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Hi this is Ruksy I have been a reader of all the amazing ffs and oss. I’ve had an idea for quite a while now and I thought of writing it down so here it is. Please forgive me if you think I have wasted your time with my crazy idea. So here it goes. Please ignore all the grammatical errors.
Everything is sorted out in Oberoi mansion and om has found out about chulbul/gauri’s truth and has forgiven her and they are staying together as a couple. 

Gauri and Annika think they are sisters because anika had a younger sister who she used to call chutki who was also called gauri. Gauri remembers that she had an older sister who was 4 years older than her. Same age gap between Annika and gauri. Starts with a conversation between Annika and Gauri about the past.
Annika- I had a younger sister called gauri and I used to call her chutki.
Gauri- I don’t think I’m the only gauri. I did have an older sister but I don’t remember anything about her
All I remember is that she was 4 years older than me.
Annika- it’s a crazy thought but…….it could be possible that we are sisters.
What’s even crazier is that you have the same birth mark on your left arm as chutki had.
Gauri- I’m sorry but I just don’t believe my sister would be alive. She along with the rest of my family  died in an accident.

Annika- at the age of 9 I survived an accident that my family didn’t.
Gauri- I’m sorry to let you down but I still say that all the things we share in common is just a coincidence.
Annika- just for my satisfaction could we do a DNA test……please
Gauri- ok just to prove that it’s nothing more than a coincidence.
Omkara is at a doctors clinic booking himself a blood test as the doctor said that he is low on some vitamins .
Receptionist- what can I do for you sir
Om- I would like to book a blood test for this afternoon please.
Receptionist- that will be a bit difficult because we are fully booked. How about tomorrow morning
Om- that will be fine.

Back at OM
Gauri- can we go this afternoon so we can get it over and done with.
Annika- I really would like to but I have to go and pick up sahil from school. I promised him I would and we would go get some ice cream together.
Gauri- how about tomorrow morning then….
Annika- ok that should be fine.
Next day. Morning of blood test and DNA test.
At the same xyz doctors clinic. 
gauri- (thinking) is this even necessary. But what if she really is my niku di. But she can’t be. Anyway

Annika- gauri……gauri…..where are you lost
Gauri- oh sorry I was just thinking about something
Annika- let’s go now .
Annika-I would like to do a DNA test doctor
Doctor- sure if you could wait 10 minutes while i get this other patient sorted.
In the doctors room.
Omkara- I’m here for my blood test.
Doctor-yes take a seat
…( the doctor takes Omkara’s blood sample for the blood test)….
Doctor- after 3 days the report will be delivered to your home.
Omkara- thank you doctor.
After 10 mins.
Miss Annika you may come inside now with Miss gauri.
Annika- sure
Doctor- I will need to collect your blood samples miss Annika and you too miss gauri.
Annika-(thinking) I’m scared of needles but I’ll do this to get back my chutki. (to doctor) I’m ready.
…(the doctor collected Annika’s and gauri’s blood samples for the DNA test)…
Doctor- the DNA reports will be ready after 3 days. Would you like to collect it or are you happy for it to be delivered.
Annika-I would be happy for it to be delivered.
After Annika and gauri have left.
Doctor- nurse here is the blood sample of Mr omkara singh oberoi for a blood vitamin level test and this is the blood samples of Mrs Annika shivaay singh oberoi and Mrs gauri omkara singh oberoi for a DNA test.
Nurse- ok doctor I’ll send the to the lab just now.
After doctor has left.
NURSE – what test was for who…….it must have been Mrs Annika shivaay singh oberoi for the blood vitamin level test and the other 2 for DNA test. Yes that must be right.
After 2 days at OM.
(Doorbell rings Annika goes and opens s it)
Man at the door- Good morning here I have the DNA and blood test reports for Mrs Annika shivaay singh oberoi Mrs gauri omkara singh oberoi and Mr omkara singh oberoi.
Annika- ok thanks I will take them.
(The man hands over the reports)
Annika asks a maid to call om to get his blood test results. (He comes along with gauri)
Annika- om here is your blood test report you can take a look at it. Gauri the DNA reports are back.

Gauri- open it then. Doesn’t it show all was just a coincidence.
Annika- (excited) the DNA matched, you are my chutki. But wait……
Om- Annika Babhi why is your name on the blood test instead of mine…..
Annika- and why is yours there on the DNA reports instead of mine .
Gauri- they must have tested the wrong blood fot the wrong thing. But that means…….
ANNIKA- but how is that possible.

(Jhanvi comes there)
Jhanvi- what’s wrong om why are you Shouting.
Jhanvi- om there’s something which was hidden from you all. Rudra was swapped at birth with a girl when we found out it was too late.
(Om and gauri at the same time)

Omkara and gauri wake up both screaming NOOOOOOOO
Then when they realise they just woke up first om stops screaming then gauri dies and gauri is the first to speak.
Gauri- omkara ji did you have the same dream or shall I say nightmare as I did.
Omkara- thank God it was just a dream.
Gauri- what was your dream about
Om- Rudra got swapped at birth and you were my sister.
Gauri- weirdly I had the same dream.
(Because of om and gauri’s Shouting Jhanvi was woken up as she was in the room next door and she came there)
Jhanvi- what happened to you twice why were you Shouting.
Om- nothing ma it was just a nightmare.
Gauri- thank God it was just a nightmare.

Jhanvi- ok go back to sleep and let me sleep.
Hey I’m done with this completely stupid update. I probably wasted your time but once again please forgive me. If it was that bad please tell me so I can never write again and stick to reading them instead.
Do tell me how you found my idea.

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