Shubharambh 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani get rejected by Bharat Hasija

Shubharambh 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja and Rani come to the competition area. They call the manager and ask about the results. The manager says results are in the sealed envelope and only Hasija sir will announce the results so you will have to wait. Rani ends the call. they come inside the venue to see people around. Rani sees a modern girl sitting and going through a magazine. She tells Raja that let’s mingle around. Raja sits with the men. Rani comes to the modern and says hi I am Rani Reshammiya, we took part in the competition too. The girl says I am Mehika Raichand. Raja meets a geeky guy and says I am Raja Reshammiya, the guy says you are wearing the wrong shoes. Your shoes are not aligned with your body, you should change them before it’s late. Raja is confused. Rani asks Mehika if she is reading the shoes related book? Mehika says I have done a course from France to make shoes. The manager Suresh comes there and says we will have Bharat Hasija soon, he is the main organizer. He is a successful man but is down to earth. He has made India proud and has given shoes a new identity. He has brought shoe art from every corner of India to the world. He is coming here to announce three teams that have been selected for the competition. Bharat arrives there and welcomes everyone. Raja and Rani smile seeing him. Mehika smiles too. Bharat says I am Bharat Hasija, I welcome you all in this competition. I just want to say that this is my dream and I want to give a chance to people who want to do something new and are talented. I believe that India has the most talented people in the world and I want to bring it to the world. He asks Suresh to announce the finalists’ list. Rani tells Raja that he is down to earth and will like our designs. Suresh announces the teams that were selected. Rani is tensed to not hear their names. Mehika gets selected too. Suresh says the number 10 and the last team is.. Raja.. Rampal shoes. Raja and Rani are hurt to know that they were not selected. Bharat says if you were not selected then try next time. Rani says how couldn’t they select us? Raja says we can talk to Bharat sir. Rani sees him on a call. Raja says listen to us one minute. Bharat says I am on a call. Rani says you can’t even hear us a minute? We have worked hard. Bharat ends the call. Rani says we have the right to know what we did wrong, this is our dream that we will fulfill with our talent, I feel there was biasedness with us. You are a judge so you should tell us our mistakes too. Bharat takes their file and glares at Rani. He says you think we are not doing our work? Do you think we don’t know from where you stole the designs? He shows them the magazine from where Rani took the designs to show to her father. He says you people directly copied designs from the magazine and thought to fool us? You can’t lecture me with your words when you are not honest. We are selfless and not biased in our judging. You can leave now. He angrily leaves. Raja and Rani look on.

Scene 2
Darshna asks Gunvant if he wants to eat something? He says no. Kritida cries. Darshna says we can call Kesha and ask her if she is fine. Gunvant says whoever talks to Kesha will have to leave this house. Kritida puts her phone back and cries.

Rani tells Raja that this all happened because of me, I gave those designs to our father. Raja says it’s both our mistakes. Bharat is leaving so Rani stops in front of him and says we are sorry, we didn’t know that taking someone’s design is stealing. Please give us a chance. We will not repeat the same mistake. Bharat angrily tells them that this is misbehaving. Rani sits in his car with him and says give us a chance once, this competition is very important. Bharat says if you don’t leave my car then I will take strict action. Rani sadly gets out of the car. Rani wipes her tears.

Scene 3
Kesha is sleeping in Utsav’s house. Utsav’s mother murmurs she is still sleeping. Utsav brings water from the colony hydrant. He asks Kesha to wake up. Kesha murmurs to bring coffee for me. He says wake up. Kesha is surprised to see around. Utsav says you will have to go out to take a shower, I have brought some toiletries. Kesha says I will have to go out to take a shower? Utsav says yes. He brings her to a line of the shower. Kritida comes there. Kesha cries and runs to her. They both hug and cry. Kesha says take me from here, I want to go back home. Kritida says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Utsav leaves from there.

Rani tells Raja that we always lose at the end. She tells God that you don’t want to help us? Raja says this is wrong. Rani says you think I am wrong? Raja says I didn’t say that. I think God will help us. They see a flower falling near them as a blessing. They hear a girl on the call. The girl cries and says I have got these heels matching my lehenga, I won’t listen to your mom. She ends the call and looks at her heels. She cries silently. Raja and Rani look on. Rani gives her a tissue. The girl says I use expensive tissues only. Rani says it will help you wipe your tears. The girl takes the tissue. Rani asks if she is worried? The girl says tomorrow is my wedding and I have to reach the parlor but these sandals are hurting my feet. I can’t change these sandals as my lehenga is matching these. Rani looks at the sandals. The girl says my fiance Anuj is waiting too. I have dieted so much and now I can’t wear heels. Raja says then you can wear flats. Rani says he is my husband Raja, boys don’t know the pain of heels. The girl says Anuj asked me to wear flats too, I wanted to cancel the wedding. Rani taunts at Raja that boys don’t understand our pain. Raja says I understand the girl’s pain. Rani says then prove you understand my and her pain.. the girl says I am Sweety Singhania. Rani asks Raja to take her pain away. Raja takes the sandals and says I will make these fine in 2 hours without anyone’s help. You can go to the parlor in the meantime. Rani looks on.

PRECAP – Asha asks Raja where is Rani? Rani comes there dressed for the function. Rani says how can Raja go alone to bring Ganpath inside? We can be miffed with each other but anger is shown to our own people only. Raja smiles at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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