Siddhi Vinayak 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratima lies about Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin saying so this is your husband. Siddhi says I will tell you, its all a lie. Vin says Shivam also thought his wife is dead. Siddhi says I haven’t seen Shivam before. Pratima comes there. Shivam asks do you have any proof, but I have a proof. He shows the pictures of their marriage, their love life and Juhi’s birth. He says its proof that you are my wife, Juhi’s mum, now tell me all this is a lie, I m mad, you are not my Riddhi, you are someone else, tell me. Manjiri enjoys. Vin asks Riddhi to answer.

Siddhi says look, maybe these pics are true, but its false that I m your wife. Shivam holds her and asks her to stop lying. She says I m not Riddhi Sinha, she died five years ago. Vin asks then who are you. Manjiri says just Pratima can say the truth. Siddhi asks

Pratima to tell them that she isn’t Riddhi. Pratima says forgive me, you had to do all this acting because of me, you stayed away from your husband and daughter because of me. Siddhi gets shocked. Manjiri smiles. Pratima says I have done wrong, you stayed away from your daughter because of me, you kept Shivam away, you sacrificed your love, I know I didn’t like Shivam for you, our Kulguru also told us that your marriage won’t be successful, so I had forced you to do all this.

Siddhi asks what are you saying, just you know my truth. Pratima says truth is you married Shivam against my will in temple. Siddhi asks why are you doing this. Shivam says stop it, I know you are scared of Dadi, now she has accepted us. She says I m not your Riddhi. Vin says wait, why are you creating a drama if you married Riddhi, you love her a lot, then how can you insult her in front of us, you could have told me, I would have helped you. Shivam says I m not insulting her, I came home to tell you, I called you many times and sent a voice note also, you didn’t answer. Vin says I didn’t get any voice note. Shivam says Riddhi deleted it from your phone. Vin says she can’t do this. Shivam says none can know her better, you check her phone, you will find the truth. Siddhi gives her phone. Vin hears the voice note.

Siddhi asks Pratima why did she cheat her. Pratima says I didn’t tell Shivam about the voice note. Manjiri thinks I have told this to Shivam. Vin asks Riddhi why did you do this with me. Siddhi asks Pratima to tell the truth, she gave her a new life. Pratima gets silent. Siddhi says fine, I will tell them the truth. She says Riddhi died 5 years ago, who was in love with Riddhi, I m not Pratima’s granddaughter, I m not Riddhi Sinha, I m Siddhi Joshi. They all get shocked. She says I m your Siddhi. Vin asks my Siddhi. She asks Pratima to tell them that she has given her a new life by doing her plastic surgery and giving her Riddhi’s face. Prachi thinks it means Siddhi didn’t die, she is alive. Manjiri thinks Riddhi will spoil my game. Riddhi says I m your childhood friend, Siddhi, I m alive, I didn’t die.

Manjiri slaps Siddhi. She scolds her and cries for Siddhi’s loss. She asks Siddhi her parents name. Siddhi says Savita Joshi and Aniket Joshi. Manjiri says we also know this. Siddhi says I will tell something that just Siddhi knows. She reminds Vin the day when she went for Karjat, she has pushed him out of the door and she got burnt in the fire. Vin recalls and says yes, its true, but you know this as I told you on holi day under the effect of bhaang. She recalls. He calls her Mrs. Riddhi Sen. Shivam says enough Riddhi, come with me. She says no, its about my life, I will prove I m Siddhi. She says I remember everything about our childhood. She reminds him their childhood moments. He says you met Aniket and Savita, I also went to them as Pratik and saw you. She says please trust me, I m your Siddhi. Manjiri says stop this drama now.

Siddhi asks Manjiri to tell Vin about their marriage. Manjiri lies. Vin throws out Siddhi from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Summer

    I cannot understand why Dr Pratima is lying…unless Manjari has got to her! Its about time she is exposed! As for proving that Riddhi is actually Siddhi, what about revelations about her sister and recalling their past times, who is standing right infront of her?!
    Again, medical records will prove she is not Riddhi as her DNA will not match Juhi but will prove that Pratchi is her sister and she is Siddhi.

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