Shubharambh 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Mihir’s past is revealed

Shubharambh 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a beggar asking Dr.Doshi to help him with money as he is hungry and injured too. Dr. Doshi pours wine on his injury and tells that his doing will work as a medicine for him. He goes. Rani watches everything from far and asks the beggar if he is fine. He says the guy was strange. Rani thinks who was he? Dr. Doshi comes to the hospital and asks Nurse if she needs popcorn. Nurse tells peon that Mihir sir came. Dr. Doshi sees peon throwing chewing gum on the floor and asks him to pick it. The peon says he didn’t see dustbin and that’s why. He is about to pick the thrown thing using tissue papers. Dr. Doshi stops him and asks him to pick it with his mouth. Peon is forced to pick it with his mouth. Dr. Doshi smiles and says you didn’t get the dustbin so take it inside your dustbin. He forces peon to swallow it and asks him to use his own dustbin next time. Rani asks who is he? Nurse informs her that he is Dr. Doshi. Rani recalls Doctor telling that they have called Dr. Doshi, consultant neurosurgeon. She thinks if he is going to do Raja’s operation and gets worried.

Rani comes to Utsav and tells everything. Utsav says we shall find out about him. Rani says I shall meet him once. Dr. Doshi asks Nurse to ask Patient’s relative to meet him and stop the ladies outside, as they will cry and do drama. Rani hears him and says she didn’t like his thinking. Nurse says she is Mrs. Rani. Dr. Doshi turns towards Rani. Rani doesn’t identify her as he is wearing mask. He gets angry seeing her and asks Nurse to go out. Nurse goes out. Dr. Doshi removes his mask. Rani is shocked to see him. He recalls Rani slapping him and rejecting his love. She says you….A fb is shown again, Rani is coming back from college, when some goons trouble her. Rani scolds them. The goons ask her to beat him. Mihir Doshi comes there and slaps them. They get shocked. He asks who is she? The goons say bhabhi. Mihir says if you tease your bhabhi again then I will drag you and take you to the chauraha. They say sorry and leave. He asks Rani to become his girlfriend. Rani says she is not interested and goes. Mihir thinks their love story is hit. Rani is talking to her friend and asks her to teach her a problem. When Mihir messages her, wishing her happy valentine’s day and asking her to come out of her house. Rani thinks don’t know who is messaging her. He messages again asking her to come. Rani ends the call and looks at Mihir standing outside her window, holding kerosene oil. She thinks don’t know how to explain to him.

Mihir asks her to come out else he will take his help. Rani is shocked to see him pouring kerosene oil on himself. She gets worried thinking he might burn himself. He lights the match stick. Rani runs outside and stops him. Mihir says I knew that you will not let anything happen to me. He bends down on his knees and offers the flower, says I love you and promises to bring the world on her feet. Rani asks him to stop his drama and tells that she is not interested in him. Mihir asks why you are doing this. Rani says you are the lane’s spoilt guy and says talking to him is like wasting time. She asks him to study and become something, else he will be like this only and no girl will trust him. She asks him to stop his drama and leave, tells that she don’t trust him. He holds her hand and says you think that my love is a joke. He asks her not to say this and says my heart will broke. He says I love you Rani. Rani gets angry and slaps him. She says I told thousands’ time, nothing can happen between you and me. She walks away from there. He holds his cheeks and looks on. Fb ends. Rani looks at him and says Mihir…you as doctor. Mihir looks at her.

Precap: Mihir asks Rani if she will say it again that she don’t trust him, as her husband’s life is in his hands. Rani tells Utsav. Utsav asks how did Mihir become such a big doctor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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