Shubharambh 21st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani loses her memory and doesn’t recognize Raja

Shubharambh 21st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika takes Rani’s things and puts them in the cupboard. She takes the shoes and says Raja will see it so let me hide them. She goes into the storeroom and says I will burn them. She doesn’t find the matchsticks and puts them in the box.

Raja is sitting in the hospital room with Rani lying on the bed. He recalls their moments together. Them meeting in the shop, their meetings, their wedding, their dates, and then their breakup.

In the morning, the doctor asks Raja to bring the medicines. Utsav and Chukki come there so Raja leaves. Rani wakes up and says where is mom and dad? Chukki says they are in Surat. Raja and the doctor come there. Rani looks at him and tells the doctor that my head hurts. The doctor says everything will be fine. Rani goes back to sleep. Chukki asks Raja to go to his house for some rest. He says I will be back in some hours.

Scene 2
Kritika tells Gunvant that Rani woke up, she will tell Raja everything and then we will have to leave this house. Raja will be so angry. Gunvant says let me think.

Raja calls his mom and says Rani is fine now. They are taking her home. Chukki brings Rani home. Raja tries to talk to her but Rani ignores him and goes to Utsav. Rani says where were you Utsav? Utsav says I went to get the things, tell me how did you get hurt? Rani says I went to the market to get some things that mom asked for, Popat gives bringing marriage proposals for me, he is calling Heman this time. All are shocked to hear that. Chukki says this is 6 months old.

Scene 3
Raja and Utsav talk to the doctor. The doctor says Rani has amnesia, we store different time periods in our mind but Rani has forgotten her last six months due to the head injury. When she becomes fine then you can try to make her recall everything. People usually get their memory back.

Raja and Utsav come back home. Raja sees Rani talking to her sister and he is mesmerized to see her. Raja recalls the doctor’s words that she doesn’t remember their memories and doesn’t know him now. Raja thinks that Rani is not with me now. He sadly leaves from there without meeting her.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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