Shubharambh 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir decides to use Raja to get Rani


Shubharambh 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani seeing Mihir dressing the beggar’s hand and recalls how he hurt him. She thinks Mihir is strange, he gave him pain and now giving him medicine. Mihir gives medicine to the beggar. The beggar thanks him and says you are Devta, and leaves. Mihir turns and sees Rani standing. Rani asks if this is the same man on whose injury, you had put wine. Mihir says you might not know, but wine is used to heal wounds. He says my wife says that if someone is thinking me wrong then it is their problem. Rani says you are changed and thanks him for saving Raja. He says Raja is the patient and you are his wife. Rani calls him Mihir and says thank you. Mihir says Dr. Mihir and says professional protocol. Rani calls him Dr. Mihir. Mihir asks her to go and tells that he needs to attend more patients. He looks at the photo frame. Rani comes to the OT. Utsav tells that Mihir’s staff sent everyone out from there and tells that he has sent mummy and papa outside. Rani says he is not dhamaali Mihir now. It is good that whatever happened in childhood is over. Mihir is looking at Rani’s photo frame and says I missed you Rani. I need you. He cries looking at her. Rani says she had never thought that Mihir has become such a big neurosurgeon. She says I am sure that Mihir will bring Raja back in my life. Mihir takes out the watch from the box and recalls, a fb is shown, After Rani rejects his love, Mihir takes out his watch and stops the time.

He thinks love is such a thing and its echoed shall be heard far away and the attitude shall be such that sight shall be stopped and clothes shall be such that words get less. He says I can’t forget you Rani. I had stopped this watch when you had made fun of my love and that day I promised myself that this watch will start working again when you return in my life. He says I never thought you will return as someone’s wife, never. He cries and gets teary eyes. Rani says at one time, I didn’t trust him, but now I have to trust him. He is changed and tells that his love will never fail, he will win from two sides. He thinks Raja will be his Mohra to get Rani. He claps and says Mr. Raja Reshammiya. He thinks very soon you will be just mine Rani.

Gunvant and Kirtida celebrate and dance in their room. Gunvant says Raja has won, but Raja is going to die and continues to dance. Asha comes there and hears them. She messes up their room and throws their clothes out of the cupboard. She then throws their photo frame and smashes it with her legs. She says if anything happens to my Raja and Rani then I will show my such an avatar that you will see me even in my dreams. She says I will ruin your life next time, just remember this. Gunvant removes his specks and stares her angrily. Hitank comes there with his wife and sister and says Asha kaki is not alone. They hold each other’s hands and stands against him.

Rani comes to Raja’s after he is shifted to ICU. Sad song plays….maare sajni…She cries looking at Raja’s condition and lies down hugging him and cries. She says I know that you are hearing me, I feel like someone tied me and asks him to get well soon.

Precap: Rani ties a sacred thread in Raja’s hand. Mihir hears her telling someone that she tied same thread in her hand as well. This way Raja will feel she’s with him. Mihir breaks the thread and takes it out from Raja’s hand. Other side, Rani’s thread gets stuck and breaks as well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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