Shubharambh 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kesha exposes Kirtida and Gunvant’s conspiracy

Shubharambh 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja opening the door and seeing the machine about to fall down on Kesha. He jumps to push her bed and the machines and its rack falls on Raja injuring him badly. Kesha is shocked and tries to pull the machine’s table. Asha tells something to Rani. Nurse calls them. Everyone comes inside. Rani shouts Raja’s name seeing him injured. They move the machines rack and helps Raja get up. Rani asks someone to call the doctor. Raja says it is a small injury. Doctor checks Raja. Hitank asks how did you get this injury. Raja says he tried to save Kesha and got injured. Doctor asks Nurse to bring something. Rani is shocked to see his injury on the leg and cries. Kesha cries. Kirtida tells Kesha that she is 4 steps ahead of her mother and has injured Raja, now he will not take part in the competition. Gunvant thinks Raja and Rani can’t go anywhere now. Doctor bandages his wound. Gunvant appreciates Kesha for her act and says make preparation for your return. Doctor asks them not to worry and asks Raja not to stress on his legs. Kesha recalls Raja’s words asking her to tell him if she can’t stay here and warning Utsav. She recalls Raja hugging her and telling that he is happy if she is happy and he will pray for her happiness always. She recalls how he saved her and feels guilty. Kirtida and Gunvant are happy though. Kesha thinks she won’t let anything wrong happen with Raja bhaiya and can’t hide her parents’ truth. She shouts and says everything is a lie. Everyone is shocked. Kirtida asks her to come out. Gunvant says we will talk to doctor and make you rest in some other ward. Kesha asks him not to touch her. She apologizes to Raja and Rani and tells that she had lied to them. She says Papa asked me to take part in the competition, so that Raja and Rani don’t win in the competition.

Asha, Utsav, Raja, Rani and others get shocked. Kesha says they had told that if I get you out of the competition then they will accept me and my to be born baby. A fb of the same is shown. Everyone is shocked. Raja gets teary eyes hearing this. Asha says I knew that something is wrong. Gunvant says she is lying. Kesha says who doesn’t think good about my baby, can’t think of my good. She overhears Gunvant and Kirtida’s conversation that he can risk Kesha’s baby for his victory. Kesha says she is feeling ashamed to call them as her parents. She says I was mad to return to you, but seeing your thinking, I am feeling sympathetic on myself, to have selfish parents. She tells Raja and Rani that she tried to defeat them in every round and stops Papa ji from helping you both. She tells that chappal GPS idea was told by Gunvant. Raja and Rani are shocked. Asha gets angry and says this means everything was a drama. Kesha says sorry. Asha slaps her. Utsav gets upset with Kesha.

Rani’s parents look on shocked. Kirtida shouts Asha. Asha asks her to be quiet, says like parents like daughter. She tells that Raja Bhai was ready to give life for you and you…betrayed him. Raja and Rani continue to cry. Asha taunts her for betraying everyone. She says you both have done a big mannat, asks Kesha why she didn’t open her mouth then. She asks if sisters are such and asks Raja if this is their family. She folds her hands and requests Raja and Rani to separate from each other before Kirtida and Gunvant do something. Kesha says no, Raja and Rani will never separate. She says 15 mins left for the competition. She plays the TV channel and they all watch the host telling that the competition is going to begin in 15 mins. Kesha asks them to go. Hitank tells that today she has proved that she is his sister and he will support her always. He looks at his parents upset. He asks Raja and Rani to go and win the competition. Kirtida gets angry and says we can’t trust today’s children. She says I will never let Raja and Rani go to the competition. She takes Gunvant out and tries to close the door. Hitank stops her and takes her away from there. Kesha apologizes to Raja and Rani and asks them to go and win the competition.

Rani says you have realized your mistake and it will stop you from doing mistake again. Kesha thanks her and asks them to go. She says you have to win for me also. Asha asks them to go else it will be late. Rani’s parents ask them to go. Utsav also asks them to go. Rani’s father asks how you will go being injured? Nurse comes and gives her car keys. She says you can go in my car. Rani and Raja look at each other. Nurse asks them to take the keys. She says I thought that I have seen you somewhere, now I remembered and you both are my mother’s favorites. She asks them to win the competition. Rani thanks her. Raja forwards his hand and asks Rani’s hand, says ho shubharamb. She gives her hand in his hand and says ho shubharambh. He gets up with her help. They take Asha and Rani’s parents’ blessings. They look at each other and start walking.

Precap: Raja and Rani’s scooty breaks down. Goons come and kick their scooty. Rani comes in way to save Raja and she gets hurt. Raja is struggling with his injury, but he still tries to fight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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