Siddhi Vinayak 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi tries to seduce Champak Baba

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Siddhi Vinayak 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi tells Rajvir they haven’t eaten anything since morning. Help us. Rajvir replies that only Bholenath can save them now. Vin announces that he will give them food. Urvashi smiles in relief. Siddhi and Prachi get tensed. Vin gives them food.

Siddhi paces angrily in her room. I cannot understand what has happened to him? He is so nice and concerned for Urvashi suddenly. I wonder what’s happening to him! Manjari says it might be love. Dint you see how he comes to help Urvashi whenever she is in trouble. What else will you call it? This ritual of her purification has turned out to be a blessing for Urvashi. It is good that Guru ji came over and left his disciple behind. If this continues then Urvashi will very soon make her place in Vin’s heart. Siddhi shouts at her but Manjari

warns her to be quiet. You only started this game. Now this is costing you only. Vin does not like you anyways. You will be out of the house in no time if Vin’s heart melts towards Urvashi seeing her work so hard. You will end up becoming his ex-wife. Do you understand? She leaves.

Gauri and Urvashi are relieved. Urvashi is happy that Vin quietened Champak Baba finally and especially Siddhi. This idea will bring me closer to Vin ji. I might have to even use my ghungroos for it but it does not matter. Gauri asks her if she is mad. Baba is Brahmachari. Urvashi is positive she will turn Baba around. My ghungroos can turn any man around. Just wait and watch!

Rajvir murmurs that this act isn’t easy. I wonder where I got trapped! He closes his eyes. Gauri starts the music. Urvashi dances seductively in front of Baba. Gauri is worried that baba might curse her. She touches his feet. He starts chanting Hari Om and walks away. Gauri goes but Urvashi follows him. She does not stop dancing. She throws the fountain water on him and dances closely. Siddhi and Prachi come there thinking to discuss their plan with Rajvir. They stop in their tracks seeing Urvashi trying to seduce to Rajvir. Prachi is about to interrupt but Siddhi covers her mouth. He isn’t Rajvir but Baba right now. Rajvir notices them and shouts at Urvashi.

Urvashi requests Rajvir to save him. I was feeling pure after the ritual. I saw Bholenath in you and was only doing puja. He tells her not to mistake him for stupid. I will tell everyone about it right away! He walks inside the house angrily.

Gauri makes Urvashi remove her ghungroos and drapes her in a shawl.

Rajvir gathers everyone. Shankar asks him if something is wrong. Siddhi hopes Rajvir does nothing wrong. This wasn’t in the plan. Gauri and Urvashi come there too. Urvashi tries to make him understand but he tells her she wont be able to do anything. Siddhi steps in between. Choti knows everything. Manjari tells her to not intervene. She asks Rajvir what happened. Siddhi says I will do it as it is my family too. Urvashi wonders if Siddhi saw her. She yet again tries to make Rajvir understand but he does not stay quiet. Rajvir begins to explain but Siddhi shakes her head at him gesturing him against it. Vin notices her thus. Rajvir covers up saying that Urvashi has started preps for tomorrow already. It shows how enthusiastic she is towards it! Manjari asks him what his plan for tomorrow is. He looks at Siddhi and Prachi. They shrug clueless. Rajvir advises everyone to rest for now. I will tell tomorrow’s plan tomorrow only. Vin looks at them suspiciously. Everyone heads to their respective rooms.

Rajvir plugs in Bluetooth. Why did you try to stop me from exposing Urvashi? Do you even know what she was doing? Prachi tells him not to act smart. We saw everything from far. You dint do anything when she was standing closely to you. He is sure he would have exposed her today. Her game would have been up. Siddhi reminds him it is a war and not game. She has got everyone on her side. She would have saved herself somehow and you would have been exposed! We have to single out her. Prachi asks her what they should do next. Shall we make her make idols? Siddhi likes the idea. We will ask her to make cow dung cakes. Vin will do it with her. Rajvir tries to object but notices someone there. He starts speaking in Hindi again and ends the call. He talks nicely about Urvashi. Vin is standing by the door. Prachi asks him what he is saying. Rajvir mumbles a reply. Vin goes. Siddhi says Vin is supporting Urvashi too much nowadays. He will now understand that sunlight might be strong but one must not stand in the way of a falling roof.

Precap: Vin calls Rajvir and his phone starts ringing. Rajvir says Om Namah Shivaye in shock. Vin is standing a little away from him and understands everything. It cannot be just him in this plan. I will expose everyone!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This Vinayak is spoiling everything.? The only one relief that this time Manjari has no doubt on Siddhi/ Rajbir baba.?what kind of woman is Urvashi.i hate her…?

  2. I think he will expose him. waiting for tomorrow episode.

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