Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 2

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Episode 2

Swara’s POV

In these 11 and half years, I am convenient in my vapid life moreover it is arraying a veil over my sorrows. I am not blaming anyone because I am responsible for my fate… I calmly knocked the door and Rubina gave me a warm welcome. She is my old college friend and a physician too. She introduced me to the rooms and left for work as she has the night duty . Without a shower or else having food I spilled some liquor into the glass and gulped a mouth in the lack of water or soda. Desire is commanding me more and how can withstand it??? Tell me … Sometimes later I surrender to the bed seemed like a paranormal power was dragging me towards it. And when I arrived to my present again, the time was 9:30. I just brushed and washed my face. Unfortunately the drink was over and when I am in addiction I don’t know something different is happening in me. Something like romantic…….

My foot touched earth from the 22nd floor in search of the addiction. Suddenly I noticed a girl wearing school uniform sitting nearby fountain in front of the flat. Her school bag was leaning beside her leg. Hmm I think she cutted the class. I sat beside her and keenly observed that lil doll. She was crouching her face…. Drops are emerging from that small eyes. Suddenly she felt someone’s presence near her…. She peeped at me. I slowly creeped towards her. She again cross eyed me for a while. I forwarded my movements again and again. Now there is a single hair difference left between us……..
Kya???….. She furiously asked me….. Ohh so she is an Indian.

“Hmm so you are an Indian citizen”

She looked at me disdainfully ?……”No I am a Canadian citizen with Indian origin”

“Interesting”, I murmured “And why are you crying”…..

She stared at the floor again. I wrapped her with my both hands and kissed on one of her small cheek. Suddenly she hugged me and sobbed badly. I started to feel something different, a different emotion which I never felt. I also wrapped her that’s why I don’t wanted to let myself free from this happiness. We don’t know how much time we remained like that ….. “Papa taunted”…….. At last an incomplete sentence originated from her side. I raised her chin….. “Tell me what do you did??? I know he won’t scold you in the lack of a reason”…..

She again cross eyed like a culprit and now I could feel Mom’s presence in her…..”And you postponed ur classes urself”……. Now I’m unaware bt I was a lil bit angry. I interrogated like a Mom and she also frightened of my deeds……”Nothing I just cooked the breakfast and that’s why he scolded me”…

Obliviously I asked about the 3rd person

“And ur Mom?? ”

She nodded no without any hesitation….”I don’t know”….

Our conversation ceased, now nothing appropriate left between us for asking and saying. Lakhs of questions r arriving. Whether both are separated or else she is no more. Anyway I don’t wanna ask anything might be it will harm her badly.

I stood on my knees and cupped her cheeks……”Beta u r the only one for him so he scolded you.”…..
Her innocent rythmless nodding…..means willingly and unwillingly led me a huge peak of smile after epochs.
The thing I got surprised was she doesn’t identified me. She asked my name…
“Anyway who is ur fav musician”
She gave me a digesting answer.
“And who is ur favorite Indian musician”
Her eyes were widened and I had seen the rays of fear inside it…….”? Indian Singers!!! music!!!”
She showed a disgusting look.
“Eeehhh how nasty it is”
Her spontaneous reply charged me and I turned a burning sphere. Nasty!!!! She is saying that our Indian music is nasty, which have longest tradition of epochs. These foriegn music is nothing in front of ours…… “Who taught you this rubbishness”…….

“Paapa”…… After all who is that scoundrel??. Ohh my God he is bringing up the child through the wrong way. Come on Swara u r in the mission of bringing her the right path…..”You doesn’t replied yet, tell me what is your name”……

“Swara and yours???”

“? Sia r u exploring Canada?? “…….

I willingly nodded and she raised a hand of friendship towards me….”Are you living in this apartment ??”

I said yes

Sia: which floor???

“22 B n u??”

Sia: well mine 23K

The formal introduction was over. Offo my whole body was feeling gummy. Why??? coz I bathed the day before yesterday……feeling awkward ???.

I rushed to bath and she followed me…..”Will you please wait for me, I wanna change “…….She excused and left then came back in half an hour. She was wearing a Blue Jeans and blue top and I got ready in a jungle green knee length sleeveless dress…..”You seems to be an Angel”…… I just smiled cz these typical appreciations are the part of my life. She raised a tiffin box in front of me…… “Please taste it Paapa doesn’t tasted just a bit???”……… I stood on my knees, carresed her hair and cupped that small small cheeks……”Okay I’ll, but it is not meant that I am encouraging you coz you are too small”……… She cutely nodded and I ate a lil bit initially, actually I was very hungry. Omg I am astonished when I found out something about the food. It was resembled like Daadi’s… Far away from my nation and how is it possible!!!!!!
“Who who taught you this??”

“Nothing I learned it from YouTube”

It was full of Marwari dishes. My long last questions naa……. R u Marwari???……… She nodded yes.

Sia: n u also???

Me: half

Sia: Half means??

“Maa is Bengali and Papa is Marwari”
Our rapid fire sections were long lastly running and we started to arrange things from my baggage. Sometimes later she found out an empty bottle of votka
“Do you booze??? ”

My voice showed it’s laziness to show off itself….. “Hmmm nahi bilkul nahi”……

Sia: Then this bottle???

