Siddhi Vinayak 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Gauri turns greedy again

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Siddhi Vinayak 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari tells Siddhi that now that the game is up, I challenge you openly. I will find Vinayak from wherever he is! I will drag him even from hell and kill him! He must die! Siddhi accepts her challenged. You wont be able to do anything but think about Vinayak. You wont be able to see or touch him. In between, I will find out Papa ji and bring him home. This is my challenge to you!

Next morning, Kabir wakes up late. Gauri asks him what he is looking for. She shows him his phone and watch. Your Boss called as well. Kabir takes his phone. Why did you touch it? I told you to stay away from my stuff. Gauri advises him to call his Boss. She has called you in Kundra Mansion. You are way too clever. You worked for my MIL right under my nose and dint let me know! He tries to act innocent but she tells him she isn’t mad. You have got a very big chance. Stay like a servant but think like an owner. They will distribute crores amongst themselves while we will only get few lacs. If we join hands then we can become the owner of 3k worth property. He is confused. How? She says we will see that later. Take me to Chacha ji first.

Manjari asks Urvashi how Vin can disappear. I told you to keep an eye on Siddhi during the aarti. I fail to understand how Siddhi could take him out in front of us! Urvashi too is boggled. Urvashi recalls that Rajvir took away a big rack right before puja for donation. Manjari scolds her for being carless. Why dint you stop Rajvir? He must be carrying Vin.

Siddhi comes to a room holding a bowl.

Manjari insists upon finding Vin and killing him. We will become the rightful heir of this property then only.

Siddhi looks at Vin emotionally. It is so strange. You have to hide in your own house. Doc advised against much movement owing to your medical condition or I would have taken you far from here. Prachi assures her that Bhaiya is safe. It is good that we brought him here right before the puja. Now Chachi ji can never find out that you have hid Bhaiya in basement. She must be going crazy wondering where Vin Bhaiya would be.

Flashback shows Prachi, Rajvir and Siddhi brainstorming over where to hide Vin. Rajvir points out that Kundra Mansion is the safest place for Vin. We just have to keep him out of Chachi ji’s sight. He shares his idea in mute. They put Vin on a stretcher and take him to basement. Flashback ends.

Rajvir asks Siddhi if everything is fine. She nods looking at Vin.

Gauri waves her hand in front of Shankar but Kabir assures him he is fine. I am giving him injections since last 4 days. He cannot wake up! She points out that they have an ace card. I will turn the tables with this card. She clicks Shankar’s photos. Kabir questions her but Gauri only smiles in reply.

Rajvir asks Vin if he is fine. You are fighting between life and death while I cannot look after you properly. I am only worried about Chachi ji if she will find out about you. Don’t know what she must be thinking! Vin’s eyelids move. They all get emotional. Siddhi receives a call from the doctor. She shares that Vin has started rapid eye movement. He even cried yesterday. He has started responding too. Doc says I had given up but it is all your hard work. You have done a miracle. We have to change his medicines so he recovers faster. I will come to check on him. Siddhi requests him to message her instead. He agrees. Prachi and Rajvir go outside for a while to make sure Chachi ji does not become alert.

Siddhi wipes Vin’s hands and face with a tissue. Naina song plays in the background as their past moments flash in the background. She kisses him on his forehead emotionally and cries holding his hand.

Siddhi receives Shankar’s photo and is shocked. Gauri says it will be fun now. Siddhi will get to know where Chacha ji is and we will get 3k worth property! Siddhi calls back on that number. Kabir worries that they will be caught now but Gauri covers her mouth with her saree. Who is it and how did you get Papa ji’s photo? Gauri says you talk a lot. Now listen carefully. Your FIL is with us. Do you want to find his dead body instead? Siddhi denies. Gauri asks her to do whatever they will tell her to. For now, wait for our next call. She ends the call. Siddhi thinks Papa ji was kidnapped by Manjari Ma. Who is she? She calls Rajvir and Prachi and informs them. There is some third person who is also involved now. I think we should wait. They will contact me again if they have any other demand. She receives doctor’s text. He has asked her to meet as the medicines are too many. Prachi suggests her to go. We will stay with Bhaiya. Rajvir also asks her to share the number from which she received the call. I will try to trace it. Siddhi tells Vin she will be back soon.

Rajvir and Prachi are in the corridor. Urvashi is coming from the other side. They stop in their tracks noticing her.

Precap: Siddhi leaves for hospital. Manjari calls Kabir and tells him to follow Siddhi. Siddhi realises that Kabir is following her. He works with / for Manjari Ma. Manjari has come to check on Shankar. She realises that the rope is too tight. She begins to loosen it when Shankar holds her hand. She gets stunned as he looks up at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… Siddhi looks so cute today.Now Gauri also want Vin’s property.

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode…?

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