Siddhi Vinayak 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi’s fails in her plan to expose Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi asks servant why he has made kheer in separate bowls. He shares that everyone has different preferences so he has made it accordingly. Siddhi asks about Urvashi’s bowl. He shows the red bowl to her. She makes him bring a big tray to carry all the bowls together. She mixes some powder in food. She wont be able to stop herself from uttering her truth under its effect. I will make her confess everything today!

Arun (waiter) serves kheer to everyone. Urvashi is tempted. Rajvir stops her from eating it. Why is your kheer different from ours? Siddhi thinks he will spoil the plan. Urvashi shares that it has extra dry fruits. He takes the bowl from her and swaps his bowl. Gauri takes the bowl from him. Prachi exchanges her bowl with Gauri. Siddhi looks on worriedly. It will be a problem

if Urvashi wont eat it. Prachi is about to take bite but Urvashi snatches the bowl out of her hand. It is mine and I only will eat it. Siddhi smiles seeing her take a bite. Let the afeem take effect. I will then know how to bring out her truth in front of everyone. You showed that video to my family while wearing my mask, now I will show the entire family entire family!

Urvashi comes to her room. Her head is swaying. Siddhi has fitted a camera in her room already. She comes to her room seeing afeem taking over Urvashi. It will be her last day here! She closes the door from inside. Urvashi asks her why she is here. Siddhi says I was thinking well about you. Urvashi is sure something is wrong but still asks her what she wants. Siddhi asks her if she will do Lavani dance. My friend needs a Lavani dancer for Diwali. Urvashi calls it her past. Now I am Urvashi Kundra. Siddhi says I heard that a performer is always a performer. Urvashi calls it rubbish. Siddhi says I think you aren’t a Lavani dancer who can perform in Bombay. I am a better dancer than you. Superstar Vin Kundra is known as a dancing star that too because of me. Urvashi challenges her for a dance. Siddhi agrees.

Urvashi and Siddhi dance on Dola Re. Siddhi decides to bring out her truth before the effect of afeem wears out. She claps for her. Urvashi compliments her as well. I thought we can be good friends after dancing with you today. Siddhi calls her liar. How did you get in Kundra Mansion if you aren’t a liar? Urvashi takes Manjari’s name. She wanted me to marry Rudra. I dint know how he was. He used to threaten me very much!

Gauri decides to prepare herself for whatever twists might come in her track. Prachi sees her heading towards Urvashi’s room and decides to divert her for some time. She advises Gauri to only think about herself. She next shows her bangles to Gauri. I got these from Chachi ji as Diwali gift. You would have known how the equations are changing in Kundra Mansion if you hadn’t wasted your time after Urvashi. Aren’t they nice? Gauri nods. Prachi is sure Gauri will now directly go to Chachi ji to ask for her Diwali gift. Gauri too decides to shift her loyalty for a day.

Siddhi starts grilling Urvashi. You dint come on your own? You were brought here? Urvashi nods. Siddhi asks her if she got married and what happened on her wedding night. Urvashi says I came here, got married and then came to Rudra’s room to celebrate wedding night. Siddhi asks her if she danced her famous Lavani dance in front of Rudra then. Urvashi takes out the camera and breaks it on the floor. I dint do Lavani dance that night. I will make you dance! You think you are too smart? You thought you will make me say everything after mixing Afeem in my kheer? It will prove you innocent before the stupid people of this house? You are such a fool! I could realise it in an instant when I tasted the kheer. I rehearse for my dance since 15 years after taking Afeem only. Get out and come back with a nice plan! I don’t like such childish plans. She pushes Siddhi out of her room!

Precap: Vin is doing puja when Siddhi holds the thaal. He refuses to do puja with her. You aren’t my wife. Urvashi smiles seeing it from upstairs. Vin walks away. The weather turns stormy. Diya is about to blow off but Siddhi covers it. Is this a bad omen? Is something about to go wrong? Urvashi is seen comforting Vin.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode..🙂 loved bowl swap scene.. 🙂Siddhi looks cute..😍 again Siddhi failed in her plan..😔 but she tried her level best..👍

  2. Tomorrow’s episode will change Siddhi and Vinu’s life forever..😪😌🤨

  3. What i am thinking is can sidhi wear urvashi mask same like urvashi did to sidhi…..

    1. @Arty yes u r right 🙂😍 that is possible!!!😍

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