Shubharambh 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani ready for the competition

Shubharambh 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritida and Gunvant are playing card game. Rani’s father comes there so Gunvant taunts him that he is just a shoe maker, he says do you want my pennies? Rani’s father looks on and says stop doing your drama, I know about your intentions. You should go for a pilgrimage to wash your sins, he leaves. Gunvant says we will take you with us.

Raja and Rani learn to make shoes from Rani’s father. He says do you have old shoes? We need soles. Rani says I can go out, The father says all shops are closed. Raja gets an idea and brings the shoes garland that Gunvant made him wear to insult. He says we can use these shoes. Rani smiles. The father says we will reuse these. Rani thinks he found goodness in the insult too, he is too good. Rani and Raja look at the shoes that her father made. Rani says can we make these shoes more attractive. He says these are soft and strong. Rani says people buy things online these days so it has to be attractive. The father says we use shoes to protect our feet. Rani says these are not best. The father says you kids don’t listen. Raja asks them to calm down, he says these shoes are the best, he has experience so these are magic. I am just thinking that quality is nice but we can make them beautiful. Rani says I was saying the same thing. Raja hints at the magazine. Rani shows some designs to the father. Raja says can you help us make these?

Scene 2
Kesha calls Prakhat and says I am pregnant. He says what? Kesha says you think I am lying? Prakhat says we should get married. Kesha smiles and says we can marry. He says let’s get married tomorrow morning. Kesha says okay. She ends the call and packs her bag for tomorrow. She says I need money too.

Rani’s father makes some beautiful shoes and the same as the magazine. Rani and Raja are impressed. Rani says they are so gorgeous. Raja says we can go to the competition with these shoes. The father says I should leave now. Raja says it’s late, you can stay here. He says but it’s my daughter’s house. Raja says I am your son so stay here, thank you so much for helping us. Rani says these shoes are the best.

Kesha comes to Kritida’s room and steals some money from the safe. She thinks I will run away from here with Prakhat. She comes out of the room and sees Hitank. He asks if everything is fine? You look tensed. She says I am just worried about my studies. He says we trust you so don’t let it break, go and study, he leaves.

Scene 3
In the morning, Rani wakes up and sees Raja gone from the bed. She says where did he go?
Raja is sitting on the porch and thinking. Rani comes there and asks what happened? Raja says I couldn’t sleep. Rani says to me too. Raja says my father said to follow our fears. Rani says we don’t know if we will win today. Raja says my father used to sing songs. Rani asks him to sing. Raja sings Jai Hind. He asks Rani to sing too. She sings hum hongy kamyab.

Rani’s father is leaving Raja’s house when his coins fall on the floor. He starts picking them up and goes into Kritida’s room to get his coins. Kritida comes there and glares at him. He says my coins fell, he leaves from there.

Raja tells Rani I am sure we will win. The father comes there and says I lost some coins. Rani asks what happened? He says nothing, I will pray for your victory, he leaves.

Rani asks Raja to pack the shoes. Raja sees shoes missing from the box, they are shocked.

PRECAP – Kritida hides the shoes from Raja and Rani. Rani says you people won again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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