Shubharambh 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kirtida suggests Raja to divorce Rani

Shubharambh 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja tears tickets in front of Rani. Rani leaves the house with her family.

Rani is angry. Utsav says sorry. Rani says I don’t want to talk to you. Utsav says I thought Raja was a good boy, she asks him to leave, he leaves. Rani cries and hugs Virinda. Rani says why does this happen with me always? What’s my mistake? She weeps.

Raja recalls Rani’s words. Asha asks why did you lie? Raja says you wanted them to see you as a greedy woman? why did you do it? Asha says I did this for you. I thought the money will make your life, till when we will keep living a low life here? We live here but Kirtida gets the respect and honor, the truth is that she wants you to be her servant. Raja says you said that they are everything for me, they never did anything wrong with me. Asha says I am just trying to get your right. Raja says Gunvant and Kirtida ask me everything before their own kids, they never did injustice with me, what you did was wrong.

Kirtida and Gunvant dance and enjoy. Gunvant says you did the great work today. Kirtida says Jharna helped me with all that. She doesn’t know about your involvement, I will start the picture to finish this Rani’s stories.

Rani unpacks her stuff and finds Raja’s shirt inside. The flashback shows Raja’s suitcase filling up. Rani says I will pack for you, she helped him in making space in his bag. They both flirt and help each other. One shirt was remaining so Rani had put it in her bag. The flashback ends. Raja comes to his room and finds the sweater that Rani made for him. He wears it and cries. Rani cries hugging Raja’a shirt. She puts it in the bag and cries. Naina plays.

Scene 2
Heer (from another show) comes to meet Rani. Heer says you didn’t invite me to your wedding. I was coming to meet you. I need your help with the shoot. I really liked your pre-wedding shoot. Rani gives her the shoes that she had gifted to Raja. Heer thanks her and leaves.

In the morning, Gunvant acts like leaving the house. Gunvant tells Asha that you can have the shop and this house if you want, I will leave the house. Asha says how can you leave? Gunvant says I failed to take care of you both, you don’t trust me with this money and business. Raja’s father must be hurt today, Raja will handle the business from now on, I don’t need any money. Raja says it’s not your fault, it’s Asha’s fault. Asha cries and asks him to not leave. Gunvant says I can’t stay here anymore. He is about to leave but Raja stops him and says I will leave too with him. Asha runs and touches Gunvant’s feet, she says I will do anything to stop you. Gunvant says you did all this for the money. Kirtida says don’t worry, Raja loves you a lot Gunvant, he can divorce Rani for you. Raja is shocked.
PRECAP- Asha gives divorce papers to Raja.
Virinda tells Rani to talk to Raja before taking a decision.
Rani meets Raja and finds divorce papers in his bag.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kirtida and her husband are the biggest fraud worst than Rani brother Why is Raja so gullible & listen to everything they say Asha is not very bright either What a pack of fools those two Can’t wait for the day when Raja finds out their real motive

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