I moved my arms in several manners….. “woh woh”……suddenly a bulb flashed and I showed my raising finger………”Art and crafts ??mmm “……I sighed for a while and repeated the words more than a time….. “Art and crafts Art and crafts”…….. Why Swara??? why??? Whole world knows that you are a full time drunkard then why??? What is this kid’s extra ordinary speciality?? I don’t know but she’s something special for me……”K will you guide me I wanna explore Ottawa”……She accepted my humble request but……
“Angel I am tottally in blue please wear a Blue dress na please”……. Her eyes were shortened and she is begging in front of me. But a formal blue dress was absent in my wardrobe…… “Angel y don’t you use this Indian attire, it will b nice on you”………. She showed me a long blue full sleeve kurta with some golden embroidery on it’s one side chest…… “Beta this is abroad and how can I ??!!!”

Sia: Angel this is not our course u r right this is abroad n here people are living only for them, not for anyone’s conduct certificate.

Wow I am again and again surprising.Her thoughts are really amazing. She know the society very well and I did what she said. I wore the kurta with sandal color churidar and duppatta. Did a light make up. She was collecting and giving me the jewelries from my jewel box……… “Angel these these jhumkas”……

“Kk”, I said. I know this is not a traditional function but I am liking to dance with her rythm.
“Sia when I was in my previous attire you called me Angel now what do you want to call me”………

I asked just for fun but…… “Woh woh” …… She crouched her and I raised her chin……. “What??”…….
I asked with a grin…..”Mumma I wanna call you Mumma”…… I was just shocked, it was really unexpected. Mumma!!! Impossibles are turning possibles. My thoughts led me to my past and she pocked me. Then held her earlobes…… “I am really sorry but I swear I don’t repeat it. My imaginary Mumma resembles like you so I did.. Look look Sia is sorry”……
I forbid her like a train is leaving the station without me…… “No no please call me once more”…… Minutes ago she gave me a typical appreciation but this 100 times valuable than them.

Mumma mumma mumma she repeated billions of times and I was at the peak of rejoice.
“Ok Mumma I will call u Mumma in this room, if my Paapa will ear it, he will slay me”……..

And we rided through the narrow roads, shopped and ate together and much more. And when I gifted her some things which she denied due to her Dad.

“Your Dad is rude and stubborn na”

Sia: Don’t say a word against my Dad ?? yeah I will disobey him, will fight with him but I won’t let anyone to harm him. You know what , he is the best best best Dad in the world.

?? she burst out at me. I just called him rude and stubborn and she s gonna kill me. Due to my sad expression she raised my chin…..” Angel it is not your fault. All are afraid of him. Calling him rude,but solely I know he innocent and sensitive.”

Then she glared at far away roof of the flat and said……..”There is someone in this world who burst his heart and he lost the trust about him also. Who ever he/she is, I won’t pardon her??”.

Her decisiveness, the point of view about her Dad, the mannerism which she is using to talk all are creeping my soul towards her like I have to know more about this girl. ……..”Angel I have to go, it is coming to 7 o clock and he will come soon”……..
I stood on my knees and gave her a good night kiss.

Sia: kal kab milenge??? Can I cut the class??

I pinched her hand…… “Don’t cut the class okay…..,Meet me at the evening”

She ran to her flat….. Sia……
I called her, she retrospect
“What??? Angel”

“Kuch nahi”…….I nodded no. Might be I am still desiring to be with her. She left with giving me a cute smile.

I am the only person in this yellowish light filled corridor.
He again proposed me, my lonliness…….Come on Swara marry me……….

Unwantedly I said…….” K make me yours”…….. and we both went to my flat.

Ragini named me……

Ragini :Where are you???

Me: In Ottawa, Canada

Ragini: Hmm alright, How many bottles finished till now

Me: Not just a drop Ladoo

Rag: I won’t trust you

Me: How are they??? Maa Paapa,Mom, Dad , Bm, Bp, Lucky

Rag: All are fine, go to sleep okay. I am going

Me: Ladoo please please talk a lil more

Rag: Stupid this is ISD
Me: You tight-fisted?? then y r u calling me???

Rag: Cz I am the only individual who knows everything.

Then a couple of minutes of silence

Rag: Stop boozing and go to sleep

Me: Noo Ladoo not just a dro……. ???kaat diya.

I checked the bottle. Yeah I hadn’t boozed today

That empty vodka bottle asked me “Swara, how was your day without me???”

I said with my tear filled eyes


To be continued………

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  1. Simi

    I’m loving this ff… Sia is bringing changes in swara’s life???

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you Simi n how are you

      1. Simi

        Good.. ?

  2. Seebu_s

    awesome dear

    1. Manjula20

      Thank dear where are you from? ?

  3. To amazing awesome

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      Thank you for your comments dear

  4. Phoniex

    Beautiful loved it so so much. Swara is a drunkyard oh god

    1. Manjula20

      Yeah she is, but she isn’t addicted but only for Sanskars presence

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you so much dr

  5. Mica

    damn it it’s too awesome Manu.. uughhh you always bring 3rd person for my Swasan… but this time more intense than the first one…

    1. Manjula20

      So Mica like Sia More than Aryan right

  6. Awesome…. loving it

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear I think you’re a die hard fan of Helly

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear for ur encouragement please keep reading

  7. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

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  8. awesome you are back

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      Thank you Swnju Happy to see you back

  9. nice one..continue

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you so much Kumu

  10. Arshaanya

    Y u alwyz sho swasan so old???
    In last ff dey were seprated for 10yrs
    N here 11n hlf???
    Nyc chappy

    1. Manjula20

      Sorry dr this is just a story arrived in my mind and I like love after marriage it might be mujhe kabhi pyar nahi hua so…..
      N I swear they will be young in my nxt ff

      1. Arshaanya

        Ya me 2 like love aftr marriage bt y u sprte dem aftr marg for so long dan show dere love… u can show dere story aftr dere mrg na…
        Bt no worries was jus askin…
        Wud love to read dis also ??

  11. Shifa96


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