Siddhi Vinayak 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra plans to kill Vinayak

Siddhi Vinayak 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi comes to kitchen and sends the servant to make preps for tomorrow’s Prasad. She stays back to make modak. Rudra joins her. he tastes the modak and compliments them. You played a very nice game. I dint even realise. I thought no one can beat my mother but you proved out to be smarter than her. Did you feel anything towards me for even a second when you were playing that game with me? Siddhi clears to Rudra that she never had, still does not have and will never feel anything towards him. I don’t know if I am smarter than your mother but I am surely an honest and dedicated wife. I suggest you to try doing the same with your wife. There is no powder in the world which can get Vinu out of my mind. He tells her that now he is sure Vinayak is hers. I am very happy with Urvashi. I am honest.

I am happy with the game you and Ma played with me. I am very happy to have her in my life. I wouldn’t have otherwise realised what I want in life. I came to thank you for all that you and Ma did for me. my wife must be waiting. I don’t want her to wait any further. He goes.

Manjari is talking to Shankar on phone. It was completely shocking. You would like her too once you come back. I wish you were here for visarjan. I shall keep you posted. She ends the call seeing Siddhi. She excitedly tells Siddhi she is very happy that their plan worked. Rudra accepted Urvashi. I am very happy. Bappa listened to my prayers. I am thrilled. Siddhi sits down next to her. Your mind is in right place finally but when will it happen with you. She asks him what rubbish she is saying. Siddhi asks her if she does not think she should confess her crimes. Manjari is irked by her lectures. Siddhi reasons that Rudra seems to come on the right track finally. Don’t let your sins overpower him.

Rudra collects something from a guy.

Siddhi requests Manjari to accept her crimes and confess everything. It will set everything right. Manjari’s mood is spoiled. She tells Siddhi to do the remaining preps and goes. Siddhi looks at Bappa’s idol. You have given me everything this year. You have returned my childhood friend to me and have united us as husband and wife. She thinks of their childhood memories. You have fixed everything including Rudra. Bring Ma on the right path too. You know how happy I am whenever you come and how sad I become when you are leaving. Vin extends his hand and catches her tears. Vin tells Bappa he made his Siddhi cry again. You leave after visarjan. I have to look after this mad girl afterwards.

Rudra checks the gun.

Vin tells Siddhi she hasn’t changed at all. I had to dance to make you smile after visarjan. You have two Vinayak – one is Bappa and I am second. She smiles. He has a surprise planned for her. He makes her stand and covers her eyes.

Rudra says Vinayak’s name wont be joined with Siddhi if he is no more. The place next to Siddhi will be empty. Ganesh visarjan will be interesting tomorrow as we will do visarjan of both Vinayak tomorrow.

Vin takes Siddhi to their room covering her eyes well. She asks him to tell her about the surprise but he happily takes her with him. Rudra watches them thus and looks angrily after them. Vin brings Siddhi to their room. It is beautifully decorated with lights, roses, candles and romantic stuff. She is thrilled to see it. She turns to praise him for it when he disappears. He appears from behind and gives her a bouquet of roses. They dance romantically. Rudra is watching them from the door. I feel like shooting you right away Vinayak Kundra but I wont do it today. I will wait for Ganesha visarjan. No one will be able to find out who shot whom and when. I don’t want to go to jail after killing you. I want to live with Siddhi after killing you. You have only some moments left to live. Spend them with Siddhi if you want. Tomorrow will be your last night! Vin lifts Siddhi in his arms and makes her lie down on the bed. He leans closer to her after closing the curtains. Rudra walks away in a huff.

Rudra comes to his room. Urvashi is happy to see him. She pours a drink for him and dances on an item song. He aims his gun at her. I will kill you if I see you after Ganesha visarjan tomorrow. I did all that drama for the people of Kundra Mansion! Don’t be mistaken that I have fallen for you. She nods. He pushes her and walks away in a huff. Urvashi vows to do anything to make sure she gets to stay in Kundra Mansion.

Precap: Vin gifts a Bal Ganesha to Siddhi hoping that they too have a Bal Ganesha by next year. They place that idol in the temple. Diya blows off. Rudra thinks this diya is the indicator of his life which is going to end soon too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved today episode 😍 what a cute romantic scene of SidVi 😍.. Loved it… Thank God Rudra didn’t shoot Vinu…I also think that Siddhi will get pregnant soon…🤔 U r right..🙂

  2. Time will tell whose life is going to end… Any ways waiting for tomorrow episode…they are looking great…🙂

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