Siddhi Vinayak 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra accepts Urvashi before his family

Siddhi Vinayak 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin, Siddhi, Rajvir and Prachi are on their way back home. Siddhi is worried as to why she dint hear from anyone. Rajvir asks Vin to call someone and ask him to print his photos with him. Vin assures him about it. Rajvir covers up saying that he too is going to be launched soon so it will do him good. Vin nods. Rajvir plays music. Prachi taunts Siddhi as to what is going on in Kundra Mansion these days. Someone makes someone wear an anklet or holds someone’s hand openly. Siddhi remembers those incidents. It means she knows everything. I must wind up this game before Vinu finds out anything. She scolds Prachi for being mad. Prachi reminds her she is her real sister too. No one knows you better than me. What’s going on between you two? Vin stops the car abruptly and asks Prachi about it. Prachi

dismisses it as nothing.

Urvashi thinks she was leaving but he asked me to stay. Why? What does he want? Rudra holds Urvashi’s hand and asks her to come with him. She is hesitant but goes with him worriedly. What if he beats me in his room?

Vin returns home. Siddhi wonders what might be happening here.

Gauri and Manjari see Rudra taking Urvashi to his room. Manjari wonders what he is up to.

Rudra closes the door of his room from inside. Urvashi is sure she wont be spared this time.

Manjari thinks I don’t know what he will do today. Vin asks her about it. Gauri cooks up an excuse. Vin notices Manjari’s wounds. How did you get hurt? She lies that she slipped. Rajvir takes Vin aside wanting to tell him something.

Manjari takes Siddhi with her. Prachi looks on. What’s going on in this house? These 3 ladies are certainly up to something. I will find out!

Rudra is drinking. He asks Urvashi to tell him everything about her. Urvashi says I told you. He corrects her and tells her to talk respectfully. She follows suit. She repeats everything again. Your mom brought me here to marry you.

Siddhi asks Manjari if she really thinks Rudra accepted his marriage with Urvashi. Manjari relates how he was so angry when he found out the truth but then he took her quietly to his room. Maybe he has accepted her.

Rudra makes Urvashi make a peg for him. She complies. He asks her how she will woo him. She says I will impress you with my dance and actions. He laughs. He plays music and asks her to showcase her talent.

Siddhi is unsure. You really think Urvashi’s dance and she herself will make him forget everything? Why dint he accept her openly then? I am sure we are mistaken somewhere. Manjari says the decision will be announced in a while. He will accept the relation in front of everyone if he has indeed accepted Urvashi! He will do so in today’s Maha-aarti itself.

Urvashi dances on an item song for Rudra. He looks on uninterestedly. He notices her wearing anklets and remembers gifting them to Siddhi. She hands them to him upon his insistence and then resumes dancing. You shouldn’t have gifted this dancer the gift that I had given to you! He thinks of how Siddhi and Manjari cheated him. Siddhi is Vinayak’s wife right? See what I will do now. You all have forced me to show my real avatar.

Everyone is doing puja. Rudra comes downstairs holding Urvashi’s hand. Gauri signals Manjari to look up. Manjari looks at them in shock. Prachi also makes Rajvir look up. Who is she? Rajvir too is clueless. Siddhi and Vin finish the puja. They turn and are surprised to see Rudra standing with a girl. Vin asks Rudra about her. Rudra shares that she is his wife. Vin, Rajvir and Prachi are taken aback. Siddhi and Manjari are gesture each other.

Vin is curious to know about Urvashi. How did this happen? Why dint you tell anyone? Manjari wonders what story to tell to Vin. Rudra turns to his mother. Tell him. Manjari makes a fake story. Vin is upset that even he wasn’t told. Manjari lies that Rudra dint want you to know. Vin angrily asks Rudra if he does not trust his brother. He calms down. I can even sacrifice my life for you. You could have told me once. Hug your brother now. Rudra hugs him. Congratulations. I missed seeing my brother in sherwani because of your secret wedding. I have lot of questions running in my mind but this is the time to celebrate. Take Bappa’s blessings before that. Rudra suggests seeing everyone’s blessing first. He calls Siddhi bhabhi and bends down to see her blessings followed by Vin. They both step back hesitantly. Rudra introduces Urvashi to Manjari. We wouldn’t have been together if it wasn’t for her! Bless us Ma. Manjari blesses them and gifts bangles to Urvashi. Stay happy always. Finally there is someone who loves my son! Let’s sleep on time today as it is visarjan tomorrow. Everyone leaves except Manjari and Siddhi. Manjari is thrilled to see their plan work but Siddhi still is suspicious of Rudra’s behaviour. I don’t think he has accepted Urvashi as his wife. Hope all the problems go away with visarjan.

Precap: Siddhi clears to Rudra that she never had, still does not have and will never feel anything towards him. At night, Vin and Siddhi are spending some quality time together when Rudra aims his gun at Vin. You cannot be anyone else’s if you cannot be mine! I will kill Vin today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Finally written update!…🙂
    Good episode…Rudra fully gone made…🙂
    He is planning something big against Siddhi…

  2. Nice precap…He never going to kill Vinu so easily…
    SidVi look so cute… waiting for tomorrow episode…

  3. My guess:
    Siddhi is going to get pregnant, then Rudra is going to show Vin that video of Urvashi (with Siddhi’s mask) getting intimate with Rudra.
    Vin will doubt wheter the child is his or Rudra’s, and Siddhi will be in trouble.

    1. Summer

      Oooh, good analogy! Possible! Either way, Siddhi has invited trouble onto herself. I do wonder though, Gauri had the opportunity to film Rudra on her phone abusing and threatening his mother, a footage is all that is needed to expose his character. But that would end the that can’t happen!

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