Shubharambh 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani starts falling in love with Raja

Shubharambh 27th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Raja thinks I can be closer to Rani if I give her a job in my shop.
Kritika comes to Rani. Rani asks if she got the job? Kritika says Raja boss has given you the job, she shows her his sign on the application. Rani looks at his sign and gets some flashbacks. Rani says I got the job without an interview? Kritika says Hemant vouched for you, you will get 20K as a salary. Rani gets happy and thanks God. She asks Kritika to thank Raja boss, I will come from tomorrow. She leaves. Raja says lying is so difficult. He leaves. Kritika thinks that Raja did a mistake by telling me his secret, now I will take advantage.

A big businessman Mukesh come to meet Gunvant. He meets Asha and says I have a daughter Anisha, I want her to marry Raja. Asha coughs. Gunvant says Raja is already married. Mukesh says we know that his marriage is not working out, my daughter likes Raja, she saw him in the shop and liked him. We have a big business and I have just one daughter so everything is hers. We will spend around 2-3 crore in the wedding and will gift a big shop for Raja. Asha is shocked and says you are right at your place but we value respect and loyalty more than money, I am sure Raja can’t think of anyone but Rani. Mukesh says it’s your choice but if you change your mind then here is my card. Asha takes it and looks on. Gunvant asks Mukesh to marry his daughter to Mehul but Mukesh says he is not like Raja.

Scene 2
Utsav calls Raja and says why did you give her the job? She might find your truth. Raja says I will ask my staff to not tell her anything, we will tell her everything after she has her memory back, did you format her phone? Utsav says yes. Raja ends the call and sees Rani coming into the shop. He says you got this job because of me so give me some sweets. Rani says I got it because the boss found me competent, I researched about him, he is a good man. Raja says fine, he takes sweets from her and recalls their moments together. Shubhaarambh plays. Rani smiles at him. Rani says I should thank the boss. Raja says his name is Raja so call him that. Rani tries to say it and says no, he is our boss, I will call him sir, give me his number so I will thank him. Raja says you can thank him face to face, he is not in town so you wait. Rani says no that will be late, she takes a visiting card and is about to call him. Raja tries to run so he can silent his phone. Rani calls him and hears Raja’s phone ringing. Raja gets tensed. She says I am calling sir so why your phone is ringing. Raja says this is the shop’s number so I thought to tease as Raja sir but you caught me. Rani says have you seen yourself? You are just a poor chap, sir is a rich man. Raja says you know a lot about rich people? Rani says I have seen people in my life. Raja says so I am poor and like you? I am compatible to you? Rani says no, don’t know why you have got this job. Raja says sir trusts me, they say I am a loyal one. Rani looks away and says whatever, she leaves. Raja thinks she is falling in love with me.

Scene 3
Rani is looking through her cupboard to get a bag. Her wedding card falls down. Chukki hides it before Rani can see it. Rani says I feel like something is off since I have lost my memory, that Hemant.. I feel like I know him very well like I used to talk to him daily. She smiles thinking of him. Chukki teases that you fell in love with him? Rani says nothing like that. Chukki says he helped you get this job, I like him a lot. He is nice. Rani looks on.

At the night, Rani recalls Kritika telling her that Hemant vouched to get the job, how Chukki said that he is a nice guy. Rani comes outside Raja’s house and sees through the window. She sees him disturbed due to mosquitos and puts a coil there. She smiles seeing him sleep peacefully and leaves.

Scene 4
In the morning, Raja wakes up and goes to the window. He is surprised to see a coil there and says who put it here? Chukki brings tea for him and says Rani made this tea for you and got this coil too. Raja drinks tea and says it’s very good. Chukki says you are fine here right? Raja says yes, Rani is here with me. Chukki says just telling you that Rani is falling for you too.

Asha sees a bride sitting in a room. A bride shows her money and jewelry, she says I am Mukesh’s daughter Anisha and your new daughter in law, my father sent all this for you. She rains money on Asha and says this is all yours. Asha dances in money rain… it turns out to be Asha’s dream. She wakes up and says this was just a dream.

Raja comes to community tank to get water. Rani comes there too. She says thank you. Raja says what? I couldn’t hear it, say it again. Rani glares at him. Raja says sorry, I will accept your thank you if you go to the shop with me daily. Rani says don’t get ahead of yourself. Raja says I want to marry you so I want to get to know you and thank you for keeping a coil for me, I don’t mind thanking people who are close to me. Rani smiles at him. Raja says if you stare at me like that then you will agree to me marry me soon. Rani smiles. Raja leaves from there.

Rani gets ready to go to the shop on the first day. Chukki wishes her luck. Rani comes out of the house to see Raja sitting on the bike and waiting for her.
Raja says you are in tension, I m with you, we will win this time. They have a moment. Rani says Hemant isn’t so bad. Rani sees Raja and goes to him.

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