Siddhi Vinayak 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari confronts Gauri and Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari comes to her room and walks in carefully. She opens the cupboard and finds Vaibhavi waiting for her there. She shouts. The lights of her room start flickering as Vaibhavi takes a step towards her. You dint tell anyone how you killed me?

Downstairs, Siddhi looks at Bappa’s idol.

Vaibhavi asks Manjari if she will confess everything downstairs or not. Manjari agrees. Leave me please. Vaibhavi reminds her how she dint leave her. I wont be at peace till the time you do that. Manjari agrees to confess everything right away and calls her Gauri. Gauri goes quiet. Manjari removes the mask from her face shocking Gauri. Manjari glares at her. How dare you play such a dirty game with me! You were scaring me pretending to be Vaibhavi’s ghost! She slaps Gauri. Spill the beans now.

How did you get this idea in your head? Gauri ends up telling her that Siddhi promised to get Manvir out of the jail. I was made to do this. Manjari vows to teach them a lesson. Call Siddhi and ask her to come here. Gauri pleads her to let her go but Manjari shouts at her to do as told.

Siddhi wonders why Ma isn’t coming downstairs. She goes aside to attend Gauri’s call. Gauri asks her to come upstairs asap. Siddhi agrees.

Siddhi comes to Manjari’s room and asks Gauri what happened. Why did you take off your mask? Where is Ma? Manjari closes the door from inside just then. Gauri turns towards Siddhi. Manjari asks Siddhi if she thought she will make her confess everything by scaring her. She claps for her. The move was great. I must applaud. I was physically hurt today because of you. I was writhing in pain. I will pay you back with an interest. She raises her hand to slap Siddhi but Siddhi holds her hand firmly. You are saying as if I stole something from the temple. You cannot call it a crime if you steal from a thief’s house. Now that you know the truth, tell everyone what I have done with you. Enough of cat and mouse game! She holds her hand. Tell everyone how I scared you using Vaibhavi’s name and what all happened thereafter. Media is also downstairs. You will get great coverage. It will be tomorrow’s headlines. Manjari frees her hand. Siddhi says it is good for me only. I will be able to tell someone something atleast. Reveal your DIL’s truth downstairs. Manjari holds her by her neck asking her to leave her. Siddhi asks her if she does not have this much courage. You very well know that you will be questioned if you point fingers at me. This is the beginning. Vaibhavi might be dead but I am alive. I wont spare you! She leaves followed by Gauri. Manjari thinks Siddhi shouldn’t have taken this game this far. Now I will defeat you!

Gauri apologizes to Siddhi. I know I shouldn’t have said all this but I was afraid of Chachi ji. Siddhi tells her not to apologize. I don’t know how Ma found out everything.

Prachi is clicking selfie. Rajvir asks her about her necklace. This belongs to Chachi ji right? You stole her necklace? We will be thrown out of the house if it’s true. Prachi shares that she earned it from Chachi ji. It’s a gift. Rajvir asks for details. She recalls passing by from Gauri’s room and going inside to steal Gauri’s necklace when she hears some footsteps. She hides behind the sofa. Gauri comes inside wearing Vaibhavi’s mask. Prachi gets scared for a minute but is confused seeing Gauri wearing Vaibhavi’s mask. Gauri starts talking to herself. Prachi decides to tell this to Manjari. I will take a necklace from her as prize. She steals Gauri’s mask. Manjari is thinking of a solution when Prachi comes there wearing Vaibhavi’s mask. Manjari shouts in shock but Prachi tells her there is no ghost. She removes the mask from her face. Manjari asks her if she was the one who was scaring her since these many days. Prachi takes Gauri’s name. She tells her everything in mute. I wonder why she is doing this. Manjari is sure Gauri wont be doing it on her own. You can leave now. Don’t tell anyone about this. Prachi asks for a prize in return of her silence. Manjari gives it to her. Flashback ends. Prachi still has not told Rajvir the details. Manjari comes downstairs.

Prachi decides to get rid of Roopmati by throwing this necklace at her face. Rajvir wonders how she finds a solution every time. She replies that it is created.

Manjari gives her necklace to pundit ji. Siddhi asks Gauri how Ma found out about their plan. Gauri too is clueless. Pundit ji asks everyone to come for the aarti. Shankar asks Vin and Siddhi to do the puja as it will be their first aarti together after puja. Manjari is happy thinking God is with her. I wont let you succeed ever!

Siddhi and Vin do the puja together. Rudra looks at their hands angrily. Vin thanks Bappa for giving him Siddhi. I don’t want anything else in life. Siddhi asks Bappa why she made her lose in the battle of truth. Why do I lose in the end every time? I still believe in you. Vin looks at Rudra and steps aside. Siddhi tries to withdraw her hand but Rudra keeps his hand firmly over his. She looks uncomfortable but he does not let go of her hand. Manjari smirks seeing them thus. Rudra thinks Vin might have touched her for the first time but he would have never touched you like this before. I wont let him touch you ever again. You are just mine! Manjari thinks Rudra is still mad after Siddhi. Rudra smiles at Siddhi.

Precap: Siddhi asks Rudra what kind of a man is he. He says tell me what I lack now that you know the truth. What’s in Vin that I lack? She slaps him. How dare you touch me?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode.. Prachi is a selfish girl…Siddhi ur acting superb..!Tumne Gauri bhabhi ko bachaliya..

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode..

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