Shubharambh 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani crack an idea together

Shubharambh 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani cries and tells Raja that I am worried about mom. They both look around. Kesha hides and sees them. Rani’s mother is lying behind the dumpster. Kesha thinks sorry Raja and Rani but I had to waste your time so you can’t prepare for tomorrow’s competition so I had to give mummy the sleeping pills. The flashback shows how Kesha made lemonade for Rani’s mother and says I made it with love. Mothe smiles and drinks it. She tells Kesha to not work in this condition. Kesha says its just lemonade. She drank it and left for the bathroom. Then she was sleepy. Kesha followed her and she fell asleep outside the house. Kesha came to her and hides her behind the dumpster. The flashback ends. Rani’s mother’s hand slips and Rani hears it. Rani looks at the dumpster and is about to go there but Kesha sees them aid is stunned and thinks to stop them. She says did you find mom? Rani says no. Kesha says I have seen here so we can go somewhere else, they leave from there. Kesha thinks sorry mom, you have to bear all this because of me.

Scene 2
Rani’s father is worried along with others. Chukki asks him to calm down. Utsav comes there and says I didn’t find her. Raja and Rani come there and ask Utsav but he shakes his head. Rani cries and says she never goes without telling anyone. Kesha looks at the time. Chukki says did she leave for some relative? Utsav says I called everyone. Raja says she might have gone for work. Father says she never goes without telling me. Kesha smirks and thinks Raja and Rani are wasting time here, I just want them to stay for 2-3 hours so they can’t design their shoes. Popat says she might have slipped into a gutter. Rani asks him to not say anything. Raja says I think we should call the police. Kesha is shocked. Utsav and Raja start leaving but mother comes back and looks on. Kesha thinks that it’s good she came here and is sleepy. She says I am sleepy. Rani hugs her and cries. She says I am fine. Her husband scolds her. Mother says I was sleepy and when I woke up, I was against the dumpster, I must be old now. She asks Raja and Rani to go and don’t waste time. Rani says nothing is more important than you. She asks them to go and work, she asks Kesha to work too. Rani hugs her and asks Chukki to take care of her. Rani tells Utsav that take her to the doctor. Kesha says she must be worried for us all. Utsav says don’t worry, I will take care of her. Raja and Rani leave. Kesha sighs.

Scene 3
Raja and Rani are brainstorming ideas. Rani says we will have to stay away for 3 years if we don’t get an idea. They both think to get some idea. Rani rushes to Raja and says I have an idea. She says we can make shoes that will keep tracking like we could have found mother if her slipper had GPS. Everyone wears slippers so we can put GPS on it. Raja says that’s a great idea and arranges for some GPS kits. They both dance around.

Raja meets the supplier of GPS. Rani thanks him for coming at this time. The man connects his laptop and Raja tells him that we have to attach it to our slipper. Chandan (supplier) helps them put GPS in the base of the slipper. Chandan shows him the tracker on his phone and sets it for Raja. Raja thanks him. Raja makes Chandan leave the house. He tells Raja that we are ready for the product but we have to present it to the judges. Rani starts writing the notes. He gives her some tips and she notes it down. They both are sleepy but keep brainstorming. Raja says I am sleepy now. Rani says I will make tea.

In the morning, Rani brings tea for Raja. Raja says I just needed that. Rani says we don’t need to think more, they will like our idea. Rani says it will work right? We should test this GPS. Raja says you are right. Asha comes there so Raja asks her to hide this slipper anywhere you want. Asha nods and leaves. Raja tracks the slipper on his phone.

Kesha comes out of the shower. Utsav is mesmerized to see her. He says you woke up early? She says yes. She starts working in the kitchen and says I don’t know where things are. Utsav helps her in making tea and says you can make for me too.

Raja and Rani are finding the slipper. Gunvant thinks I have to find what is going on. Raja and Rani find the slipper through tracking and hugs Raja. She says I love you.

PRECAP – The competition starts and Kesha is first on the stage. She shows her simple slippers and Bharat asks what’s special with this? Kesha says I can find this slipper anywhere, there is a tracker in the base which can track through the phone. Raja and Rani are shocked. Rani says this was our idea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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