Shubharambh 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja thinks to give the job to Rani

Shubharambh 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja messages Rani to meet him. Rani glares at him from the window and tells Chukki that this guy is very cheap, he keeps asking me to meet him. Chukki says you can go and talk to him once, he is just asking to meet so what’s the big deal. Rani glares at him and messages him back that she is busy and can’t come. Raja messages her that okay, I am waiting here for you. He sits on the street waiting for her. Rani murmurs that he is very cheap, let him keep sitting there.

Rani is in her room making a list of jobs to apply for. Chukki asks Rani to come and have food. Chukki sees Raja still sitting outside their house after 2 hours. She says he is still there. Rani says so what? Chukki says just to meet him and see what he wants. Rani says I am not going anywhere. Chukki says fine and leaves. Rani looks outside the window to see him sitting there still. She acts like ignoring him but Raja sees her.

Scene 2
Rani eats food with her family and keeps peeking outside the window. She says I want a pickle. She goes to take it and sees Raja. Chukki asks her to come and have food. Rani says okay.

Rani goes to sleep but sees Raja still sitting on the street after hours. She says he is an idiot. I will set him right. Rani comes out and glares at him. Raja says hi. Rani says I told you that I don’t want to marry, stay in your limit. Raja says I just wanted to help you find jobs, you said this is important and now you are scolding me for helping you? Rani shares an eye lock with him. Raja tells Rani to read the list if you want otherwise you can tear it. He smirks and leaves. Rani takes the list and says this is a good list. She leaves. Raja sees it and thanks to God for giving him another chance to be closer to her.

In the morning, Rani is out giving interviews. She comes into the market and sees Raja’s shop. She says I feel like I know about this shop like I came here before. She goes inside and sees a job post. She looks at Raja’s father’s photo. Raja sees her and hides. He is shocked. Rani stops a worker and says are you the owner of this shop? He says no, it’s Raja. He asks Raja to come and meet her but Raja hides and hints at him to not call out to him. Rani says I want this job, can you call your owner? where is he? The worker says I don’t know what is going on. Raja sneezes and Rani turns to see him. Rani is shocked and says what are you doing here? Raja says I was looking for my phone. The worker says he is the shop owner. Raja says this worker Jeevan is joking, I am just a worker here. Jeevan says but Raja you are the owner. Raja says I am just a manager here, right Jeevan? Right? Jeevan says yes. Rani says but you told me that you drive a van. Raja says I have left that job. He asks Jeevan to leave. He leaves. Rani says why didn’t you tell me about this job earlier? You are just shady. Raja says I didn’t know about my job here. Rani says let me talk about this vacancy to this owner. Raja says you can’t go inside like that. Kritika comes there and says Rani you? Raja is tensed. Rani says you know me? Raja says you are here? The owner was waiting for you. Rani says how you know my name? Raja says I told her. Rani gives her CV to Kritika and says can you give it to the owner? Raja takes Kritika from there.
Raja brings Kritika in a room. Kritika says what is going on here? Gunvant was not feeling well so I came here to help. Raja says I need your help right now. He tells her everything and how he lied to Rani that he is Hemant.
Rani thinks that I have heard this name Raja before.
Raja asks Kritika to help him this time, I have to trust you right now but if you play a game again then it will be bad. Kritika says we have broken your trust but I will do anything that will win your trust again. Raja thinks I can be closer to Rani if I give her this job.

Rani asks did I get the job. Kaki says sure. Rani asks Raja to give the number, she wants to thank him. She calls on the number. Raja’s phone rings. He turns to her.

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