Siddhi Vinayak 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shankar confronts Manjari

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Siddhi Vinayak 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir and Prachi stop in their tracks noticing Urvashi coming there. Rajvir suddenly starts shouting for Raghu. He scolds him for no reason. Prachi has withdrawn her hand from the door by then. She goes inside while Rajvir is busy scolding the servant. Urvashi walks away. Rajvir apologizes to Raghu. He next gives signal to Siddhi who leaves Kundra Mansion. Manjari sees her leaving and decides to find out what is going between Siddhi, Rajvir and Prachi.

Gauri asks Kabir if he wont like to have celebrate with a sweet. We are going to become the owner of 3k worth property. He settles for the chocolate. Shankar gains conscious and is shocked to see Gauri. Kabir receives call from Manjari. She orders him to follow Siddhi. She has just left from here. She must be going to meet Vin. He asks her who will take care of Shankar then. She advises him to give him another injection. I will stay with Shankar then. You be careful as Siddhi is too smart. She ends the call. Gauri tells Kabir they have to be strong and firm in order to gain control over the property. He insists that she is only coming for a while. Gauri is worried as Manjari is a tough player. Kabir acts smart. She asks him where she will go. All this while, Shankar shifts his chair with some difficulty and fills his injection with the water kept in the glass nearby. Kabir offers to drop Gauri half way before going on his mission. He gives that injection to Shankar. Shankar looks at them as they leave.

Driver notices an auto following their car. He gives him way but Kabir warns the auto driver to follow the car. Don’t go in front. Siddhi looks back and recognizes Kabir. He works for Manjari Ma! Manjari Ma must have asked him to follow up to find Vin’s location. She asks the driver to hurry up. Siddhi’s driver starts driving fast upon Siddhi’s instructions. Kabir loses Siddhi due to a red signal. He argues with the auto driver who challenges him to drive himself if he is in a rush.

Manjari looks at Shankar and gets emotional. I am seeing you after so many days. Pardon me. I had no other option though. You are sweating so much. She wipes his face clean using her saree pallu. Shankar keeps his head bowed down and eyes closed all this while.

Prachi is with Vin. She calls Rajvir asking him about Siddhi. Is everything fine? Tai isn’t back yet. He says I hope everything is fine. Siddhi enters just then. Rajvir hurriedly disconnects the call and goes to Siddhi. She takes him to the basement. Rajvir is shocked to know that Kabir was following her upon Manjari’s request. She nods. She might have seen me leaving. He is upset with Chachi ji but calms down for Vin’s sake. He goes out to check on Prachi. Siddhi leans her head over Vin’s chest. Doc said you will recover soon. We will walk barefoot till Siddhi Vinayak when you will recover. I will do your make up so no one can recognize Superstar Vin. She requests him to get well soon asap. I have to talk a lot to you. I have to say I love you to you and hear your reply. She is holding his finger. He unconsciously clutches it a little.

Manjari tells Shankar not to worry. I will take you home real soon. She checks the rope and realises that it is too tight. She begins to loosen it when Shankar suddenly holds her hand. She gets stunned as he looks up at her. What do you want to do? She drops her hand. He asks her who she is. What do you want from me? We spent so many years together. I thought you love me but you did this to me? Forget about me. Your son is battling for his life yet you planned my kidnapping instead of thinking about him? He is your son! She cries and shouts in frustration. Vinayak, Vinayak, Vinayak! You are here only because of him. What about my Rudra? I did all this for my Rudra and for his would-be baby. You threw Urvashi out of the house whereas I wanted her to come back and stay with us. She was the last hope of my Rudra returning to me but you only care about Vinayak! Your blind love towards Vin turned me into his enemy! I tried to kill him so many times but he escaped every time! You are responsible for all the attempts that I made! This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t given away my Rudra when he was just a kid! He is disgusted to know her truth. I had heard about the animals who kill / eat their own kids but I have seen a live example today. You did all this to bring that cheap girl Urvashi in Kundra Mansion? You tried to kill Vin and got me kidnapped! You are full of poison. You cannot be my wife! I swear on God I will never forgive you. I will get you punished! Shankar starts struggling with the rope but Manjari refills the injection. He warns her against it but in vain. She injects him again. It cannot be! I wont go to jail. I can go to any extent to save myself. You know everything now so you will not stay alive now! She walks out of there determined.

Prachi is confused with Siddhi’s request but Siddhi explains that Kabir has been asked to keep a tight vigil on her. She wants to find out where we have kept Vin. I have to hunt my hunter now. This is the perfect plan! Dress me up as an old woman.

Precap: Siddhi gets a call from Manjari. You were hiding Vin in the basement of my home itself? Siddhi panics. She receives a photo from Manjari wherein Manjari is slitting Vin’s neck slowly with a knife.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… now both Papa ji and Vinu’s life in danger.. loved SidVi scene alot…

  2. Eagerly waiting for today episode…?

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