Siddhi Vinayak 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi learns Vin’s good deed

Siddhi Vinayak 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji shouting to Shankar. Everyone comes running. Guru ji says you have challenged my knowledge yesterday, today I will challenge my knowledge, get Vin’s kundli, I will find a solution to end his Mrityu yog. Shankar apologizes and says I was much tensed, please come and sit. He asks Vin where is he going. Vin says to die. Shankar slaps and scolds him. Guru ji says let him go where he wants, death doesn’t come by seeing place. Vin says so you are that Guru ji who said about my death. Guru ji says your death has come too close. Vin asks why, do you have any direct contact with Yamraj. Guru ji says you have just one week now. Gauri thinks its a miracle, I wish this turns true. Vin says its good, who wants to live. He goes. Guru ji stops Shankar. Rajbeer thinks its amazing. Manjiri thinks where did Vin’s kundli go. She gets some papers.

Savita jokes on Riddhi. Siddhi takes care of Aniket. Her tear falls over his foot. He asks what happened, you are crying. Siddhi says no, how did you know. He says I felt your tear drop. She says it means your legs got a life again. Savita and Aniket cry. They call Advait. Siddhi gets happy. Advait comes. He gets glad. They all hug Aniket. Siddhi says I think Pratik’s doctor’s medicine is working, we should thank Pratik. Vin comes in disguise. He sees Riddhi and says you here… She says yes, but you…. He says I keep coming here for work. Savita says he is Pratik. Siddhi thinks so he is the angel. She says you are doing good work.

Savita says his legs had a sensation. Aniket says yes, Riddhi made me wear slipper, her tear fell on my foot and I sensed it. Vin asks who is she. Advait says she is Riddhi, we feel like we have old relation with her, do you know her. Vin says no. He murmurs. Advait asks Riddhi why are you staring at Pratik. She says no, I m hearing his voice, I feel its familiar. Vin worries and says such coincidences happen, can we take Aniket for treatment. Savita says yes, I will make sweets first. Advait says I have meeting today. Riddhi says I will go along. He thanks her. She thinks to spend day with her parents. Vin thinks she may identify me. Siddhi says I have leave today, my boss is moody, he wanted to give me leave. Aniket says he maybe khadus. Riddhi says he is an elephant. Aniket asks is he fat. She says no, like elephant has different teeth to show and eat. Vin says I will make an urgent call and come. She thinks his voice is too familiar.

Vin says how can she say all this. He calls Siddhi and asks how are you now. She says I m fine. He says come to Kundra mansion fast, we have to reach studio for shooting. She says sorry, I can’t come, you gave me leave, I can have any more reasons in my life. He says you are my PA. Aniket says go office. She says no, I will talk and come. She goes out and sees Pratik on call. She says I can’t come, I m ill. She coughs. Vin says I remember I gave you leave, just come home, leave cancelled. She says I saved your life. He shouts you saved my life for a leave, I will give you one week leave later, you have to come to Kundra mansion right away, say something. Siddhi turns and sees Pratik. She thinks Vinu…. you. He ends call and goes to Aniket. He says we will leave now. She thinks my life’s biggest dream got fulfilled because of you.

She sees Vin taking care of Aniket. Jeeve Soniya ji…..She comes to Aniket and says my boss looks rude, but isn’t so, he is like a coconut, if my boss knew I m with you, he would have come here to help, I don’t want to trouble him. Aniket says no need to flatter more, you ain’t infront of your boss. She says I will leave. Savita asks her to take prasad and go. Vin thinks how does this Riddhi come everywhere. Guru ji sees Vin’s kundli. Prachi and Gauri wish Vin dies and Rajbeer and Mannu get his property equally. Guru ji says there is an impossible solution. Shankar says tell me, I will use all my money to make it possible. Guru ji says if money could defy death, all rich people would have become immortal, Vin’s marriage can be a solution, if any girl risks her life and marries him, if she becomes his shield, this danger can be avoided, if the girl has Akhand Saubhagyavati yog, she will come to you. Siddhi and Vin take prasad together. Savita smiles seeing them.

Rajbeer pays the man to kill Vin. A shooter aims at Vin. Vin says Pratik’s duty is over. He goes to his car.

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