Siddhi Vinayak 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi determined to find a loophole

Siddhi Vinayak 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin comes home and notices Siddhi looking tensed. She asks him if he came in the room a while ago. He declines. Is everything alright? She has hazy memory of what she just experienced (of someone leaning over her). Vin thinks and tells her that he knows who it was. She asks him about it. He takes his own name and smiles. I came in your dream. She insists it isn’t a joke. Someone came in this room. I felt your touch. He hugs her. It is because you love me and I love you so much too. You wouldn’t have to miss me if Rudra had turned up at the shoot. He goes to change. Siddhi keeps wondering if it was her imagination or if someone did come in her room.

Rudra has made a collage of his and Siddhi’s photo. Technology is amazing. I am so close to you now Siddhi. I can make you restless. Someone knocks at his door. Rudra pretends to be in deep sleep. Vin checks him and realises he has high fever. Rudra sits up. I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Vin tries to get medicine for him but Vin says how can I be at peace knowing my brother is in pain. I will bring medicine. He walks out of the room. Rudra smiles as he pulls the water bag which he had kept under the pillow earlier. You are so stupid Vin Kundra! You buy whatever I sell (idea). I am ashamed to call you my brother!

Siddhi gets a text from Dadi – Kabeer Shekhawat was the owner of the car. Ma must have told him to steal my bag. He is certainly associated with Manjari Ma. She calls at the number in order to gain proof against Ma but then decides against it. I don’t know what Ma’s new plan would be. She recalls what Manjari Ma had said. I cannot understand her ever. Till now I thought she was doing all this so she could bring her real son in Kundra Mansion but I am sure it isn’t true. I believe Rudra must be in this game with Manjari Ma since long. Vin asks for medicines to give to Rudra. Siddhi thinks to meet Rudra to clear out her doubts on the pretext of giving him medicine. She tells Vin to rest as he has just come home. I will give medicine to Rudra. She realises that their photo is missing from the side table. He tells her that it must be somewhere here only.

Rudra imagines kissing Siddhi and she holding him in return. I was waiting for you only. He leans in for a kiss. His dream is broken because of the knock on the door. He starts his acting again. I am fine Vin. Don’t worry. I will take care of myself. Siddhi tells him it’s her. He is happy to see her and sits up immediately. He is again overwhelmed by her fragrance. She gives him medicine and sits down to chat with him. Rudra cooks a story. She thinks how he can hurt Vinu if he has been through so much in life. She still asks Rudra when exactly he met Manjari Ma. He replies that it was their first meeting in Kundra Mansion. She is curious to know when he found out that he is Manjari Ma’s son. Rudra gets alert. I am sleepy. Can I rest? She tells him to let her know if he needs anything. He happily agrees. She turns to go when he holds her hand. thank you for taking so much care of me. No one has done that for me before. She tells him it is ok. I will send turmeric milk for you. She leaves.

Siddhi thinks that going by her convo with Rudra it does not seem as if he has come here with any wrong intention. Plus he has been through so much. Life has been really hard on him. He did seem a bit uncomfortable though when I asked him about Manjari Ma.

Siddhi finds Vin sleeping and removes his shoes. She kisses him on his forehead and looks at him sweetly.

Rudra has put his and Siddhi’s photo in photo frame. Your fragrance is very different. Don’t know what magic it has. Manjari comes there. I heard you aren’t well. Did you take medicine? He thinks of Siddhi and tells her that she gave him medicine already. She gives him turmeric milk. He refuses to drink milk but she insists. Manjari closes the door. I don’t want Siddhi to come here when we are talking about taking care of Vin. He is too lost in the photo. She again asks him as to when he will kill Vin. I cannot see him for too long. I agree that the property is in my name as of now but it might not remain for forever. We will have to finish Vin asap. She finds him too lost in the photo and tries to snatch it out of his hand. It falls on the floor. He does not let her see it. It is Vin’s photo only. I will plan something soon. Now let me sleep. He lies down. She thinks it is very hard to explain to him but she has no choice. He is my son after all! Rudra smiles holding the photo.

Manjari is thinking what could be the reason behind Rudra taking his time to kill Vin. Siddhi is after me all the time. I have to think of something. She notices Siddhi praying there. Siddhi calls out to her. I was waiting for you only. Manjari is surprised to know that she understood her presence. Siddhi says Bappa told me. I wanted to ask you something. You have met Rudra earlier as well right? I understood the meaning behind your words finally when I saw him. You want to kill Vinu for Rudra right? Manjari replies that she is smart but not smarter than her. You might find all your answers but you cannot harm me. Vin only respected me in the beginning but now he treats me like God. You may try as much as you want, Vin will not lose his devotion even a bit! He will never trust you. Can I pray now if you got your answers? Siddhi looks upset. She walks away murmuring to herself. Vinu will surely trust once he finds out what all you are up to. How to find out what connection Ma and Rudra share? I have to find out about Kabeer. He must know something.

Precap: Siddhi and Vin take blessings from someone. He blesses them when he notices a shadow looming on them. He drops his pot. Who is this shadow? Rudra is standing right behind them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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