Shubharambh 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Gunvant’s goons injure Raja badly

Shubharambh 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani and Raja riding on the bike and it stops on the way suddenly. Rani finds some goons standing on the road holding lathis in their hands. Rani asks Raja why are they looking at us. Raja says they might be going somewhere. Rani thinks why are they walking towards us? The contest Mera juta hai Hindustani begins. The host invites the guests and then tells that Kesha can’t participate due to her personal problems. She presents the participants interview on the screen. Rani and Raja’s interview is shown too. They tell that they met each other through the golden shoes and they will fulfill their dreams in this competition, if they lose then they have to get separated for a year, but they hope to win. One of the participant Mihika thinks where are they? The host asks the Judge to count the countdown and begin the finale. The Judge says whoever wins in this contest, will get a trophy and 50 lakhs prize money with which they can open their own shoe factory and fulfill their wishes. He says all the best contestants. The host asks the contestants, Ashish, Mihika and team Shubharambh to come on stage. Ashish and Mihika come on the stage and the host calls for team Shubharambh. Mihika thinks if they are not here, then she will win. Judge says we shall begin the competition and hopes they come there else it will be difficult to control the people.

Rani gets worried seeing the goons coming towards them. Raja looks at the goons. The competition begins. Utsav, Kesha, Asha and others watch the program on the TV. Asha asks Hitank to call them. Hitank says their call is not connecting. Asha prays to God to make them reach the competition. Kirtida and Gunvant hear them. Gunvant says my men will not let them reach the competition. The goons attack them. Raja asks Rani to move back and bends down to get saved by their attack. Rani covers him and bears the attack on her back. Raja shouts Rani and he tries to fight with the goon. Rani tries to fight with other goons and she falls down. The goon hits Raja on his injury, making him fall down on the road. Raja writhes in pain. Rani is shocked. Raja holds the goon’s stick, but they continue to attack him badly. Rani watches in shock and shouts Raja. The judge asks if Raja, Rani and Kesha make the competition pathetic and says how can they miss finale. The people get upset and tell that they will leave. The judge says if you think that we have betrayed you then we are ready to pay the tickets’ money. Everyone sits down. He asks the host to begin the competition. The host asks the two participants to use the stuff at their work station and make shoes. She says your destiny will be decided by audience through the poll.

The people cheer for Shubharambh team. The judge tells the other judges that he will announce the team Shubharambh is disqualified. He announces that team Shubharambh is disqualified as they can’t reach the show on time. Rani comes there and calls the judge. Everyone gets up seeing her bad state. Rani thinks I have come Raja to fulfill our dream. She walks towards the judges. The judge asks are you fine and where is Raja? Rani says I will tell you everything, give me 2 mins. Raja is brought to hospital. Hitank says if Rani had not called then it would have been late to bring him to hospital. Asha asks him not to say anything. Utsav says nothing will happen to him. Asha says Rani is not here. Hitank says there is a big reason. Rani tells the judges that goons attacked them, family members took him to hospital and she came here. The judges ask her to go to hospital. Rani says I want help and asks can I still participate in this competition. The judges look on.

Precap: The judge tells that they can’t let her take participate, but the audience can decide. Rani pleads infront of the audience for a chance. The audience tells that they will give chance to Raja and Rani and cheers for them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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