way that dead Vaibhavi scared her! I will use you first before teaching you a lesson. You wont even breathe without my permission or I will make your life hell! Gauri nods. Manjari tells her not to pay any heed to Siddhi. You will only do as I say or you too wont be visible like those 4 people. Shankar asks her who she was referring to. Manjari lies to him. Gauri excuses herself.

Siddhi is in the house temple. She is disturbed thinking about how shameless Rudra is. Vin holds the puja thaal from behind. She jumps in shock. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Thank you for holding the plate. It would have been inauspicious otherwise. He assures her that everything will be fine till the time they are together. They do puja together. She sweetly feeds him chocolate modak. He picks up all of them to give one to everyone in the house. You can eat the rest. He pins her on a pillar. She points out that someone will see them. Bappa is also here. He points out that Bappa only has united them. He will feel bad if I don’t feed you modak today. He feeds her but some of it is left near her lips. He kisses her to clean her face. Manjari calls out to Vin just then. You both should do a jaap a mantra for 108 times. She notices chocolate on Siddhi’s face. What’s that? Maintain cleanliness for the next 11 days. They nod. Manjari thinks Siddhi should say goodbye to Vin. Tonight will be fun.

Prachi tells Manjari she cannot do this to her own sister. Manjari tells her to accept she is a professional killer. You have done it in the past too. Prachi says I haven’t even killed a mosquito in the past. Manjari reminds her that she has killed a human being. She shows her the video in which Rajvir and Prachi dump Lakshmi’s dead body in the night. Manvir is in jail for this very reason right? You will be in jail if I give this video to police. I will find some other option to tackle Siddhi. Prachi requests her not to do so. Manjari agrees. Will you support me in my plan now? Prachi suggests her to involve Gauri. Siddhi is my real sister. Manjari tells her that she cannot trust Gauri right now. I only have you! Tonight should be the last night of Siddhi’s life. I will make your tomorrow very beautiful in return. Prachi is in a fix.

Siddhi and Vin are chanting the mantra. Manjari, Prachi and Gauri are sitting behind them. Shankar is checking his phone. Manjari thinks to send everyone away somehow. She signals Prachi who goes away on the pretext of bringing ghee. Manjari asks Shankar to check where Pundit ji is. He nods and head outside. Gauri is sent to bring Prasad. Manjari thinks I will kill Siddhi in front of everyone and make it look like an accident. Now even Bappa wont be able to save you from me!

Precap: Manjari asks Siddhi to prepare for the puja if her jaap is done. Siddhi sits down to prepare the diya. Prachi loosens the chandelier upon Manjari’s signal. Siddhi is sitting right under it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode.. Finally Siddhi saw the real face of Rudra.❤️SidVi…

    1. Summer

      Hi FS, how are you?
      How despicable is Prachi, i only hope Vin has his eyes open and see Rudra and Manjari true colours!

  2. Summer

    Hi Pooja, thank you for a very detailed and superb update! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that! 🙂

    1. Pooja

      Hey Summer.. after a long time! How have you been?
      Glad to know you loved it 🙂 <3 Many thanks!

      1. Summer

        Hi Pooja, i’m good thanks! 🙂 Yes, it has been a very long time. Hope you are well :-). I’m looking forward to Shankar and Vin learning the truth. Prachi is despicable! I like Gauri character more, she is not really a bad person, sometimes mislead. Keep up the good work and once again, thank you for such a good update! 🙂

  3. I have never seen a main character as dumb as Vin. He is extremely dumb, he LOVES everyone who is a crazy villain.
    First, Manjiri, Vin is willing to do anything for that killer who he knows is not her mom, and know Rudra. Vin is sooooooo shameless he lets Rudra touch his wife because he loves him.
    He is probably gonna get the bed ready for Rudra to sleep with Siddhi too, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    I just hate Vin so much at this point.
    Manjiri, just do your job please, kill him, he is too dumb to live.

  4. Hi.. I am fine..
    Yes I also like Gauri bhabhi and missing Gauri and Manveer bhaiyya scenes alot..
    Siddhi and Gauri like real sisters..

    1. Summer

      Yes, they are, i like their bond. Gauri seems a much nicer person than Prachi. Prachi is shallow and holds no value of relationships.

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