Siddhi Vinayak 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prachi mixes a medicine in Urvashi’s food

Siddhi Vinayak 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin asks Siddhi if she has sent it. She nods. He says you were worried as I dint eat anything downstairs, right. She looks at him. He keeps the bowl down. You should be ashamed! Why are you doing all this? You have stooped so low while trying to make Urvashi look down. I know why you sent it. You dint like it as I dint eat anything for Urvashi’s sake. She tries toe xplain but he is in no mood to listen. If you were so concerned about me then you wouldn’t (he stops). Video plays in his mind again. I dint expect it from you but it isn’t a big thing for you to break my hopes! She says a sad shayari. Vin looks at her. She spills poha on the floor angrily. He recalls their time in childhood. She begins to go but he stops her. Why are you doing this? Siddhi never used to disrespect food. Why are

you doing this? What will you gain by all this? She replies that that Siddhi is dead. She died the day you broke her mangalsutra; the day you married Urvashi! You have done her last rites too. He takes her name angrily but she warns him against it. I wont be able to bear your high voice now! The girl standing in front of you had to be born again in the same birth because of you! Now she knows nothing about either love or pity. Saying so, she heads upstairs.

Urvashi is upset that no one asked her for food or water since morning. It is evening. I wonder why I said yes for this ritual!

Gauri is going outside stealthily holding a dustbin in her hand. Prachi asks her where she is off to at this hour. Gauri lies that it was stinking. Gauri pushes it closer to Prachi and lets her take it outside. Prachi gets suspicious of her.

Urvashi laments that her plan was something else whereas she is completely hungry like a beggar today. I will die because of hunger! Gauri tells her she brought food for her. Urvashi strangles her saying the dustbin has food. Gauri shows her. Urvashi hugs her happily and thanks her. Prachi looks at them from a distance. Gauri excuses herself. Prachi decides to teach Gauri a lesson for helping Urvashi. She calls Rajvir. Urvashi sits down to eat. She is about to take a bite when Rajvir comes there chanting Bam Bam Bholey loudly. Urvashi quickly hides the food. How come you are here? He tells her that he is glad to see her taking so much pain for her husband. Prachi mixes something in the food while they are talking. Rajvir hands her a mattress. You will have to sleep here for the coming 7 days. Eat quickly and sleep. You have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow. She nods. Rajvir goes.

Urvashi turns her attention back to food.

Prachi tells Siddhi everything. Rajvir seconds her. Siddhi says we wont be able to trap her completely till the time Gauri Bhabhi will support her. We have to break Urvashi’s support system first. Tomorrow we will have to do something because of which no one will be able to help her. Prachi shares that she and Rajvir have already started their plan. We mixed a medicine in her food because of which she wont be able to get up. Siddhi smiles.

Next morning, Urvashi is sleeping. Siddhi rings the bells loudly to wake her up. Urvashi glares at her. Don’t know what Champak Baba will make me do and this Siddhi is always after my life. She begins to feel dizzy. Siddhi smiles. This is Prachi and Rajvir’s plan. It will be very much fun today.

Rajvir keeps 7 plates in a step by step manner. He asks Urvashi to walk through them. Urvashi wonders why she can see 14 plates. Why are they dancing? She looks at everyone and sees double. She asks Shankar why there are 7 plates when the family members are 6. They all look at Siddhi. Siddhi gives her introduction. I am Biwi No. 1. Rajvir agrees that she is as much a part of the house as much as Urvashi is. Siddhi apologizes for coming late. What does Choti has to do today?

Rajvir explains the task to Urvashi. Make sure you leave none and the water does not spill. If you step out / water spills out then your relation with the person indicating the plate will be in problem. That person will have to help you afterwards. She is feeling dizzy and asks him what if that something happens. Siddhi remarks that she does not trust herself. How can she think of becoming Vin’s shield then? Rajvir replies that Urvashi will have to leave the house in that case. Manjari holds Urvashi. Are you fine? Urvashi nods. She looks at the plates again. My story will sink today. Siddhi thinks I will see how Urvashi will clear the dancing thaali challenge now.

Precap: Rajvir puts first plate in Shankar’s name. Urvashi trips and the water spills. Rajvir announces it to be inauspicious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I loved Siddhi and Vinayak scene alot…❤️😍 never thought she will throw the bowl.. 😯well done girl… 👍😘loved her reply too.🙂oh God when will end this Urvashi’s nautangi?😪

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode..I really don’t like that Urvashi’s scenes.. hope she will fail and leave the house forever…

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