Siddhi Vinayak 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin meets Siddhi!

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Siddhi Vinayak 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Someone covers Siddhi’s mouth. Siddhi pushes that person away.

Manjri and her family reach home. Manjari is happy thinking things are going as per her plan the first time. I am yearning to see Siddhi’s dead body. She asks her husband to come and do puja. Bappa will take care of our problems. Shankar asks for Siddhi. Prachi shares that she called many times but there was no response. Manjari suggests going inside to know. They all head inside. Manjari is happy thinking Vin and Siddhi will be dead by now. Police will come with this good news soon!

Manjari does not see Siddhi or Prasad. Does that mean she dint make the Prasad yet? If she comes out now and gets shock then everyone will find out everything. I will have to send everyone away. Servant informs them that police is here. Manjari

thinks they must have come with bad news of Vin’s death. I should get one good news atleast!

Police informs her family that Vin has eloped from the jail.

Siddhi is surprised to see Vin. I was sure you cannot kill anyone. She hugs him.

Manjari thinks it means he is still alive. Shankar asks Police if they think Shankar’s son will escape from jail. Police tells them everything. We doubt that you planned all this so Vin could escape. Shankar calls him a fool. We demand to know where our son is. He surrendered himself! Police shows the search warrant. We doubt that Vin is hiding right here. Shankar threatens them on their jobs but Manjari stops him. Shankar warns Inspector to stop his constables but Inspector stays put. Manjari gets thinking. Siddhi is missing and now Vin has also ran away from jail.

Siddhi notices Vin’s wound and asks him about it. He tells her everything. She is about to call Doc but he stops her. If you tell anyone then Police will find out that I am here. They will come to catch me. I ran away just to meet you. I wanted to tell you that I love you very much. Maybe I have come here to meet you for the last time. I have seen death very closely. I felt as if every bullet bore my name. I saw dead bodies all around me. I only knew I wanted to meet my Siddhi so I escaped from jail only for you! I wanted to see you once before dying. She hugs him from behind. Calm down. I am with you. I wont let anything happen to you! He holds her hand. Siddhi says don’t know what game fate is playing. It separates us always. Vin says I saw all those dead bodies and felt that I will be separated from you for forever. she keeps her fingers on his lips. Always remember that Siddhi and Vinayak can never separate. Siddhi wont let that happen. They share a hug. Vin repeats it but winces in pain. She dresses his wound. Romantic song plays in the background. They share an eye lock. She gets concerned seeing him in pain which brings a smile on his face. She says it is good that bullet just touched your arm or what would have happened. he says I don’t know any of that. I only know that right now I am with you. this moment is very important for me. She reasons that it might prove that you did all that. He wants to tell everything to Police but she stops him. they overhear Shankar speaking about Police.

Inspector knocks at Siddhi’s door. Manjari wonders if Siddhi is still alive. Inside, Vin tells Siddhi to make sure no one finds out that he is here. Manjari cannot understand why the door is closed. Who can be inside? Inspector pushes the door open just when Siddhi opens it. She asks him why he was knocking like that. Is everything ok? He informs her that Vin has escaped from the jail. We have come to check the entire house. She tells him that no one is here but Police still starts looking around the room. Siddhi notices Vin hiding above in the vent area. Blood droplets and sweat start dripping on Inspector’s shoe. Siddhi notices it. She tells Inspector that they are wasting their time. You should look somewhere else. Vin shifts his hand back upon noticing the droplets.

Inspector suggests checking another room when he notices the first aid kit on the bed. He questions Siddhi.

Prachi and her husband stand worriedly while police checks their room. Prachi asks her husband if he hid something here. We too might be put in jail this way.

Siddhi cuts her finger as she picks up the first aid kit. Inspector falls for it. Inform us if Vin tries to meet or contact you. She nods. Flashback shows Siddhi cutting her finger as she picks up the kit. Bappa saved us somehow today. Shankar tells her to rest. We will call Doctor.

Manjari acts before Shankar. From the inside, she curses Siddhi for surviving yet again.

Gauri is worried that police might find something else this time but heaves a sigh of relief when they find nothing.

Inspector thanks Shankar for his help. 2 people will be stationed here all the time till we find Vin. Inspector Mane also passed away. Siddhi is sad to hear it. Police leaves. Shankar asks Manjari to take care of Siddhi. Siddhi is worried that Manjari might see Vin. She tries to divert it but Shankar insists. Siddhi hopes Vin does not come out of hiding place. Manjari is irked with Siddhi and Vinayak. They are in my life like some eclipse.

Siddhi does not let Manjari come inside. Don’t worry about me. I will take care of myself. Manjari agrees. Why dint you offer Bhog to Bappa? Siddhi thinks her doubt was right. Ma kept that wire to kill me.

Precap: Siddhi tells Vin don’t know why Ma thinks she should be in jail instead of him. He asks her about it. Did Ma tell you that it wasn’t I but she who killed Shivam? His eyes widen in shock realising it what he just said. Siddhi looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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