Siddhi Vinayak 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi mixes something in Manjari’s soup

Siddhi Vinayak 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra asks Vin to lend him some of his clothes. I had to go out for a while. Vin tells him he need not ask him. My almirah is there. You can choose whatever he likes. Rudra thanks him. He caresses Siddhi’s clothes. Her fragrance! He keeps something in his pocket. Vin tells him that this is Siddhi’s almirah. Rudra checks the other one. Siddhi asks Vin why he let Rudra check their cupboard. Vin stops Rudra. You should wear new clothes. Rudra asks him if he wont share anything with him. Vin denies. I want you to wear new, fresh clothes. I have to go late on shoot. We can spend some time together.

Manjari gives halwa to Rudra. He tells her to stop. Jail food was better than this. it would have been better if I had stayed there. He calls Rajvir struggler and asks for salt. Shankar objects to his way of talking but Rudra does not relent. Prachi stops Rajvir from reacting. Rudra is holding Siddhi’s earring in his hand. Where is Siddhi? Gauri points at Siddhi and Vin who come there holding each other. Manjari asks them how they got so late. Rudra remarks that they would be late as they did a drama entire night. Guru ji’s words are being followed. Siddhi looks down. Shankar reminds Rudra that Siddhi is his bhabhi. Bhabhi is like mother. Vin tells him to let it be. It is Rudra’s right to joke. Rudra walks away upset. I cannot even joke or talk here! Prachi offers to take food for Rudra and goes after Rudra. Gauri and Rajvir also leave. Shankar asks Vin to make cheques for payment and some other stuff too. Vin tells him that he has put everything in Ma’s name. Shankar is surprised. You both can atleast tell me what’s going on between you two. Manjari says I have signed cheques already. Shankar nods. Teach your son to act like normal human being. She agrees. Siddhi thinks Ma has trapped Vinu and got everything on her name. See what I will do now!

Prachi brings good for Rudra. He retorts that he dint ask anyone to bring food. She acts super sweet and keeps her hand at his shoulder. I know you dint say it but I also know that you are hungry. She feeds him a bite and he feeds her next. It is very chilli. She asks for water but he ends up splashing it on her face. Don’t try to act all nice before me. Don’t try this again or I will make you a joker in no time! Leave! She calls him mad and goes. Siddhi and Vin were entering in the room just then. Siddhi asks Prachi what is this. Prachi lies that it was chutney. I am going to clean up. Vin asks Rudra to come for shopping. Siddhi should also join us. Siddhi asks him to go. I will come with you guys some other time.

Siddhi says property is the main problem. I don’t know how to make Ma transfer it back in Vinu’s name. Dadi says you told me yesterday that Gauri and Kabeer (who stole your purse) are having an affair. Siddhi nods. She was apologizing profusely. I don’t know how to tell Papa ji. Dadi tells her against it. She replies that he deserves to know as he is the leader of the house. Dadi tells her that not every fight is fought head on. You have to sometimes act smart just like Bhagwan Vishnu did during Mahabharata. We should think of solving the problem and not of the fact whether the process of doing that. Right now it is very important that the property is transferred in Vin’s name again. Siddhi agrees. Now I must do something before Ma transfers everything in Rudra’s name. Dadi guides her. Siddhi thanks her for showing her the way. Now Bhabhi will have to help me just the way I want her to.

Siddhi comes to Gauri’s room. Gauri panics if she told everyone everything. Siddhi declines. I haven’t till now but I can if you want me to! Gauri stops her. please forgive me. I anyways don’t have any respect here. If you tell anyone this then I will be! Siddhi tells her to relax. I want everyone to instead respect you more. We should get Manvir Bhaiya out of jail. He is innocent. I will help you bring him out of jail. You will gain respect in everyone’s eyes if you are able to do it. Gauri thanks her. How do you know that Manvir is innocent? Siddhi replies that this information is sufficient for her. Now I will tell you something and you must do as I tell you. Gauri agrees. Siddhi asks her to make Manjari Ma’s favourite soup. Gauri goes.

Prachi acts sweet to Manjari. I brought jalebi for you as you wanted to eat it. Manjari happily munches onto it. Siddhi looks at them from above. Prachi is pleased to see her happy. I should ask her to give me that Kundan necklace right now! Siddhi remembers that Manjari told Shankar at the table that the papers are in the cupboard. This is the right time to find them.

Gauri wonders what Siddhi must be up to. Anyways, I should just follow her instructions.

Siddhi comes to Manjari’s room and starts scanning the docs.

Manjari is reading the article published regarding Vin’s article. Prachi asks for the kundan necklace. I am going to a party. Manjari agrees to give it to her herself.

Siddhi is still looking for the papers. I should hurry up. Manjari and Prachi are headed towards Manjari’s room. Siddhi finally finds the papers hidden under all the clothes. She hears some footsteps and gets alert. She hides behind the main door of the room by the time they enter. Siddhi gets out of the room stealthily.

Manjari gives the necklace to Prachi.

Gauri is almost about to collide with Siddhi on her way out. Siddhi mixes something in it shocking Gauri. Gauri asks her about the powder but Siddhi reminds her of her condition. Gauri gets quiet. She takes the soup with her. Siddhi decides to get the property back in Vinu’s name. I never thought I will have to do this but you dint leave any other option for me. Once I succeed in this, Vinu will be out of danger. You will be in trouble then.

Precap: Manjari enjoys the soup but starts feeling uneasy. Siddhi watches her from outside the door. I am walking on your path today as today the outcome is more important to me!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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