Siddhi Vinayak 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi suspects Manjiri

Siddhi Vinayak 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri dancing in her room. Gauri hears the music and comes to see. Siddhi gets food for Vin. Raju compliments them and irritates a lot. He asks them not to get angry and carry on. She asks how did you get the gun, did anyone hand over the gun to you and compel. Vin says I won’t answer you. She asks him to have food, else she will stay hungry too, he knows she can’t tolerate hunger. He eats food by her hands. He coughs. She gives him water. Raju looks on and claps. He gets emotional. Siddhi thinks I know why are you silent. Vin thinks I will never break this silence. She thinks to find truth. He says I won’t let you know the truth.

Siddhi gets Mane’s call. He says your doubt was right, that handwriting is of same person, whom do you doubt, tell me. She gets shocked and thinks Vin won’t tell me anything if I ask him. She says that handwriting is of Manjiri. He asks what. She says I will find out who compelled Manjiri to write the note, don’t tell anyone. He thinks Manjiri won’t come in any words, maybe she did this on her own. Gauri pities Prachi and says you were saving Siddhi and pushed her down the stairs. Prachi says you are much sad for Siddhi. Gauri says you should be sad. They argue. Prachi says I know how to convince Siddhi, I have blood relation with her, she will support her one day, remember this. Siddhi comes to Manjiri’s room and gets shocked seeing the mess. Manjiri says I was cleaning the room, I got tired and slept. She says I will call the servant and ask him to clean the room, sit I will just come. Siddhi asks what’s these papers. Manjiri takes papers and says Shankar leaves papers here and there.

Siddhi says Shivam kidnapped you, did he force you to write anything. Manjiri says no, why are you asking. Siddhi gives the ration list. Manjiri says I have to give this to servant. Siddhi says you have written this list and this letter. Manjiri gets shocked. She asks what do you mean to say, you mean I have shot Shivam, I planned this to send Vin behind bars. Siddhi says I didn’t say this. Manjiri says Vin is my son, why will I do this, I have spent my life to have this family. She cries and says Shivam kidnapped me and made that video, even if I did this, I will have some motive to do this, I love my son a lot. She says I can sacrifice my life for Vin. Siddhi says I didn’t mean to say this.

Manjiri thinks Siddhi found the truth, my drama saved me, I have to make this lie turn to truth. Siddhi thinks I know Manjiri is lying, but why, what does Vin and Manjiri want to hide. Juhi makes a drawing. Gauri thinks I won’t lose this chance to impress Siddhi, I can’t let Prachi win. She tells Juhi about their family members. Siddhi comes. Gauri says Juhi is lovely, she made such a good painting, I wish I had a younger sister like you, our sorrow is same, I m also alone, I promise I will always stand by you. Siddhi thanks her. Gauri goes. Siddhi sees the list and thinks maybe Kanta wanted to tell Manjiri’s name, was Manjiri behind her accident, did Manjiri frame Manbir, maybe she shot Shivam and Vin took the blame on him to save her. She thinks Juhi’s silence has many secrets hidden, I will find the truth soon.

Manjiri thinks to kill Siddhi and lays open wires. She calls Kabir and asks him to kill Vin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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