Siddhi Vinayak 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra spoils Vin and Siddhi’s special night

Siddhi Vinayak 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer is playing carom with his friends when he receives Manjari’s call. She scolds him for being out of touch. He replies that he was not in town. She gives him a new task.

Gauri is listening to music in her room. Siddhi asks for her phone. There is no network in my phone. She begins to dial Kabeer’s number when it comes on its own. It is saved as Mrs. Batra. It means Bhabhi knows Kabeer! Gauri asks Siddhi what she is thinking. Siddhi calls on Kabeer’s number. Gauri is shocked to see it.

Kabeer’s friends ask him if his boss called again. Kabeer denies. It is my item. He picks the call and leaves it on speaker. Kabeer talks about fixing a meeting soon. Gauri hurriedly snatches the phone from Siddhi’s hand and closes the door. She begs Siddhi not to tell anyone. Siddhi is stunned to know that Gauri is having an affair with Kabeer. Gauri says I too feel disgusted but I had lot many dreams and wishes. I was then married to a dumb guy like Manvir. Till when should I have waited for him to come out of jail? Siddhi still does not find it justified. Gauri swears on her name. I promise I wont meet Kabeer again. Please save me. I bed you. Siddhi suggests her to save herself. Be honest with everyone. Gauri fears no one will respect her then. I agree I am cheating my husband and made a mistake but give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Siddhi tells her to do penitence of her mistake.

Vin is decorating his room with flowers and candles. Siddhi would be so happy to see this. Come soon Siddhi. I am dying to see the smile on your face.

Siddhi tells Dadi that they cannot justify what Gauri Bhabhi did. I felt bad for her somehow though. Dadi says it means Gauri has no idea about Kabeer and Manjari. Siddhi nods. Everything is so strange nowadays. Whatever has been happening recently is turning things stranger. Guru ji’s words are all the more worrisome. Dadi advises her to follow Guru ji’s advice. Start your married life with Vin asap. Don’t make me wait for too long. I want to see my grandkids and play with them. Siddhi smiles shyly. Dadi tells her to spend some time with Vin. He has been through a lot. He deserves to be happy. Tonight shall be really special for both of you. Siddhi gets shy. Dadi gives her a gift. Tonight my Siddhi will dress up for her Vin. Siddhi nods. Tonight is going to be really special for both of us Vinu. We will start our married life tonight.

Siddhi comes home wearing a black sultry saree. Rudra is mesmerised to see her. He keeps murmuring her name. Siddhi enters in her name. She calls out to Vinu as it’s entirely dark in the room. Rudra picks his torch and a tape. I wont let Vin and Siddhi unite. I am coming!

Vin closes the door from inside and walks up to Siddhi with a bouquet. He says a shayari for her. Siddhi smiles sweetly. They look at each other in the light of matchstick for a while.

Rudra gets ready.

Siddhi is surprised to see the room. When did you do all this? Vin covers her mouth. No questions right now. Rudra climbs up in the vent area. Vin and Siddhi share some romantic moments. Rudra watches them angrily. He sprays something down the vent just when they are about to kiss. Vin and Siddhi pass out. Rudra smirks. He comes down from the vent and looks at Vin and Siddhi. He lies down next to Siddhi. How can you celebrate your firstnight without me? He caresses her hand. Only I have a right on your body. Only I! He kisses her on the cheek. I wont let you become anyone else’s. He leans closer.

Next morning, Siddhi wakes up and calls out to Vinu. He comes just then. It feels so heavy. She too says the same. He asks her if she remembers what happened last night. She shakes her head. We fell asleep suddenly. He too says the same. I was tired after the dance sequence. Let’s complete what we left in between last night. She tries to go but he refuses. Let’s do what Guru ji asked us to do. They are about to kiss when Rudra enters. Sorry for coming on the wrong time. Vin asks him to come in. Siddhi points at the room to Vin. Rudra thinks I dint let anything happen between you guys last night. Remember that I wont let it happen in the future too. Siddhi belongs to Rudra!

Precap: Dadi says it is important that the property is transferred in Vins name again. Siddhi thinks to do something before Ma transfers everything in Rudra’s name. Siddhi is checking some docs in Manjari’s room when Manjari and Prachi walk in.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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