Siddhi Vinayak 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivam exposes Siddhi before everyone

Siddhi Vinayak 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi heads out to attend Dadi’s video call. Juhi must be trying to talk to me. She collides with Prachi who scolds her for messing her dress. Siddhi begins to clean up when Prachi pulls her back. Call Raghu. He will clean it. She again stops her. Till when will you stay in this house? Your Dadi must be back by now. Why don’t you leave? Kundra Mansion is quiet as your voice is gone. Thank God for that. Siddhi thinks she is so bitter. She will very soon find out that I am also the DIL of this house like her.

Siddhi switches on the video call. Dadi cries that Shivam dint let her meet Juhi even though she is unwell. He said I cannot see her till the time he gets his wife back. Siddhi types a reply. I will tell Vin everything tomorrow itself. Vin will tell Shivam then. Juhi is your Riddhi’s

daughter. No one, not even Shivam can stop you from meeting her. Dadi hopes it comes true. Siddhi coughs. It will happen for sure. I have full faith on Bappa. I will tell Vin everything tomorrow. She prays. Everything is going haywire and I have to fix everything. I need your blessings for that. Ganpati Bappa Morya! She tries saying it loud and finally manages to say it. She folds her hands and pulls her strength to repeat it. She thanks Bappa. I wont forget this favour ever. Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Next morning, Vin wakes up. His vision is still blurred though. He does not see his mother or Riddhi in the room and wonders where they are. He rubs his eyes and is able to see everything clearly. He goes to look for them.

Reema is with Juhi. Reema gets Siddhi’s call. She asks about Juhi’s health. Reema tells her that she is a bit better now. Siddhi requests her not to tell Shivam anything. Make me speak to Juhi when she wakes up. Reema assures her about it.

Siddhi decides to tell Vin everything. We will be together for forever then.

Siddhi is getting ready. Romantic song plays in the background as she gets lost in thoughts of Vin. I will tell Vinu and entire world that I am wearing the mangalsutra of his name. Your Siddhi is coming to meet you, Vinu!

Everyone is sitting in the puja. Everyone looks up as they see Siddhi coming downstairs. Vin thinks seems like Riddhi dressed up for her husband today. Manjari thinks today Siddhi would have been thinking to tell Vin her truth but she isn’t aware that I have prepared something as well. Vin keeps looking at Siddhi. Manjari stands between them and talks to Riddhi. It is a puja to bring peace in the house. She makes her sit next to her. Pundit ji asks Manjari to do shanti jaap 108 times. Manjari says it will be done 501 times. She thinks the longer this puja stretches the better. Pundit ji starts the puja. Pundit ji asks for more ghee. Siddhi goes to bring it. While pouring the ghee in the pot, Siddhi tries to talk to Vin but he agrees to talk to her after the puja. Pundit ji also asks Vin to focus in the puja. He next asks Manjari to call someone who has always thought good about this family. Gauri is sure that she has done a lot for the family. I only will sit in the family. Prachi is also thinking on the same lines but Manjari asks Pundit ji to let Siddhi do puja. He asks her to call her husband too. Only a married couple can do this puja. Siddhi assures him that today she will do the puja with her husband only. Vin wonders where her husband is. Siddhi thinks there cannot be a better chance than this to sit with Vinu in the puja and pray for him and his family. She walks up to him and extends her hand towards Vin when Shivam holds her hand. She looks at him in shock.

Manjari smiles. Now he will do what I have asked him to. Flashback shows Manjari telling Shivam that Pratima got greedy seeing my son’s wealth. She got Riddhi married to my son. We dint know she will turn out to be like this. She was with you earlier and now married Vin! Shivam says now I understand why she is doing all this. She suggests him to show Riddhi’s real face to everyone today. Take your Riddhi with you then. This is the only way to get her back. Flashback ends.

Vin asks Shivam what this joke is. Shivam calls it a reality. Riddhi is my wife and Juhi’s mother! Vin is stunned. Riddhi withdraws her hand. Everyone stands up. Manjari asks him who he is. Shivam gives his intro. I am Shivam Sen and this is Riddhi Shivam Sen, my wife. Manjari smiles.

Precap: Shivam shows his wedding photos to everyone. This proves that she is my wife. Riddhi tells Kundra family that she isn’t Riddhi Sinha but Siddhi Joshi!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It will be interesting to see Siddhi proves that she is not Riddhi. Manjari thinks she is very clever and has turned the tables round, in fact, i think she has given the platform and an opportunity for Siddhi to confess that she is Vinu Siddhi and not Riddhi. Obviously this is fiction so it is not going to go smooth and of course, it will be a while and more drama before the truth is revealed.
    However, I would like to see Siddhi recite her childhood memories to Vinu and he will be able to recognise she is Siddhi. Also, Pratima can confirm idenity using medical records…i.e. blood group and dna etc. Siddhi’s will not match Juhi. I think it’s time Manjari gets exposed, but then it will be ‘the end’, so i’m expecting this to drag on a little more.

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