Shubharambh 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani thinks Raja is married already

Shubharambh 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja brings the bike and asks Rani to sit. Rani ignores him. Raja says you can sit with me and I wouldn’t think that you said yes to my marriage proposal. Rani says you can save a bike’s cost too by going on foot with me. Raja says why not. He thinks I just want to spend time with me. They start walking together. Raja protects her from a coming bike. Rani smiles. Raja is about to step on a stone but Rani puts it aside before he can, Raja smiles.

Asha hears Kritika telling Gunvant that Asha is a fool to tell no to Mukesh, he is so rich and that Raja is running behind that poor Rani. Gunvant says Raja was a servant to us before and now a servant to Rani, he will remain poor. Asha can’t do anything, she is so unlucky and will never get rich. Asha hears it and gets angry.

Raja and Rani come to the shop. Rani is worried and says my luck usually doesn’t work in my favor. Raja says don’t worry, we will make it work. Rani says we? He says nothing and says I have to go somewhere, you start working.

Asha sees Raja and Rani’s photo and recalls Gunvant’s words that Raja will remain a servant his whole life.

Scene 2
Rani is cleaning a mannequin in the shop when it’s arm breaks. Rani gets tensed and says I have to do something. She sees Asha coming and wears the saree and becomes a statue. Asha comes into the shop. Kritika says wow owner’s son is here. Asha sees the statue (Rani) and is about to touch it but Raja comes there and says you here? Asha says I have brought food for you. Rani thinks why did she bring food for Hemant? Raja takes Asha aside and says why are you here? Asha says till when your drama of pacifying Rani will keep happening? Raja says I am trying my best. Rani is standing like a statue and mistakenly sneezes. Raja sees it and is shocked. He recalls how this happened earlier too. Asha says I heard something. Raja sneezes and says it was me. Asha asks a worker to make the mannequin wear a new saree. Raja rushes to her and says no, I will do it. Asha says but.. Raja says no work is small. He takes the saree and looks at Rani. Rani thinks that he knows it’s not a mannequin and me. Raja starts making Rani wear a new saree. She shares an eye lock with him. Shubharamabh plays. A worker brings mannequin’s arm and says I found this. Raja says I broke it in the morning and changed that broken mannequin earlier. Rani have a sigh of relief and thinks he didn’t need to save me but he did.

Scene 3
Rani is in her house and recalls her moments with Raja (as Hemant). Chukki comes there and asks her to wake up. Rani gets up and says why I am thinking about Hemant? Am I in love with him? Chukki asks what happened? Rani says Hemant.. he is not that bad. Chukki says wow.. you are in love with him? Go and tell him. Rani says really? Just tell him? Chukki says yes.

Rani comes out of the house and sees Raja sitting at a tea stall. She takes a deep breath and is about to go to him but the tea seller asks Raja that you didn’t bring your wife even today? Raja says I will bring her soon. Rani hears it and is shocked, she thinks Raja is already married. She gets angry and leaves.

Rani comes back home. Chukki says did you tell him? I knew you would like him, he is a very nice guy. Tell me what happened or I will go and ask him. Rani shouts that Hemant is married already. Chukki is shocked and says he told you that? Rani says no, I heard someone asking about his wife. Chukki says it might be a mistake. Rani says you and Popat knew about it, nobody asks a single person about their wife, he is married and was flirting with me. I will talk to you later.

Rani comes out of the house. Raja says I thought you would thank me for saving you today. Rani thinks I will have to catch him red-handed before showing any reaction. She says I can have tea at your home. They go to his house. Raja asks him to sit on the bed, she says no, we can sit on the floor. Raja says I don’t have a floor mat. Rani says you don’t even have that? What kind of a poor person are you? Raja says I am not that poor, I will renovate this house before marriage as who will marry me in this condition. Rani glares at him and says your first wife. Raja is shocked and says what? Rani says I mean your first wife will come soon. Raja says right. Rani says you trap everyone with your words, Boss’s mom brought food for you and said you were making her wait? Raja says she is just like my mom.

Precap – Chukki calls Raja and says Rani doubts that you have a wife as she heard you and a tea seller. Raja is shocked and says she might be looking for a proof. He runs to his house to see Rani going through his suitcase. Rani glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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