Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 18

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Episode 18

This sweet home is sobbing silently. Due to the horrible fact, this cage is soon to be empty. They are going forever with leaving some sweet and bitter memories in it’s account. But before it come on we will peep to the happenings occurring here. Nowadays this house became weird. Several instances are occurring here with some hidden intentions. New friendships, romance, hatred, melodrama, conspiracy something something. Come let’s gonna peep. Ram easily mingled with SwaSan,. During they were talking Rivanya also arrived. Shivanya was really surprised to see Swara there.

“Swara Gadodia ?? r u real omg r u real.”

Rit: Shiva stop it this is not our house and she is a celebrity. Keep manners you got it.

Swa: No no sir please don’t consider me as a celebrity. I’m an ordinary human being.

Sanskar interfered.

“Nice to meet you Mr Suryavanshi. You know me right ?

Rit: Yes off course. We did that video chatting.Nice to meet Mr Maheshwari.

San: Ok I will introduce you to my family. Meet Swara she is my ex cum would be wife.

Shiv: Means you are Swara’s hubby?? I read an article in social media and your MMS… Uff sorry…

Ritik gave her a death glare. Swara side hugged Sanskar like a seductress and gazed him passinnately.

“No I am Sanskar Maheshwari’s wife. And don’t be sorry Shivanya. I am really really glad if my name is merged with his.

Ram: Aunty Uncle you both are looking perfect. ??…

Swara liked his compliment. She kissed him and stroked his cheeks. That compliment was showering over her like a blissful rain.

“Thank you cutie.”

Ritik: Anyway Mam this naalayak is my son.

Swa: Who is naalayak he is super cute brilliant.

Sia: Everybody forgot Sia ??.

Swara kneeled and kissed Sia’s both cheeks.

“Aww sorry sorry my Princess. Mumma is sorry… Shivanya, she is my daughter.”

Shiv: Really Swara!!! Your daughter??? But you are….. uff.

She again bited her tongue.

Swa: Shivanyaa don’t be sorry. We were divorced and I was expecting Sia. Then our misunderstandings, her custody something something. But now we all are united.

Ritik: Thanks for sharing Mam.

Shiv: We will pray for your togetherness and after all you both are blessed with such a beautiful Angel.

Shivanya stood on her knees and applied a kaala teeka.

“Tumhe meri bhi nazar na lage.”

Ritik: Ok Mr Maheshwari..

Sans: What is this Mr, Suryavanshi now we are family friends and do you really wants to continue these formalities. You can call me Sanskar.

Rit: Obliviously you can call me Ritik.

Swa: Aur yeh Mam vam nahi chalega. You can call me Swara.

Shiv: Ok Swara Shall I ask you something.

Swa: Why not ask me.

Shiv: Did you heard actress Chandni’s affair news.

Swa: With that cricter??

Shiv: No no with a Tollywood actor.

Swa: Haaa?? means she left that cricter also?? I knew it. Hey you know something. She used to share bed with her makeup man.

Shiv: ?? omg. I know a girl like this in Kolkata. You are also from there na. Do you know that Neha Khurana ??.

Swa: You mean that bulb eyed crook blo*dy item girl??.

Swara looked at Sanskar angrily. He remembered Neha about how she used to trap him. Swara’s biggest foe.

Ragini also joined them.

Rag: Arrey she divorced her 4th hubby right?? ?

Maanik poked Ragini and whispered with pointing at Shivanya.

“Do you know her.”

Rag: No but I know that Neha hmmm??.

Shiv: Yeah this was what I wanted to reveal…..

Swara flogged Ragini.

“You stupid you never told me ??.???

The trio men sighed by seeing the gossip column.

Maanik: Chalo we don’t have any role here.

Sans: Swara, what type of a host u r ?? Don’t you have any intention to welcome them inside.??

Swa: Uff Sorry Shiva come in…..

They all were left. Suddenly Sanskar tugged Swara’s hands.

“Sanskar leave me. Look all are here.”

Sans: Stop it and tell me about your cooked up stories. How could you tell them that Sia is our daughter.

Swara suspiciously glanced him.

