Shubharambh 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Virinda injured

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Shubharambh 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani eats. She says I am going to work. Virinda says you don’t need to go to work. Her dad stops her too but she leaves. Utsav looks at her. Her dad says she doesn’t listen to anyone.

Pooja’s parents come home. Gulvant says come Raja. See there’s a proposal for you. Asha says this girl is better than that greedy maid. Gulvant says sit. Raja says I had to talk to you. He says yes come? Raja says it’s too hasty. I just ended everything. Gulvant says until you move forward you won’t be able to close your past’s chapter. Today is a good day. He says I was wondering if I couldn’t be the right person with responsibilities. I would be happy to see you happy in your life. Raja says it’s my mistake. If you all are happy with this proposal, I am too. Gulvant hugs him and says that’s my son. Raja looks at the shoes from his childhood.

Kirtida says Raja, you should go out with Pooja so you can go forward. Darshana you should also go with them. She says don’t interfere too much. Darshana says let’s go.

Scene 2
Rani sets up her stall. Does a woman say you came back? A man says you got married. She says yes I wanted too. All kids come and say Rani didi you’re back. Another man comes and says you’re back. She says, shouldn’t I? Pandit ji says no we are just happy to see you back. Rani sees a married couple walking out of the temple. She recalls her wedding. The couple asks her to take a photo. Rani says you both look good together.

Utsav comes outside Raja’s house. Hitank says what are you doing here? Utsav says I want to talk to Raja. Hitank says go from here before I call the police. Utsav says I beg you. Please don’t do this. Marriage doesn’t end like this, please. Think about my sister. Her life would be ruined. She shouldn’t be punished because of me. I know Raja really loves Rani. I will do anything you ask. Please let me talk to him once. Hitank says Raja is marrying someone else. Go from here.

Raja comes to the temple. He says you guys go in. I will come later. Pooja says what are you doing outside? I won’t do darshan without you. Pooja and Darshana go inside. Raja takes out the shoes and says when that girl gave me these shoes, I promised myself I would return them. I got a chance too but t didn’t work out. These are the symbol of our relationship but it can be trouble now. So I am keeping them here.

Rani asks people to leave their shoes there. Darshana sees her and says Rani.. Rani says how are you? She says I am sorry about what happened to you. Rani says it’s okay. Not everyone gets everything. Rani says you here? Darshana says yes I came with Raja and.. I mean I came for pooja. I will be back. Rani says you can leave your slippers here for free. She says in heart I am sorry Rani for lying to you. Pooja gives her slippers. Pooja says they’re expensive. Rani says then 10 rupees for expensive people. She says to take 20. Keep my to be husband’s shoes as well. Where is he? Raja comes upstairs. Pooja says I gave your money too. Leave your shoes here. Raja gives shoes without seeing who it is. Rani takes the shoes. She sees Raja. They are shocked to see each other. Pooja says let’s go. We are getting late. Raja says Rani you? Pooja says what? Let’s go. Raja is shocked. Rani asks people to leave their shoes. Rani says go from here, my customers have to come. Raja looks at her. Pooja takes him upstairs.

Scene 3
Asha serves food. Kirtida says it smells so good. Hitank says that Utsav came today. He said Raja really loves Rani. I kicked him out. Asha says why would he love that maid? Kirtida says he loves her. They aren’t together, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Hitank says Raja was in tension when he said yes to Pooja. Kirtida says he said it because your father asked. Otherwise if he wants to live with that maid what can we do? Asha will be called maid’s MIL.

Asha comes to her room in anger. She throws everything is a shopper and says no. My Raja won’t be with this maid. This thief won’t come to Raja’s life. She won’t be Raja’s wife. She gives the stuff to Hitank and says take it to Rani’s place.
Hitank comes to Virinda’s home and says Raja’s mother sent this. We don’t need it anymore. Rani sees it. She runs outside. Virinda says please stop. Rani says I need some stuff that’s left there. Rani leaves. Virinda falls. Her head bleeds.

Kirtiday says see photos of Switzerland. Raja couldn’t go with the thief. Asha sees the photo. She says it must have fallen. Rani and her stuff has no place in this house. Rani says stop. You sent everything. this photo was left so I came here to take it. Asha throws the wedding photo of Rani and Virinda towards her. rani can’t come inside. Rani says I won’t come inside. Give it to me. Asha says sure. She picks it with the foot. Asha says we can do anything inside this house. She tears the photo in front of Rani and gives her the torn pieces. Rani says you have insulted a mother. You’re a mother yourself. This is wrong.

Scene 4
Raja says I think someone fell. Let me check. He sees it’s Virinda. He says mummy ji. How did she fall? He says to call the rickshaw. We need to take her to the hospital. Rani comes home in tears. Raja calls her. Rani cuts it.
Rani’s dad comes in drunk with Utsav. Utsav says where is mummy? Rani recalls she was after her. rani runs after. Utsav goes too. Raja rushes Virinda to the hospital. He says please do something. Don’t let anything happen to her.

Rani looks for Virinda everywhere. She calls her but her phone is on the floor. Raja calls Rani but she cuts. Raja says Rani please pick up the phone. Rani says why is he annoying me. Raja signs the form. the nurse says do you have any relation with her? He says yes. Pooja says no he isn’t related to her. Rani asks people about Virinda. Raja signs the form. He writes SIL. Pooja leaves in anger. Rani asks people about Virinda. Raja asks the receptionist to call Rani from her phone and tell her, her mom is hospitalized there. The receptionist informs Rani. Rani rushes there.

Rani asks the receptionist about her mother. She says your mother is in OT. Rani asks the nurse. The nurse says she will be okay. Rani says I am her daughter. Who brought her here? She shows her the form. Rani sees Raja’s signature. She cries. Raja comes there. Raja gives medicines to the doctor. Raja says take care of mummy ji. Rani says where did you find her? He says I saw her fallen in front of your house. Rani cries and says she was running after me. It happened because of me. If I stopped this won’t have happened. Raja gives her water.

Pooja comes home. Asha says what? He left you alone? Gulvant says whaat is the point of staying there? He has no relation with them now. Kirtida says he has a very nice heart. Hitank says they are after money. We stopped her brother from meeting Raja so the mother did this drama. Let’s go and throw them all in jail. They go to the hospital.

Rani looks at her mother. She holds her hand and caresses her face. Rani says I am sorry mummy. You’re in this condition because of me. She asks the doctor how is she now? The doctor says you should thank the one who brought her here. He saved her blood from being lost. Rani looks at Raja. He asks her if she is fine now? Rani nods. Rani says thank you Raja. You can go now. Raja says I will stay until Utsav is back. Would you have tea? Rani nods. Raja gives her tea. Rani says after signing the papers, he is still helping me why? Rani says what do you want? Why are you doing all this? Money? I will return all the money that’s spent on my mom. He says the family needs each other not money. She is something to me as well. She says what family? He says you ended this relationship not me. Rani says you signed the form. He says I didn’t sign the form. You did. Rani says you brought them there. Raja says you I brought them but not to sign. She says why would court send me the notice then? And that girl. What was she doing there?
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    What a f**ken b*t*h Asha, don’t worry promo shows that Raja will bring back Rani and she will fix you all up.

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