Shubharambh 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir tricks Asha to stay in her house

Shubharambh 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani doing the decoration in her room. Hitank and his wife come there. Rani tells that she was doing decoration with Raja and turns to him, but he is not there. She realizes Raja was her imagination and tells that when he returns home then they will celebrate their victory. Hitank’s wife says yes. Hitank brings the crown and puts on their photo frame. Rani keeps Shrinath ji’s idol and hopes Raja will come back home soon. She misses him badly. Hitank’s wife says Raja will be fine and return soon. Asha comes home and calls everyone. They all go down. Rani sees Mihir in her house and gets shocked. Darshana asks if Raja is fine. Asha says he is fine and tells that if he had not come then I wouldn’t have been alive. She says you are Shrinath ji’s avatar and says first you saved Raja’s life and then mine. Hitank asks what had happened? Asha tells that she had gone to temple when the electricity pillar was falling on her and her rescued her. A fb is shown. Rani thanks Mihir for saving Asha. Mihir tells that he stays in hotel whenever he comes here to visit Hospital. Asha asks her to stay in their house. Mihir says I will manage and I am fine. Rani thinks Mihir shall not stay here. Asha asks him to stay here.

Mihir says you are stubborn and agrees. He asks her to call him Mihir. Asha asks Rani to take him to guest room. Rani asks Mihir to come. Mihir tells that he will make an excuse and will leave from here very soon. She says I can’t believe that you are same Mihir. She says that Mummy trusting you so much. He says what is new in this, you didn’t trust me even before. She opens the door and says she trusts him that he will make her Raja fine soon. She goes. He gets angry, but controls his anger. He thinks no problem, I will change everything, you will forget Raja, as I came here for this. He recalls keeping eye on them and recalls cutting the electricity pipe to make it fall. He thinks I have reached here, and will reach your home too. Gunvant and Kirtida reach home, talking about Mihir. They see Rani sitting there holding a big stick. She says I stopped your breath now, but will not think again if you think of doing anything to my Raja. She signs at the neck and says she will kill them at once and asks them not to forget that her eyes are on them.

Darshana asks Rani to keep Mihir’s stuff in the guest room. Rani takes the stuff and his clothes and photo frame falls down from the bag. Rani picks the photoframe and thinks it might be Mihir’s wife pic.

Precap: Rani imagines Raja asking her to sleep and telling that he will come to her very soon. He asks her to sleep.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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