Shubharambh 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja loses his eyesight

Shubharambh 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asha tells Rani that Kesha was up to something. I know Kesha since she was a child, she doesn’t have a mind to make that kind of slippers. There is something fishy as he won’t listen without proof. Rani says I don’t think so, she is trying to change her life as she is pregnant. Asha says I am just asking you to find out. Raja comes there and says I solved the riddle, it’s related to the sole of the shoes. Rani says you are right, she highlights the words. Asha looks on. Rani solves more part of the riddle. Raja says it means that we have to make comfortable shoes to get more points. Asha thinks I have to do something. Asha asks Rani to take help from her father. Rani says I will call him. Asha says you should go there for better understanding, she nods at Rani and Rani nods.

Raja and Rani learn about the soles from Rani’s father. Kesha looks on too. Ran sees Kesha’s phone ringing and it’s Gunvant. Kesha gets tensed and leaves to take the call. Rani looks on and thinks why he is calling Kesha and she is talking to him? Was Asha right? She observes Kesha being tensed. Rani’s father gives them a demo for making soles. He says it takes time to perfect this technique and I will be able to make sole for one person only. Raja says it’s alright, you can help Kesha, we will make ours. Her father says I will get things from my friend, he asks Rani to meet his friend and he will give everything to you. Raja and Rani leave. Her father is worried and says I wish I could help them but it’s good that they are working hard. He sees his goggles and says I forgot to tell them that before using this chemical we have to use these googles. Kesha says don’t worry, I will go and take it to them.

Kesha comes to Raja and Rani. She hides the goggles and asks if they can give a sonography report to Kritida? Raja nods and leaves. Kesha cries to Rani and says I tried calling Gunvant but he doesn’t talk to me. She hugs Rani and thinks I am sorry but I have to hide about this goggle thing. Kritida was calling me from Gunvant’s phone. Rani says don’t worry everything will be fine.

Scene 2
Raja and Rani come home with things. Darshna comes there and says I helped in retrieving the box from Kritida and she is angry with me now so she has hidden everything in the kitchen, I am trying to cook from the available items I have. She says don’t worry, work on your competition.

Raja and Rani start working on the shoes. Raja says we will not lose hope. Rani says this is difficult work. Raja says don’t worry. Rani says we will do as you say. Raja says okay but doesn’t be tensed. We will make a comfortable sole. He starts working on the sole. He asks Rani to bring a pen while I am working on this. Rani leaves. Raja uses the chemical and starts crying. Rani runs to him and asks what happened? Raja says I think chemical went in my eyes. Rani sees the goggles and says why didn’t you wear the goggles. She asks Darshna to call the doctor. Raja is crying in pain.

The doctor checks Raja and says he can’t open his eyes for 12 hours, if he does then he can lose his eyesight. Rani says I will take care of him. The doctor gives him medicine and leave. Asha hears some travelers playing music outside and leaves with the doctor. Rani says we should have asked papa about the goggles.

Asha says Raja has to rest till tomorrow so what about the competition? Rani looks on. Raja says we will make the shoes for sure. Rani asks him to rest. We will see about the competition. Raja says I can guide you Rani. Rani says will it work? Asha says we can call Rani’s papa. Raja says no he is helping Kesha. Raja says we have to work together, I am with you Rani. Raja and Rani hold hand and Asha blesses them.

Scene 3
Kritida tells Gunvant that Raja has lost his eyesight for 12 hours so they will lose the competition. Gunvant says we can’t celebrate yet.

Raja guides Rani in making the sole. Rani is finding it difficult. Rani sees the machine not working. Raja says we can’t find another machine at this time, we have to do something. Rani says we can use an iron to melt the sole. Raja says but we need to press it with weight. Rani says we can use Khakhra maker, it’s hot and has weight. Raja says it will work for us, this will be a special sole. Darshna says but Kritida has hidden it. Kritida listens to it and thinks that they can’t find that. Raja says we will make it work.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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