Shubharambh 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kirtida blames Raja for the accident

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Shubharambh 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja is sleepy so Rani puts her shoulder under his head. Raja wakes up and shares an eyelock with her. He lies down on a chair and Rani smiles at him. In the middle of the night, Raja goes and brings a blanket for Rani. He drapes it over her. She wakes up and offers it to him also. The music as they both sleep on the couch.

In the morning, the doctor tells Hitank that Gunvant is out of danger now.

Asha brings food for Kirtida and asks her to eat something. Kirtida says did you curse me to God? I know I did wrong with you, I beg you to forgive me. You must say that this is why I deserved but I want my husband back. Asha hugs her and says I am praying for him too, nothing will happen to him, he is a good man.

Raja buys medicines for Gunvant. Rani helps him in carrying them. They both come to his wardroom and are shocked to see Gunvant in a wheelchair and paralyzed. Hitank and Mehul are in pain seeing his condition.

Raja and Hitank bring Gunvant home in a wheelchair. Kirtida runs to him and asks him to stand up. She asks Hitank to tell what happened to him? Hitank says he is paralyzed and he will never be able to walk. All are shocked. Kirtida touches his feet and cries. She says God showed his curse, you should have told them. Gunvant says don’t say anything. Asha says what’s the matter? Kirtida says Raja’s kundli has a curse. Since Raja has started working in the shop, everything wrong is happening. This accident happened with Gunvant because of Raja’s curse. Gunvant didn’t want to tell anyone as Raja doesn’t believe in it. Mehul says Raja’s curse can kill us. Gunvant says what happened had to happen, we will be careful. Kirtida says the priest said to not send Raja to the shop. Asha says but till when? Kirtida says at least for a year, he shouldn’t be going to the shop. Rani is shocked and is about to answer but Raja stops her. Mehul says so he will not go anymore. Gunvant tells Raja to not worry, I know you don’t believe in this so I won’t ask you to stop coming to the shop, you will take your decision. Kirtida takes Gunvant from there. Raja is in tears.

Asha tells Darshna that Raja has to stop going to the shop, this is a curse.

Raja is in the market and recalls all the bad incidents that happened and how Kirtida said that it’s all because of his curse. Rani comes there and offers him tea. He takes it. Rani says I was searching for you. Raja is tensed. Rani says don’t worry, Gunvant will be fine. Raja says I had heard Kirtida and Gunvant talking about the curse, I don’t believe in it but they do. Gunvant didn’t tell me about it because he knows me, if they care about me so much then I should listen to them and stop going to the shop. Rani says respect them but doesn’t follow a blind faith, go to the shop, work hard and make Gunvant happy. Raja looks on and says I have decided.

PRECAP- Raja comes to Gunvant and says the curses are blind faith and I don’t believe in it but I want to respect your wishes so I will not go to the shop for a year. Rani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor raja, everything screwing up in his life. Hope he gets fixes it up and also rani tells her truth to raja that she was acting in that lottery act. Cuz their relationship is still awkward because Raja isn’t opening up because he is aware of this.

  2. This Mota papa is a faker He acted all this so Raja doesn’t go to the shop What a low life Fatso & husband Come on Rami thought you had the brains figure this out its gone on for far too long what BS

  3. stop dragging this bs story line time for raja to no d truth about his uncle and his family take ut fathers store bk and kick them out horrible selfish evil plp.

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