Siddhi Vinayak 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Siddhi frees Shankar

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Siddhi Vinayak 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir comes to Kundra Mansion stealthily. I made such a good plan of following Siddhi to find Vin. I wont lose this time. I will catch Siddhi the moment she will step outside. I wonder what my darling Gauri will be up to!

Siddhi comes outside dressed as an old woman.

Gauri comes to Manjari’s room to look for the property papers. A drawer in the cupboard is locked. She starts thinking like Manjari so as to figure out where Manjari might have hid the keys. She finds them under the carpet. I could read her mind finally! She opens the drawer and smiles as she takes out the will. I will take care of this and make a new one so I can rule Kundra Mansion! She kisses the papers. Urvashi asks her what she found. Gauri hides the papers behind her back.

Kabir gets a call from Manjari. She rebukes him for not giving injection to Shankar before she reached there. He now knows everything. Kabir replies that he did give an injection to Shankar but she cuts him mid sentence. Go and kill Shankar right away! He says it out loud. Siddhi stops to overhear his convo. She insists that she cannot afford to have Shankar roam freely. He asks her why she cannot kill him herself. She replies that it is because Shankar is her husband. Don’t ask questions. Go and kill Shankar! She ends the call. Kabir repeats this loudly. He takes out his gun. Siddhi decides to save Shankar at any cost. Kabir boards an auto and goes. Siddhi follows him in another auto.

Gauri acts innocent. Urvashi notices her holding something behind her back and asks her about it. Gauri tries to deny but Urvashi can see that the drawer is open. What did you steal from Aai’s cupboard? They wrestle for the papers. Gauri pushes her on the bed and is going out when Manjari snatches the papers out of her hands. You tried to steal these papers from my room? She gives a tight slap to Gauri who falls down on the floor. Urvashi smiles.

Siddhi removes her makeup in the auto and requests the auto driver to drive faster. She panics worrying whether Shankar is fine or not. I wont let anything happen to him!

Kabir gets down at the hideout and goes inside. Siddhi gets down as well and follows him inside.

Manjari pulls Gauri by her ears. You thought you will manage to escape so easily? How dare you? Gauri says I had to. What has this family given me? My husband is rotting in jail and I am working here as a servant. You want to name everything after this baby in Urvashi’s womb! I am the elder DIL of the house. I also have a right over it. Manjari strangles her. I am reminding you for the last time. It is my Rudra’s baby. Be content with whatever little you are getting or just leave! She pushes her away. Manjari and Urvashi notice Rajvir sitting at the same place at the bar. He has been sitting here since I left to see Shankar. They find something fishy and decide to find out.

Kabir aims his gun at Kabir when Siddhi hits him on his head from behind. He passes out. Siddhi frees Shankar but he is under the influence of injection. She sprinkles water on his face to make him conscious. He thanks her for saving him.

Prachi peeks out of the basement and Rajvir goes inside. Manjari and Urvashi have witnessed it too. Manjari is shocked to realise that she ignored this. I made such a big mistake. Urvashi asks her to share with her too. Manjari shares that Vin has been kept in this very house by Siddhi, Rajvir and Prachi and we dint even know! Urvashi goes to tackle Prachi while Manjari decides to go inside.

Siddhi begins to talk about Manjari when Shankar tells her he knows everything already. First tell me about Vinu. Is he better than before? Siddhi nods. He has been showing improvement but he isn’t safe in Kundra Mansion at all. Shankar shares that Manjari has come out with the truth before her. I never expected her to do all that but she will be punished for it! Siddhi tells him everything. Ma brought Urvashi home after getting you kidnapped. She tried to take Vin’s thumb impression on the property papers. She failed first time but succeeded in second. She even tried killing Vin again. I know all this is hard to believe but it is true. Vin is still in Kundra Mansion. Rajvir and Prachi are taking care of him.

Rajvir is concerned for Siddhi. I hope everything is fine. Someone enters. The doorway is dark. Rajvir does not see the face and thinks it is Siddhi. Where is Chacha ji? He steps forward. Manjari steps in the light. So this is where you have hid Vin? Before he can say anything, she hits him with a vase on his head. Rajvir passes out. Manjari looks at Vin. You have troubled me a lot.

Shankar speaks to someone as to how he was saved by his DIL. Siddhi gets a call from Manjari. You were hiding Vin in the basement of my home itself and I couldn’t find out about it? It was a good move. Siddhi’s eyes widen in fear.

Precap: Manjari tells Siddhi her husband is her captive. He is having trouble breathing. If you want him to continue breathing, then come to the said location. Siddhi comes to the said location and asks about Vin. Manjari aims gun at her head. Your Vin is now past all the pain. Siddhi shouts.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… finally Siddhi saved Papa ji.loved Siddhi’s dadi look.

  2. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode.?

  3. So… the show is gonna end soon?

    1. Yes Radhika Farnaaz announced on twitter 18 jan last epi.

    2. Yes on 18 jan Farnaaz said on twitter.

    3. Yes the show will end on 18th Jan

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