“Are you still denying me to accept as her mother.”

Sans: No Swara I didn’t meant that.You uttered them that you were expecting. I am sure that this is the exact lie which you gonna reveal to everybody but just think Swara how could you say that. You said that you were expecting. Leave our family members. They deserted you but you are a celebrity and everybody knows you. You lived right?? I mean b4 starting your career.

Swa: Yup.

Sans: That’s what I’m saying. Uss vaqt mein kitne log tumhe dekhe honge. Na jaane kitne logon ke saath tumhaari mulaakaat hui hogi.

Swara broke the hug and smirked.

“Are you really thinking that I am fool?????”

Sanskar scrabbled his head.
“Swara I am not brilliant like you please clarify me.”

Swa: Sanskar, I keenly examined and calculated the time period. It was a normal delivery right??

Sans: Yes.

Swa: Sanskar after that scoundrel’s betrayal, he wanted to kill me. I faced several deadly attacks more than 20 times. Therefore for my safety I used to live inside a burqa for 2 years. Post 2 years I started to attend several auditions and I became popular within a snapping period. So you don’t worry none knows me. We are secure.

Sanskar clapped…”You are amazing.”

Swara blushed.
“I know”
She started to remove his shirt buttons ??.
Suddenly they heard Sia crying and coming to them

Swa: Wha wha what happened Princess.

Sia:?? Mumma this Ram is hankering me about Golgappa. I didn’t had it. Mumma Mumma bana dho na??.

Swa: huuuh is this the matter. Koi baat nahi we will prepare it now. You know what?? Your Maasi is an expert in it. She learned it from our street’s Golgappa seller. Chalo

Sia: My cute Mumma???

Laksh’s POV

I seated there lonely. This unwanted visit, I am an unwanted guest. Here everybody is happy Sanskar, Maanik??, that married couples and their son. Sanskar, at last what had you done?? Tell me that secret mantra to become happy. If you are damn happy then why don’t you come back. Your parents also will be happy. The cold war between me and Sanskar is still running with the same momentum. I’m the accussed, responsible for Uttara’s terrible death. I slayed both my son and sister in the same road accident. But Ragini and my family doesn’t accused me. Might be they were cursing me inside. But Sanskar is like an open book. He showered the great bunch of allegations over me. Both of us didn’t wanted to calls of the war. Both are Maheshwaris you know?? Perhaps Sanskar, you forgot your parents especially your Mom. I couldn’t see her tears so I came here with pawning my self esteem. But you are midst of rejoice. You became blind with this unexpected rejoices.

“You want some.”

A cute girl approached me with reminding my Pappu. I just wanted to save myself from that scary memories.

“No thanks you can go now.”

I said with putting an annoying expression.

Sia: Ohh hello I’m not a waitress. Do you understand ??. “You can go now”…bada aaya mujhe bhagaanewala??. Who are you to commanding me??.

I ignored her and stared out.

“Excuse me actually I wanna ask this question. Who are you”

??Vaidehi!!!! ?? OMG yeh kahaan se aa gaya??. I eloped from her for some peace and she followed me here also.

Sia: Seriously???, you are in my home and also questioning me?.
Vaidehi whispered in my ears, “Laksh I think she is that old maid’s granddaughter.

Who is this arrogant girl. Look at her arrogance, talking like Sanskar’s daughter.?? nonsense.

Sia: Why are you scoffing at me??? ??

Vai: You servant’s daughter stay in your limits.

I don’t remember anything, just witnessed Vaidehi like she lost her birds. A big slap, actually she deserves this but the donor of that tight slap was??? Swara….
Is she here??? Means!!! Are they united???

“Zubaan sambhalkar baat karo ?? varna agli baar zinda rehne ki laayak nahi bachegi”

Vai: You blo*dy singer??. You slapped me.

?? I like it next slap given by Ragini.

“Mind your words, she’s my sister.”

Suddenly Sanskar interfered.

“What’s going on here. You want to know na who is she??? Then hear it with open ear. She is our daughter.

Swara and Sanskar hugged her.

