Shubharambh 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani wins the competition round

Shubharambh 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani comes home and her feet are hurt. Raja rushes to her but can’t see her feet, he hugs her and asks if she is fine? Rani says I am fine. She says I got the khakhra maker, they are not bad people. They understand the language of love and even blessed me. Asha is worried for Rani. Rani asks Asha to go and rest. Asha says but your feet.. Raja says what happened? Rani says I just need to wash my feet, you can start working on the shoes, they all leave.

Rani is working on the shoes. Asha tells Rani that she will help her. They start work. Rani asks Asha and Darshna to work on the soles and she will put drops in Raja’s eyes. She tries to get up but screams due to her feet burning. Asha says your feet have burns.. Raja hears it and says what happened? He crawls to her. She says I am fine but he touches her feet and says how did this happen? He runs to get the medicine. He makes her sit on the bed. He applies balm on her wounds. Rani thinks he understands my pain without even seeing. She says I am fine. Raja says nothing is big then your pain, I don’t care about the competition. Rani says you lost your eye-sight and still helped me. I will work while sitting. He says okay. They work on the sole. Rani makes the shoes and Raja says they are very comfortable. Rani says let’s hope for the best.

Scene 2
The competition starts. Raja says I will open my eyes for some minutes. Rani says no, the doctor said to not open them, don’t you trust me? Raja says more than myself. She gives him the commentary of the competition. Raja makes fun of it. Rani says I am angry with you. Mehika is next. Rani’ father sees Raja is blind and says he must have got chemical in his eyes.

Gunvant and Kritida are watching the competition and lock the door so Asha can’t watch. Darshna says we will watch it on mobile. Kritida glares at them.

Bharat is judging the shoes on the basis of comfortability. He wears Raja and Rani’s shoes. Rani tells Raja that he is checking and marking our shoes. All look on.

Scene 2
Bharat tells everyone that it’s time to announce the scores. Bharat says Raja and Rani proved today that the shoes don’t have to look very nice, it has to be comfortable. I can understand that their sole making technique is brilliant. My mom used to get comfortable shoes for me in childhood. I felt that motherly love today when I wore Raja and Rani’s shoes. I can understand that they made it with love so they have topped this round. Raja and Rani hug each other. He says the next winner is Kesha.

Everyone is congratulating Raja and Rani. Ashish asks what sole making technique did they use? Rani smiles and tells him how they broke the machine and we didn’t have an option so we used khakhra maker to make the soles. All are shocked. Mehika says what is this? It’s not shoemaking equipment. This is cheating, we took time to find the right machine. Rani says there was no rule in choosing the machine, can’t you see our success. Mehika says I am just telling you what’s allowed. Rani says you are not the judge. Mehika says you have broken the rules. Bharat comes there and says I will decide if it was cheating or not.. All look on. Bharat says they were creative and didn’t cheat. He tells Raja and Rani that he is happy with their performance but don’t be over-confident. Raja and Rani nod. The host says after this round, only 5 teams will go ahead. After combined scored, 1st is Mehika then Ashish then Kesha then Neharika and 5th is Khushboo. Raja and Rani are shocked to know that they were not selected. Kesha smirks and thinks I can go back home now.

PRECAP – Gunvant tells Raja that he will never buy his shoes ever. Raja says I promise to sell these shoes to you.
Raja doesn’t buy the doll from a seller. Kritida says I will buy it. Raja smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. How come Kesha got in but Raja-Rani didn’t, when they tied for the first round and Raja-Rani got more points in this one?

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