Shubharambh 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja helps Rani with her daily work

Shubharambh 24th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The priest tells Kirdada that Rani’s kundli is very normal. She thinks then why Asha said that her kundli is amazing? I have to find out.

Rani is outside the mandir earning money by keeping the shoes. Raja comes there and gives her his shoes. They smile at each other. Raja says you know our marriage is fixed, can you take a day off for a pre-wedding shoot? Rani says these for rich people, I don’t look good in photos and I need to earn daily. Raja says you think that photos don’t look but I will change it. He makes a frame with tree leaves and stems. He takes Rani’s photos, she is surprised. A couple comes there and asks Raja to take their photo. Rani says you will have to put your shoes on rent if you want a photo. Raja takes photos while the customers give money to Rani. Rani thanks Raja and says I didn’t earn this much before. Raja says let’s go then.

Raja and Rani are walking on the road. A car passes by so Raja protects Rani. She stumbles. Raja lifts her in his arms. She smiles at him… it turns out to be Raja’s dream. Rani brings Raja to his house. They are shocked to see Raja’s family there. Hiten says Raja? Raja says I was passing by. Hiten says we came to talk about marriage. The flashback shows how Kirdada wanted to go to the girl’s house to find out the truth. Virinda brings food. Raja serves everyone and tells Virinda that he is not a guest anymore. Kirdada avoids eating food as Rani’s family is poor. Kirdada asks for Rani’s father. He comes there and is sober. Rani is surprised. Her father greets everyone. Kirdada whispers something to Asha. Asha says there is an issue, her stomach is upset. Virinda says I will take you the washroom. Asha laughs. Kirdada thinks that I will find out the truth. Virinda makes Kirdada stand in the washroom line. Kirdada says you have thought about your daughter’s wedding, did you plan to give anything? Virinda says you are talking about dowry.
Rani’s father shows his wedding photo to Hiten. Rani sees stool torn and thinks to hide it. Raja notices her being tensed and sees the stool. He changes with his stool and sits on the torn stool so nobody could see it. Rani is surprised and silently thanks him.
Kirdada says to Virinda that I am not talking about dowry, I am talking about the arrangements, how much money you have for the wedding? She says we can spend around 2lacs, please let me know if you have a problem with that? Kirdada says you can give your daughter in a suit only and we will be happy. She says I don’t want to go to the washroom, you can leave. Virinda leaves.
Hiten asks Rani’s father if they won’t give anything else? Rani says I have to tell you, something uncle, I am going to graduate soon but I am working in a mandir, my mother is a cook and my father is struggling to leave alcohol so we can’t spend a lot. Raja says Hiten just wanted to ask if you need any help in the arrangements. Hiten says yes, I like this girl. Rani smiles at Raja.
Rani’s brother takes his father out of the house and says don’t talk about their lottery, he says you promised to give me a wine bottle. He says just don’t talk about that secret, they leave. Kirdada hears it and says they have a secret, I have to find out.

Virinda tells Rani that Raja looks at you like your father used to look at me, he used to take care of me. Rani asks her father to help their mother. She says leave alcohol. He says I will try for sure. Rani hugs him. Rani asks Virinda if they asked for dowry? She says no and thinks I can’t tell Rani that I took 2 lacs as a debt from Popat for her wedding.

PRECAP- Rani gets ready for the photoshoot. Raja is surprised to see her. Kirdada looks them in the storeroom so their photoshoot can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Verma4

    Great story.I hope they don’t mess it up. In my opinion this will turn out to be a marriage where Rani will become Raja’s strength to help him fight against the mota couple.

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