Siddhi Vinayak 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari falls in Rudra’s trap

Siddhi Vinayak 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir is unhappy that his photo wasn’t published in the newspaper. Vin is everywhere. Prachi is worried as to what’s brewing between Siddhi and Rudra. She tauns Rajvir and goes out. Rajvir rues that his luck isn’t on his side at all.

Vin and Siddhi are doing Ganpati puja. Gauri says the atmosphere was so happy because of Bappa. Now he will leave. Vin jokes that he will come back after a year and gorge on more awesome food. He sends Gauri to bring Ma and Urvashi. Prachi heads to kitchen.

Vin takes Siddhi with him.

Urvashi is drinking in her room. She still cannot get over the fact that Rudra was threatening to kill her! he aimed his gun at me! I thought I will rule this house and stay here but they are talking about digging my grave here. I was seeing a dream

but I got upturned here. He broke my pride! She gulps a few more sips. I wont give up! I am Marathi.

Rudra has kept his head in manjari’s lap. Manjari is emotional. I have waited for this day since years. He kept his head in my lap for the first time after getting out of jail. Are you upset with me? He sits up. I know you got me married to Urvashi by laying a trap of Siddhi. You did the right thing though. Urvashi is really nice. She loves me and I have started liking her too. Manjari is pleased. Will you give me something? He readily agrees. Manjari asks for a small Rudra. I couldn’t see your childhood. I will see your childhood in your son. I am going to ask the same promise from Bappa. Rudra offers to make a line of young Rudra’s if she says. She smiles. Will you make a cricket team? Rudra thinks he has to be with Siddhi once Vinayak dies. Kids will also be there for sure. Gauri comes to call Manjari who agrees to come soon. Rudra leaves.

Vin tells Siddhi he has a surprise for her. She panics thinking about last night. This isn’t the right place for that. I will take that surprise later. He tells her it isn’t that surprise. He points at the table. Go and check. She lifts the cover and sees a Bal Ganesha. Vin prays that they too have a Bal Ganesha by next year. Rudra watches them. Siddhi hugs Vin. He asks her if she isn’t afraid to hug him in front of Bappa now. She replies that Bappa knows everything. It has happened because of his wish only. Nothing has been hidden from him. They place the Bal Ganesha idol in the temple. Diya blows off. Rudra thinks this diya is the indicator of his life which is going to end soon too! Siddhi gets tensed.

Manjari thanks Bappa for making her son see sense finally. I just want you to bless him with a kid by next year. I promise I will do penitence for all my sins. Just fulfil my prayers. Prachi asks her if Rudra got married the day they went for dinner. Manjari nods. Prachi asks her why she wasn’t a part of the wedding. Manjari replies that he dint tlel her anything. I am talking to Bappa privately. Go from here. Prachi tells her that something is going on between Rudra and Siddhi. I saw them closer. Rudra Bhaiya has put anklet in her feet himself. I saw it with my own eyes. Manjari warns her not to spread any rumours against Rudra now that he is married. Leave. Prachi wonders what magic Siddhi has cast on her. It is like banging your head on the wall.

Ganpati puja is completed. Vin tells Gauri to make sure everything is set for the visarjan. Where are Rudra and Urvashi? Rudra and Urvashi come downstairs just then. Vin teases the couple. Rudra says this Ganesha visarjan will be very special for them. We will be together like this for the last time. Everyone is taken aback. Rudra covers up that our kids will be with us then. It is very special as I got Urvashi in the past 11 days. Urvashi is panicked. Manjari covers up for her. She asks everyone to apologize to Bappa for their misdeeds today. He will come next year now. Manjari thanks Bappa for blessing them with happiness. You are taking our troubles with you. We will wait for you next year.

Ganpati visarjan puja starts. Rudra, Rajvir and Vin are holding Ganpati idol as they step out of Rudra Mansion. Rudra thinks Vin should celebrate as much as he wants to before the visarjan. His visarjan will happen before Ganpati’s visarjan today. Dhols are playing. There is a lot of noise and festivity all around. Rudra looks at Vin who is happily dancing with Siddhi. Rudra takes out his gun and aims it at Vin. A guy asks him to come in front. Rudra hides his gun. He looks at Vin. Siddhi is only mine. She will continue her life journey with me now. Your station is here. You must step down. A gunshot wont be heard in this much noise and crowd. My one gunshot will bid adieu to Vin Kundra. He shoots at Vin.

Precap: Vin is shot in the head. He falls down. Siddhi shouts his name in shock. Kundra family looks at Vin stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…🙂 Never thought that Rudra will shoot Vinu…😏 For me it’s a big shock… I don’t know what will do Siddhi now?..😥I hope Vinu is fine…😌😌😌

  2. Something wrong with that girl urvashi. she will do anything for staying in kundra mansion.
    Loved SidVi scene alot…❤️ ❤️😍😍Bappa save them…😌

  3. I do wonder if Rajvir caught Rudra aiming the gun at Vin on his phone, as he was recording whilst dancing?! I don’t think Vin will die otherwise series will end. His life will be at risk and Siddhi will save him as usual, during the process finding out the truth. I must admit, since Rudra entry, i have found the storyline has become boring. Rudra is a pyscho and the story goes in circles.

  4. Pooja Karayat

    I think it would be rudra’s dream. Because before siddhi and vin marriage that pandit told that siddhi kundli says that she is akhand soubhagyavati(means her husband(vinu will live long).

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