“Sia Sanskar Maheshwari
Daughter of Sanskar Maheshwari and Swara Sanskar Maheshwari”

Manik and other 3 was shocked to witness this drama. I’m also shocked omg their daughter!!! I have to find out the truth.

Swa: Yes she is our daughter aur shaayad tumhaara khandaan ki iklauta warris.

Then she turned towards Vaidehi.

“You don’t know that you tried to hurt this king cobra??. I noticed you initially also. Your day dreams gonna ruin?? kyunki iss baar tumhaari doli mandap se nahi utegi dekh lena.”

Swara left and everybody also one by one except Sia. Her mocking giggle???…
??? she stroked my reddish cheeks.

“Paining right???. Who told you to bad mouth me.”

“badtameez”, I muttered.

Sia: ??? haa you called me badtameez??. You know I am my Paapa’s coral emerald topaz and Gudiya ??. Mumma’s Princess. Maanik uncle’s butterfly and Maasi’s puppy.

Puppy!!! Pappu !!! Why she is calling this stupid girl Puppy??. Yeah I am also feeling something like that. Those pranks, those same joys, my feelings are forcing me to hug this kid but the satanic ego made a Berlin wall amid us. And after all where is she?? Where is my son. No no she is not like my Pappu.

“Maanik no no ?? I can’t eat no more. You worn.”

Raginii!!! How could you??? You are so happy. You aren’t bothered about my presence. Here I am tensed about what will you feel post spotting me with Vaidehi but you are… This flirty guy is flirting with my wife. Eating Golgappa together. She never talked with me. My heart is pulling itself outside due to a specific feeling. What was that???

The dragon girl poked me.

“Perfect jodi na??”

Me: Not so much perfect ??.

Sia: They are too adorable. Not like you and that Dakini??. ?? but my Maasi n u can make an awesome jodi. She is so cute therefore she is looking good with every handsome hunks.

Me: ?? really.

Sia: Yeah but? sochna bhi mat Maasi hai meri.

Me: You dragon shut up ???.

She started fake crying. Nautangibaaz hmm??. That boy rushed to us by hearing her crying.

“What happened Sia kisi ne kuch kaha hai kya???”

Eeeehhh I am fed up with this caretakers. Kabhi Swara kabhi Sanskar kabhi Ragini kabhi Maanik?? kabhi kabhi her pet dog. Everybody is barking at me for this badtameez girl??. And now this little guy.
He whispered something in her ears and her eyes widened in rejoice ??.

“U are a dragon.”

She giggled at me. ?? how cute it was. No no Laksh she is your foe?.

“Thank you Ram☺☺”

Ohh interesting Sia Ke Ram. They can make a cute couple. He is her protector you know. I swear he never ever let her tears come out. My daughter and son in law??. I love her but I like to tease her.
Enraged Vaidehi furiously approached me and demanded to live the flat. Sia again started crying but it was true this time.

“Please don’t go Dinosaur please ?????. Sia will feel bad.”
She hugged me. Poor girl her height reached till my waist. I also wanted to stay there but who will support me. This is my own brother’s home. But my self respect ??. I want my previous brother back. His love, the same care. And this Maanik??. I want to observe his doings. If he misbehaved with my Ragini?? then.

“Rukna Laksh please.”
It was Swara, she is one who is supporting me here. She has the problem only with Vaidehi. And Sanskar was also supporting her but why??? Ragini was feeling awkward by my presence. Maanik?? was least bothered about my presence and absence. He was playing with the kids and most important thing was……. I’m happy about RagSan’s presence. Do you know Vaidehi left me with breaking the alliance. ???.

Swara’s POV.

I forcefully made Laksh sit for dinner. RagSan are peeping at Laksh. Both of them wanted to be friendly with him.
Lucky and Gudiya started fighting for silly matters.

Lak: Dragon that juice is mine give it to me.

Sia: No no snatch it if you can ???.

Me: Sia why did you suggested him to stay here if you want to fight.

Ram: Aunty it is simple. For fighting…

Sia: Beware of me Dinosaur ??.

The masti is lasting but I didn’t expected that the next episode was saving something horrible for me ???.

To be continued…….

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