Shubharambh 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani tries to make Kirtida confess

Shubharambh 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All start celebrating holi. Kirtida says that Rani applied the color to Raja first. Jharna doesn’t talk to Mehul.
Asha sees Kirtida getting dizzy. She goes to Rani and tells her to go to Raja, when Kirtida starts blabbering her truth then I will give you a hint.
Rani brings the color to Raja. Raja glares at her and leaves. Rani thinks that I have to pacify him. Raja’s sister asks Raja to apply color to Rani. Rani dances and goes to Raja. Rajs tries to avoid him but she makes him dance with her.
Asha comes to Kirtida and talks to her. Kirtida murmurs incoherent words and says you know Raja loves me more than his mother. Asha says you hate him? Kirtida says I don’t like him going to the shop, I have been fooling Asha too.

Rani sees Raja smiling at her. He comes to her and dances on tum tak with her. He applies color to her. They both dance romantically.

Kirtida tells Asha that I will throw Rani out of the house soon. Asha says what more? Kirtida says I gave a sleeping pill to Raja, I burned his father’s diary. I attached the live wire to that mirror, I have promised to not let Raja go to the shop. Asha is angry. She hints at Rani. Gunvant sees it and thinks what is going on? Rani looks at Kirtida. Gunvant thinks does Rani know anything?

Rani comes to Kirtida and says what do you want to say about Raja? Kirtida says yes, I can tell a complete story. Rani stops the music and tells everyone that Kirtida wants to say something for Raja.
PRECAP- Kirtida says what can I say about Raja.. I can say so much.. she is about to say something but Gunvant turns off her mic. Raja is shocked to sees Gunvant standing up on his feet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The mota papa will make up a cock & bull story to brain wash Raja how he was able to get up Raja like an idiot will believe it When will he get it in his thick head he is being manipulated big time by fatso & husband

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