Siddhi Vinayak 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri reveals her truth

Siddhi Vinayak 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laxmi asking Manjiri to take her to hospital. She says I did as you said, you knew everything about Vaibhavi’s kundli dosh. Manjiri hurts her wound. She sends the goon. She says sorry to interrupt, but you did what I told you, I know its good that Vaibhavi has kundli dosh, I knew Vin will die if he marries Vaibhavi. Laxmi asks why did you cage me here. Manjiri says if I didn’t get you here, police would have taken you, everyone would have known that I want to kill Vin, I want to tell you why I did this, I act so well and cry easily, I can’t tell this to Shankar.

She says I m trying to kill Vin, when Guru ji said Vin has Mrityu yog, I became Guru ji’s fan, I tried to kill Vin at the farmhouse, I wanted him to die, but he always gets saved, my men attacked him, but Shankar’s men saved his life. She recalls trying to kill Vin. She says when you made me meet Vaibhavi, I thought Vin will die, but Riddhi ruined my game, I kicked you out of the house, else everyone would have doubted, now Vin got married to Riddhi, I m helpless to regard her bahu, Riddhi is very sharp, I feel I got a problem home, don’t worry, I will control her, I have controlled Shankar till now. Laxmi asks why do you want to kill your son. Manjiri says I have no time to talk to you, I have to go to temple. Laxmi says leave me and cries. Manjiri says I forgot to do real work. She shoots Laxmi again. Laxmi falls dead.

Siddhi sees Vin and smiles. She says maybe he is feeling cold. She goes and covers him up with the blanket. He holds her hand in sleep. Siddhi thinks I m gone today, he woke up. She sees he is still sleeping. She frees her dress from his toe. She hides from him and thinks I m gone now. She leaves from the room. Gauri is with her lover. Mannu calls her and asks where are you. She says I m enjoying with my lover. He asks what a joke, when are you coming home. She says I will come in sometime. She boasts of her magic. She leaves.

Siddhi sees Vin going somewhere and stops him. He asks why do you find excuses to stick to me. She says you just came form hospital, you are hurt, you should be careful, we worry for you so much. She asks him to answer now. He lifts her and says I m giving proof of my weakness. She looks at him and smiles. Manjiri sees them. Siddhi says put me down. Vin says no, tell me am I still weak. Manjiri says amazing, I got to see you two. He puts Siddhi down. He says you went to temple. Shankar says I was calling you since. She says I told you I m going to pray for Vin. Shankar says fine, sorry. Vin says I will have sweets first. He opens the box. She hides the gun inside it. She says I will feed you prasad by my hands. Siddhi gives her water. Gauri says your breakfast is ready, you would be tired. Prachi says you wash feet with hot water. Manjiri says I m lucky to get three caring bahus. Gauri and Prachi ask three bahus.

Manjiri tells Siddhi about the nirjala fast. Siddhi says I will keep the fast for Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Amena

  2. Ooshi

    what’s manjiri’s aim behind all this

  3. Amena.can you translate the episode since 13.04.

    1. Ooshi

      do u want the written episode of 13 april’s update?

    2. yes

  4. Summer

    Hi Ooshi, how are you?

    Ok, So Manjiri is another one to the collection who wants ‘Vin dead’! She claims she has always thought Vin ‘useless’, but this is surely not a basis for wanting her own son dead…right? What other reason and motive would Manjiri want her son dead other than he is useless…so far, this justification from Manjri is not very convincing! Perhaps the writer will enlighten us when they come up with a better reason, as of this does not make sense.

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