Shubharambh 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja makes a card for Rani

Shubharambh 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asha blesses Raja and says today is your birthday. She does his aarti. Hiten comes there and says oh it’s his birthday. He comes there and looks at Dhanun’s picture, he says this day makes me miss you, you left us today and it’s Raja’s birthday too. I will bless him today. Raja gets emotional and says he care for us so much, I don’t like this day. Asha says I lost my husband today but I got you too. Hiten blesses him and leaves.

Kirdada counts her money and sees some money missing. She says Asha must have done it.

Asha gives money to Raja which she hid from Kirdada and asks Raja to buy something for him. She leaves. Raja calls Mehul and asks if he gave money to the girl (Rani)? Mehul gives him money and says you give it to her.

Asha comes to a storeroom and takes out her hidden box. She hides her stolen money in the box.

Raja comes to his shop and makes a card for Rani. He puts the money and the card in the envelope. He asks the worker to give it to the girl. He goes out of the shop. Rani comes there and plays with the kids. Her slipper falls away. Raja finds it. Rani is looking around for her slipper but doesn’t find it. Raja puts the slipper near a PO box and leaves. Rani finds it and says thank you to whoever put it here.
Rani comes to the shop and shows her payment slip. The worker gives her a money envelope. She looks at the card and says this is good.

Hiten comes to Kirdada and says we have to go to the shop. Let’s go. Kirdada’s sandal breaks. Hiten says find another one.

Mehul gets Jharna’s message that she loves him but my mom wants me to marry Raja, we have to do something. Mehul gets angry and drinks some wine. Raja comes there and asks what he is doing. He throws the bottle away and it falls in the pooja plate. Raja asks him to not do it. Bhabhi comes there and says I want the pooja plate. Raja says you can go, we will bring it. She leaves. A worker takes pooja plate. Raja asks Mehul to not do it. Mehul says I don’t want to marry. Raja says then don’t but don’t drink.

Rani comes in the shoe shop. Kirdada is buying the shoes there too.

Hiten welcomes Jharna’s family and others in his shop for the pooja. The priest says let’s start the pooja.

Rani is looking for medicated shoes. She buys one for her mother. She gives the note to the seller. Kirdada sees it and says this is my note as it has my handwriting on it. You are a stealer.

Hiten takes the pooja plate and finds the wine bottle in it. All are shocked. Hiten shouts whose is this? Raja comes there and says it’s mine. All are shocked. Raja acts drunk.
PRECAP- Raja comes to mandir and says to the lord that I got your parsad, I will have a miracle. Otherside Rani tells the lord that he doesn’t show any miracle to her. Raja sees Rani outside the mandir and makes her portrait later on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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