Shubharambh 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kesha wastes Raja and Rani’s time in round 1


Shubharambh 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja and Rani tell Asha to do their aarti before the competition begin. Asha does their aarti and makes them eat sweets. They all do pooja. Raja and Rani touch her feet. Raja says because of you we are together finally. Thank you. She says I made a mistake in the past, I will only give the right lesson to my kids now. Hitan and Darshana also wish them luck. Darshana gives Rani Shrinaath’s idol and says keep it with you. They leave.

Scene 2
Raja and Rani reach the venue. They hold hands and enter. Rani collides with a girl. Her purse falls. The girl says oops sorry your beg fell. She kicks it and says I don’t care. Rani says you are educated but far away from manners. Why would you care? The girl leaves. Raja picks her bag and says ignore her. Let’s focus on competition. Raja and Rani are seated.

Kesha calls Gunvant. He says this won’t be easy. Raja and Rani have put their relationship on stake. It won’t be easy to break them. She says I know. They have reached. He says let me know if you need help. Kesha says I would need your help. I can’t do anything alone. Utsav comes there and says you aren’t alone Kesha. Kesha is shocked. He says papa said no right? He must not even have given you blessings. I am with you. She says in heart thank God he didn’t hear. She says did someone ask you to leave? Utsav says you can trust me. I came here on my own will.

Rani says Kesha and Utsav. Let’s talk. She says it’s okay if you don’t wanna come. He says I would. They come to them. Rani keeps their bags there to book the seat. Rani says good luck Kesha. Raja says good luck. Rani says I am glad you’re with her Utsav. Rani says Kesha did you eat anything? Come sit, don’t stand for so long. Utsav says to Raja I know you worry about Raja but you can.. Raja says trust you?

The girl throws their bags on the floor and sits there. Raja says can I trust you? He says I will prove that on the right time. But I want to tell you that I will never let anything happen to Kesha. I am always with her and nothing is wrong with her. Raja and Rani come to their seat. Rani says why are you sitting here? This is our seat. She says this isn’t a third-class seat. Rani says get up from here or.. The girl says or what? Bharat says what is happening here? Jodi no. 11 do you have a problem with someone? Rani says she.. Raja says we are fine. He says let’s go Rani. He asks everyone to sit down.

Bharat says I welcome you all to this contest mera jota hai Hindustani. I wish you all luck. Our first round is starting now. Sweeti gives everyone their boxes. Bharat says open your boxes. It has slippers inside. Bharat says you have very old slippers in front of you. You have to make them slippers of today. Make them extraordinary. Like pooh heels, or like in movies. Make them special. You have only 24 hours. You have time till tomorrow 11 am.

Scene 3
Rani comes home and says what should we do to make it special? Should be add a peacock fin on it? Raja says no it would be destroyed in a few minutes. We can make it something that it never gets dirty.

Utsav says let’s add something on it that makes it smooth. He says let’s get foam. They go to get foam. Kesha says how do I waste Raja and Rani’s time. Vrinda comes there. Kesha says I got the idea.

Rani says slippers walk on the road, They get dirty. Let’s ask the slipper maharaj. how do we make you special? Aasha says ask me. Slippers are comfortable but if they do something else as well, they will become special. Rani says let’s write all the ideas in the diary. They write ideas. Rani says a slipper that cleans while walking? Raja says good idea. Raja says a slipper that recognizes our mood? Rani says how would it? She says a button that can change it into skates? Raja says that wouldn’t be easy. They discuss many ideas. Aasha gives ideas too.

Gunvant and Kirtida are listening. Kirtida says they are so enthusiastic. I want my Kesha back in this house. He says Kesha is my daughter as well. Don’t think about it. Kesha will come back to this house and separate Raja and Rani. Kirtida says how would she defeat them? Kesha calls Rani. She says mummy ji is missing. Rani says we are coming. She’s worried. Gunvant says sees. Rani says she hasn’t been home for a couple of hours. We have to go and check. Aasha says don’t worry. She will be fine. Go look for her. Raja says let’s go.

Scene 4
Rani sees Utsav in street. She says did you find her? Utsav says Kesha said she went out to get vegetables but she isn’t back. He says papa is looking at the highway. He says I will look on other roads Rani says did you look at the end of the street? He says at the garbage place? Why would mummy go there? Rani says we should look everywhere. raja says call us if you get any info. Kesha says what would happen now. Everyone asks for Vridna. Rani asks neighbors. She says I am so worried. You look there, I will look here. Utsav also asks people.

Rani cries and says I felt the same way when mummy met an accident. Kesha follows them. Raja and Rani look in other streets. Rani says mummy is nowhere. Vrinda has fainted near the trash cans. Raja and Rani can’t see her. Kesha says if Rani sees mummy ji here, my plan will fail. Sorry bhai bhabhi, I had to do this to waste your time.
Precap-Rani asks Utsav. He says I looked everywhere. Mummy is nowhere. Rani says she never leaves without telling anyone. Raja says let’s file a police complaint. They run out. Vrinda comes in. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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