Siddhi Vinayak 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi blames Vin for raping her

Siddhi Vinayak 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi tries to keep the diya from blowing out. Rajvir remarks that the weather was fine till now. How did it become so stormy suddenly? Urvashi leans closer to Vin while still holding the bottle. Don’t drink anymore. Give me the bottle. He takes it from her. I cannot fight with Siddhi anymore. I need strength to do so. She mentally coaxes him to drink as much as he wants to. You will forget Siddhi after today!

Siddhi notices that the vermilion has spread on the floor. Pundit ji calls it a bad omen.

Vin drops the empty bottle. Why did she do this? Urvashi caresses his cheek. I will take away all your pain today! You will only take Urvashi’s name instead of Siddhi after today! She pushes him on the bed and leans over him.

Siddhi fails in saving the diya. It blows out.

She is stunned. Where is Vinu? She starts shouting his name. He might need me which is why I am so restless. She runs.

Urvashi leans closer to Vin.

Siddhi runs upstairs and knocks on Vin’s door. Open the door. I want to see you once. I will go away after seeing you once! Please open the door. She cries and bangs at the door again but in vain. She prays to Bappa to keep her Vinayak safe. Please fix everything. Her repeated pleas go unanswered. She falls asleep while sitting outside the door.

Next morning, Manjari and Gauri come to Urvashi’s room but she isn’t there. Manjari taunts Gauri for looking after Urvashi every second. Gauri says she doesn’t eat much these days. Manjari tells her to not support Urvashi for no reason. We both know why she is here and for what role. I came to tell her to take her money. Tell her to come and take it from me. Gauri nods.

Manjari wakes Siddhi. You fell asleep at the right place. You know your place finally. Don’t forget it now that you know your worth! Siddhi starts knocking at the door but Manjari tells her to stop her acting. You don’t have to think about my son! I am here for him. Pack your bags and leave now. Siddhi is concerned for Vin but Manjari advises her not to meddle with Vin’s life. He is sleeping peacefully and does not need you anymore. You can go and cry somewhere else! Siddhi warns her to be ready to cry along with her drama queen. I will prove the truth very soon and you need to realise what your fate will be afterwards! Siddhi walks away. Manjari is sure she wont be able to prove anything.

Vin wakes up and finds Urvashi crying. He asks her what she is doing here in this condition. She replies that she tried a lot to stop him. I reminded you that I am your brother’s widow but you dint pay heed! I wont be able to face anyone anymore. He calls it rubbish. I dint do anything to you! He notices the marks on his chest. How did it happen? She asks him if he believes it now. You only did all that last night. See this if you don’t trust me! She removes the duvet off her shoulder a bit to show similar marks on her shoulder.

Shankar is talking to Rajvir. Make sure every producer associated with us gets Diwali gifts. Rajvir assures him about it. Shankar tells Manjari to forget whatever happened. We have to give Diwali Bonus to every servant in our house.

Urvashi continues to shed fake tears. I tried to stop you so much but you were inebriated. You dint stop! Vin says I haven’t done anything like that. Trust me. Urvashi walks out of the room covering herself with a duvet. She runs out of the room crying loudly. Everyone looks up at them. Prachi wonders why she is covered with a duvet. Siddhi also wonders what Urvashi was doing in Vin’s room. Vin chases her and loudly calls after her to stop. He realises everyone is gathered downstairs and watching him. He freezes in his tracks. What did I do? What will I tell everyone? Gauri goes to check on Urvashi.

Manjari, Shankar and Rajvir walk up to Vin. Shankar asks Vin what is going on. Manjari too tells him to answer. Why did she run out of your room in that condition? Vin fumbles that he does not remember anything. I was really angry last night. I have no idea what happened. Manjari realises he is drunk. Shankar asks him if he misbehaved with Urvashi in inebriated state.

Gauri knocks at Urvashi’s door. Open the door. She whispers at the door that she can atleast tell her what the truth is.

Vin insists he does not remember anything that happened last night. Manjari asks her how drunk he was last night. Gauri tells them that Urvashi isn’t opening the door. Prachi and Siddhi run upstairs as well.

Urvashi decides to play her next move. She stands holding a container filled with kerosene.

Shankar manages to open the window. Everyone peeks inside from there. Urvashi pours kerosene over herself. Shankar tells her not to do all this. Tell me what happened. Urvashi blames Vin in front of the entire family for taking advantage of her while he was completely drunk. I will kill myself! Shankar asks her to tell him. I will help you. She picks a matchbox. Vin requests her to open the door. I don’t remember anything. She says how you would remember any of it. You were so drunk last night! You dint even stop when I tried to! You are an animal. I lost my husband and today I lost my dignity too. It is better if I die instead! Shankar and Rajvir manage to break open the door. Shankar reprimands her on her act. She breaks down. What’s the reason for me to live now? I wont be at peace ever! Vin finished everything last night! What will the world say even if you guys will support me? Gauri is confused. Epi ends on Vin’s shocked face.

Precap: Shankar slaps Vin. You misbehaved with your brother’s widow! Siddhi tells Shankar Vin is his son. You don’t trust your son of 30 years and trust a girl who is here only since 30 days! I will prove it is a lie. I have an idea to do that!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. First Siddhi should go to check if Urvashi is in her room or not. but she do nothing like that just sit outside his room.🙄🤨😪
    Shaadi Mubarak Vinayak and Urvashi.😬😝😈

  2. Koi medical checkup hoga or Kya? She can easily make/get fake medical report (may be someone out side to help her)

  3. Summer

    What happened to Siddhi’s adoptive grandmother, the one who saved her and gave her new face! She will be a great help here, is she forgotten? I hope the producers will do Siddhi justice and give her the opportunity to prove Vin’s innocence and her own too, and not let evil win. Its about time for Urvashi to be exposed along with Manjari, but having said that, should Manjari be exposed too soon, the serial could be finished. Would like to see Prachi a bit more proactive and support Siddhi to reveal the truth. As for Guari, you are as fickle as sheep without a mind of your own!

    1. @summer I also think about Dadi.. Maybe she went to USA (not sure about it)

  4. Vin deserves this. Now he will too feel hopeless and desperate when nobody will believe that he is innocent.
    Same that happened to siddhi is happing to him. Both being blamed for things they didn’t do.
    This will eventually reunite them.

    1. @radhika hope so.. waiting for todays Siddhi and Vinayak scene and how he reacts on it.

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