Shubharambh 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani to separate if they don’t win the competition

Shubharambh 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Hitank tells Raja that your interview in the newspaper says if you don’t win the competition then you will separate from each other for three years. Raja and Rani are shocked. Asha says you are fighting so much that it doesn’t look like you will win. Raja asks Rani if she said something like that after he left? Rani says why would I say that? I can’t think of staying away from you. Raja sees her tears and nods. They go to talk to Bharat. Gunvant smirks.

Raja and Rani come to Bharat’s office and sees him giving an interview to the media. He says this is the couple that promised to stay away from each other. The media ask if they worry about the competition so much that they will leave each other? Raja and Rani ignore them and go to Bharat. Raja tells Bharat that someone mistakenly wrote all that in the newspaper. Rani says there is something wrong. Bharat says nothing like that happened with other contestants? We gave you the questions on email beforehand. Raja and Rani look down. Bharat says I was wrong to give you a chance, now you will have to stand by this interview and don’t say anything to the media as they will think that we are doing some cheap publicity stunt. You have to keep silent otherwise you are out of this competition. Raja and Rani look on.

Utsav shows the news to his family. His mother says Rani said that this is fake. Kesha thinks if Gunvant did it?

Rani tells Raja that Gunvant and Kritida might have done it, our relationship is questioned now. If we lose this competition then we will lose our relationship also. Raja looks on. Rani says why are you silent? Raja takes her from there.

Scene 2
Gunvant is ready for the aarti. Hitank says let’s wait for Raja and Rani but he says we don’t have time. Raja comes there and says wow. He glares at him and says I am not angry at your antic for the first time, your mind works so well. You wanted to take advantage of our fights but it benefited us, earlier this competition was our dream but now this competition is about saving my relationship and nothing is more important to me. We didn’t promise that before but now we will. He holds Rani’s hand and says God has made this relationship. Rani nods and says this relationship is about trust and honesty. They both promise to separate from each other if they don’t win the competition. Raja tells Rani that we will do everything to win this competition as it’s about our relationship now. Gunvant says I take the credit in doing things but I didn’t do this, I believe in divide and rule. Kritida says who did this? Asha comes there with a dhol and chants Ganpati. Asha says I have done this good work. Raja and Rani are shocked. Rani says why? Asha says I am a mother and I know what’s good for you both. You both worked so hard and I won’t let your dream break, I saw you both fighting in the interview and decided to take an action. The flashback shows Asha crying to the interviewer and telling him that Raja loves his sister a lot that’s why he left to run. They work hard and even promise to stay away from each other if they don’t win the competition. The flashback ends. Asha says I knew if it was about your relationship then you would do everything to save it, nobody can make you lose now so let’s have a Shubharambh. Asha tells Kritida and Gunvant that I have learnt to play a game too. Now my Raja and Rani will win the competition. She takes aarti plate and glares at them. Kritida thinks I won’t let them win the competition. Asha asks Raja and Rani to do aarti and take Ganpati’s blessings. They both do aarti together.

Scene 3
Utsav tells his mother that Raja and Rani have promised to separate from each other for 3 years if they lose. His mother says how can they bet on their relationship. Utsav says they will do everything to win this competition. Kesha is tensed and thinks if Raja and Rani win this competition then I won’t be able to go back home.

Raja brings Rani to the market and shows her an envelope. She takes it and finds a rose inside. Raja says I am sorry, we fought here only and I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. He gives her a rose. Rani smiles and accepts it. Raja says I was wrong and I want to say sorry.

Raja and Rani come home. Raja gives her another rose and says I couldn’t understand Kesha and Utsav’s relationship and I am sorry for that. Rani tries to talk but he stops her and gives her another rose for leaving the dining table after an argument. He brings her to their room and offers another rose, he says sorry for going to the guest room. He lights candles in the room and says I am sorry for being egoistic, small-minded. Rani says I am sorry for being egoistic and narrow-minded. They both light candles together for their love. Raja says when a couple has love then there is no darkness. I don’t want to lose you. Rani gets emotional and hugs him, she says I can’t live without you, you are my everything.


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