Siddhi Vinayak 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi mixes something in Vin’s drink

Siddhi Vinayak 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi tells Siddhi that she might plan something smart but she wont be able to make her speak ever. Siddhi thinks she is way too smart. Her truth will prove my innocence! I have to expose her in front of my family at any cost but how!

Gauri eats the kheer happily. Dry fruits add flavour to khee completely! Urvashi throws the bowl away angrily. I am fed up of this Siddhi. She is playing so many games to make me speak up whereas that Vin is acting like some saint. Even Kings and really rich people used to fall in my feet but he acted so shy when I asked him to apply ointment on my back! How does he romance on stage? Gauri reasons that it is fake. He is someone else’s husband in reality. Urvashi asks her if she dint see how he broke the mangalsutra. Gauri agrees. They are still connected.

Siddhi was staying in this house as Riddhi but he dint even look at her. Vin got married to Siddhi in semi conscious state or he would have never married her in reality! Urvashi gets an idea. I too should make use of it. It is Diwali puja tomorrow. I will burst crackers afterwards and they will burn down Siddhi’s all hopes!

Next morning, Gauri asks Manjari when she will give her gold bangles. Manjari reminds her that her son died few days back. The murderer is roaming freely in the house and you want bangles! Gauri apologizes to her. Prachi also comes there. Manjari gives them each a saree. I couldn’t shop anything but this this time. You both have to make preps for the evening puja! Gauri nods.

Everyone has gathered for the puja. Pundit ji remarks that entire film industry is all gaga about the Diwali celebrations of Kundra family. I understand that you went through a really tough time but let’s all pray together for a good future. We will also pray for your late son’s soul to rest in peace. Everyone starts praying as per their wishes. Vin is sad that this would have been their first puja together but Siddhi messed up everything! I only want some peace. He holds the puja thaal as requested by Shankar. Siddhi holds the thaal too. He asks her what she is doing here. It is a family puja. She reminds him that she is still married to him and no one can stop him from doing so. Let’s do the puja together. It is our first puja after all. He tells her to do it if she wants to but no law can force me to do this puja with you! Shankar asks Vin why he cannot do Lakshmi puja with Siddhi. Ma might bless us once again. Urvashi counters that it is her first Diwali too. I too planned to do Lakshmi puja with my Rudra but Siddhi ruined all of them! She does not deserve to do this puja after killing the son of the house! Because of her, I only am left with the ashes of my husband! I too would have been doing Ma’s puja right now with my husband if you hadn’t killed him! God will never forgive you! She sheds some fake tears and leaves. Pundit ji points out that it isn’t right to refuse to do puja at this time. Vin politely apologizes and walks away. Pundit ji asks the family to complete the puja. Siddhi looks at Ma’s idol. I might not be having what is rightfully mine right now but I pray to you to keep the happiness of this family intact. Make us choose the right path always. She does the puja herself.

Vin paces restlessly in his room. The video keeps playing in his mind. He takes out alcohol from his cupboard and gulps some of it. Why did you do that Siddhi? Why did you do that to me? I cannot bear it that you have cheated me! It would have been better if you had killed me instead! You ruined our relationship! That video plays in front of my mind whenever I see you. Why did you do that?

Siddhi prays to Ma to give her strength to fix everything once again. Manjari and Shankar do the puja next.

Vin is completely inebriated. He recalls how he broke his relation with Siddhi from his end. I did the right thing with you! Why does it bother me so much then? I loved you so much but I hate your name also now! I hate you Siddhi! Urvashi is standing by the door watching him thus. He is completely lost in his pain. Only Urvashi can reduce his pain now.

Prachi, Rajvir and Gauri take turns to do puja. Urvashi looks at Siddhi from upstairs. Pray as much as you want to but you will now lose everything that belongs to you! The weather turns stormy. Diya is about to blow off but Siddhi runs to cover it. Is this a bad omen? Is something about to go wrong? Everyone is puzzled by the sudden change in weather too. Urvashi heads inside.

Urvashi pretends to stop Vin from drinking. He tells her to leave him and stands up holding his bottle. Urvashi closes the door from inside. She walks back to him. Think how your parents will feel seeing you thus. I understand your pain. Our life is stuck equally. She makes him sit down and holds him while trying to calm him down. He is sad thinking about what Siddhi has done. She keeps the bottle away. He mumbles that Siddhi was his childhood love. I always supported her. I thought of her before myself but she cheated me! Why? Urvashi mixes something in his bottle while Vin continues ranting about how Siddhi has cheated him. Urvashi thinks she will take advantage of him today.

Precap: Vin wakes up and finds Urvashi crying. Urvashi walks out of the room covering herself with a duvet. She runs out of the room crying loudly. Everyone looks up at them as Vin chases her. Later, Urvashi blames Vin in front of the entire family for taking advantage of her in his inebriated state.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode.. SidVi looks so cute.. 😍🙂
    That Urvashi and Gauri 😬 throw them out of the Kundra mansion.. only showing Urvashi’s natanki.. Vinu ko Kya hua yaar puja bhi saath nahi ki😔😔

    1. Put yourself in his place for a second. He is an honest man who saw his wife cheating on him in a VIDEO.
      Everything that he is doing in reaction is completly normal and any man would do the same.
      I hope Siddhi forgives him and understands his pain too once it is all cleared up and they through Urvashi out of the house.

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode.. what will do Siddhi now..🤔

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