Shubharambh 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kesha steals Raja and Rani’s idea

Shubharambh 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani finds the slipper using GPS and tells Raja that it worked. She hugs Raja and says we don’t have to separate anymore. Asha comes there and coughs. They move away from each other and blush. She says you can celebrate happiness but don’t be loud as Gunvant and Kritida can hear. Raja nods and they leave. Gunvant hides and sees all that. He says they have made a slipper that can find location of the person using GPS.

Kesha makes tea for herself and Utsav. He smiles and drinks it but tries not to cough. She asks how is it? He says very nicely. She drinks it and coughs, she says why are you drinking it? Utsav says you have never made it? Don’t make it again. Kesha laughs and says you didn’t say a word. Utsav says you made it with love so I didn’t want to hurt you. Kesha thinks he takes care of me so much but I have to do this.

Scene 2
The competition starts. Utsav brings water for Kesha. They say hi to Raja and Rani. Bharat, Mina and Ali come there as judges. Bharat gives a speech and says this is your chance to showcase your talent. The host says you will be rated from 1 to 10 and four contestants will be eliminated today. She says we will take out chits to bring them on stage. The first is Mehika. She shows her slippers which have grass inside. She says my slippers are biodegradable. She says I wanted to do something eco-friendly. It’s anti-slippery also. Rani tells Raja that her idea is good. Raja says people can see our competition on TV.

Rani’s father is trying to turn on the TV. It does and they see competition stream.

Aashish says this slipper is made for all climates.

Asha is trying to watch the TV but Kritida has locked her outside the room. Asha tries to jump the door but Kritida kicks her away. Asha runs and goes to sit in front of the TV. Kritida whispers when is Kesha coming up? Gunvant says wait for the fun part.

A competitor shows his shoes which can be used as a mop too. All laugh at him but Bharat scolds them. The host says the next contestant is Kesha. Kesha shows her slippers to Bharat. He says these are normal. Kesha says it’s special. She asks Mina to help her and asks her to go out after wearing them, you can go anywhere. Mina wears them and goes out of the room. Kesha says I can tell right now where Mina is. Raja and Rani are shocked. Bharat asks Kesha how does that work? Kesha checks her tracker in phone and says Mina is in the waiting room and wearing my shoes. The manager goes and brings Mina. He tells Bharat that Mina was standing exactly in the position where Kesha mentioned. Raja whispers something in Rani’s ear. Bharat asks Kesha how did she do it? Kesha shows the slippers to Bharat and says I have put a tracker in this slipper, I have made it. She shows them the GPS chip and says we can find the person anywhere. Raja and Rani are shocked to hear all that. Kesha smirks and thinks I did what Gunvant wanted.

Gunvant recalls the flashback and how he called Kesha and asked her to put a chip in her slippers, this is Raja and Rani’s idea. Kesha says what if their number comes first? Gunvant says then your idea will match with theirs and their numbers will be reduced too. The flashback ends. Bharat likes Kesha’s idea a lot. The competition goes and Raja-Rani is last. They silently go on the stage. Bharat asks why they are silent? Raja says our idea is similar to Kesha. We have used a GPS in our slippers. Bharat says you think this is a joke? Another judge says they are fast in stealing the ideas. Rani says no we didn’t know about Kesha’s idea. Bharat gets to know that Kesha is Raja’s husband. He says you both belong to the same family and if I find out that you copied her idea then I will disqualify you.

PRECAP – Raja and Rani get a riddle for the competition and find out that they have to make comfortable shoes. Raja is making shoes but a chemical goes in his eyes and he cries in pain. The doctor tells them that if he opens his eyes before 12 hours then he will lose his eye-sight. Rani and Asha are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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